Centering Against the Current

Each round of bull market, centralization counter-current into a river. The peach and plum do not speak, the next generation of the river.

Centering Against the Current

The market is once again in the red across the board (the cryptocurrency market mostly uses the international convention of red down, green up). Bitcoin broke below the 50,000 blade and is back below the stop throw line again. This means great buying opportunities at discounts all over the place. In the 2/18 issue of “Bitcoin is on 50,000 knives and has entered a high risk zone! who would have thought that 3 months later, on May 15th, the market would once again give investors with insufficient positions and eager to get on board another chance to get on board. Only, as I repeatedly wrote in Liu’s public number after each big waterfall, when the market is discounted, do you dare to add positions against the market? What are you thinking?

On 2/21 I wrote in the Liu Teach Chain public article, “The bull market has entered the midfield”. The article said that the mid-market is no longer a suitable time for whites and newbies to enter the market. But the wonderful thing is that a large number of novices and white people precisely only wait until the midfield to hindsight and rush into the market. For them, the 50,000-dollar bitcoin is the starting point of the bull market. But old leeks know that the first half of the bull market has actually come to an end. That’s the difference in perception. The other thing that’s particularly unusual and unexpected is that a large portion, if not the majority, of these newcomers to the cryptocurrency market say “Bitcoin is too expensive” after seeing the price, and then turn around and ask “Is there anything else that’s cheaper to buy? ?” But for a newbie who doesn’t know how to invest in bitcoin, it’s like giving away thousands of miles of your capital to charity.

Just like a young monk who has just entered a monastery to practice martial arts for 3 years, or a young student who has just entered the theater to learn the basic singing skills, it is obvious that for a newbie in the cryptocurrency market who has no experience, he should only invest in bitcoin, practice the eight words, and after 3 years, then talk about the rest. A person who doesn’t have the slightest bit of internal strength yet, and comes up to learn top kung fu, I’m afraid he or she is even stupidly confused as to whether they should choose the “Nine Yin Classic” or the “Sunflower Canon”. You don’t have the slightest cognitive foundation to ask the old leek which one to read. The really responsible old leek, handing the new leek a “how to practice picking water”, was despised and abandoned. And those who are not so responsible, directly throw a book of “The Nine Mysteries” for the new leeks to practice, the results of the practice of a fire into the devil. Even to have the intention of harvesting new leeks, extra enthusiastic to new leeks to send a “Sunflower Canon”, but also give candy airdrop gift package, afraid that new leeks do not know the good of this martial arts secrets. The new leek opened the “Sunflower Canon” to take a look at the inner pages of the eight big words, so the surprise over the hope, actually mistaken for the true eight words (because of its cognitive simply do not have the ability to discriminate), so the hand up, wielding the knife to the Palace.

Many anime series, although each episode has a self-contained story, but behind the dazzling story, there is a hidden “main line”, usually a never-ending feud between the protagonist and the antagonist. Since the birth of Bitcoin, which gave birth to the blockchain industry, more than ten years of wind and rain, winter and spring, you sing and I appear, new coins emerge, old coins recede, the big story told one after another, a basket of thrilling events, but behind all these lively and extraordinary, throughout, there is also a hidden main line, this main line, which is “decentralization The two ideologies of “decentralization” and “centralization” are in a deadly struggle and a thousand-year old feud. As Satoshi Nakamoto said in his February 2009 blog reply, “I think this is our first attempt at a decentralized, non-trust-based system.”

Reading history can be wise, and wisdom can identify loyalty and treachery. In every bull market, along with a large number of white people, there are also those who have betrayed the spirit of decentralization in the blockchain world, or those who have descended from the traditional world to the blockchain world. Bitcoin has stood up to the repeated challenges of various ambitious people, despite internal and external problems. Bitcoin’s success is not a “win-win” as many people mistakenly believe, but a gripping battle song of blood and fire. The last bull market, the BCH, which started the malicious hard fork, was the biggest “robbery” Bitcoin encountered before it turned 10 years old. However, modern civilization, civil and military power. If you think that you can take power by force, you can usurp power, overthrow the civil government of the code maintainers, and form a military government to rule Bitcoin, which is against the world trend, against the historical development, is the direction of civilization. Once someone starts to usurp power by force, it will inevitably trigger the “Grim trigger” strategy in game theory, and an endless number of powerful people will inevitably see it as a model, and kill it and usurp it again, endlessly. China’s feudal dynasty cycle law, the French Revolution killed one leader after another, is fallen into this cycle.

This round of bull market, the beginning of the emergence of the real weight of the descendants. Among them are sincere converts like Microstrategy CEO and those who came to conquer like Tesla CEO Musk. The successful conquerors are full of ambition and have a clear vision, while the golden leaders are ambitious and unbeatable. In the conqueror’s arrogant mind, how can he sincerely submit to Bitcoin, how can he allow himself to be bound and controlled by Bitcoin, how can he tolerate the fact that he has spent a huge amount of money but only possesses a small percentage of it? He must look for a prey, a target that he can influence and control, a wave that can maximize the pleasure of the androgenic impulse to release, the ultimate comfort of a god that is worshipped by millions. This prey, is the small plate and easy to exert influence of the dog coin. This target, is the global leeks who are inhaled by the richest influence of dogcoin. The people who follow the Twitter news and blush and move with a red and green K-line have gone beyond a cut leek and become the plaything of the wine pool. However, the blockchain industry, which has been played by an opinion leader, has lost the righteousness of “decentralization”, so how can it have the face to exist in the world? It is better to cut oneself down as soon as possible. But after that, how should we report to Satoshi Nakamoto, who has been gone for many years?

Each round of bull market, centralized countercurrent into a river. The next generation of bitcoin is a new generation. Bitcoin, which cannot speak out, has never been one to lament the ingratitude of betrayers or defend itself from the unreasonable attacks of conspiracy theorists, but rather to quietly extend one block after another, doing nothing, teaching nothing, and taking no credit for its success. And because Bitcoin doesn’t take credit, it will never die. As Laozi said: “The only way to not live is to not go.

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