CCTV calls for the boring ape? When the Boring Ape Comes to China’s “Parallel Universe”

Recently, I believe that many people have seen the following screenshot. The official Weibo of CCTV participated in the topic of “Meeting You Are My Ape” and forwarded the official “Boring Ape” promotional video of Phoenix Weekly.


CCTV actually called the “boring ape”?

In fact, the Boring Ape series on the “Platform” of CCTV and Phoenix Weekly is not the original BAYC NFT, but the Chinese version of the BATC digital collection.

ATC : The sales amount is about 5.65 million yuan

The BATC series of digital collections are issued by the Chinese digital collection platform “Number One Collection”. It is a second-generation project based on the purchased copyright of “BAYC #5513 Boring Ape”. Based on BAYC’s “boring” tone, it extends the avatar of the boring ape to create a full-body image, and adds more details to the design. Many Chinese style elements.

And in the official introduction, this is a story about #5513 Boring Ape and his “Chinese Parallel Universe” – “The number one collection gives #5513 Boring Ape a new world and a new worldview. In the new storyline , the number one collection led #5513 Bored Ape and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) to China.” Finally, the Chinese version of the Bored Ape established the Bored Ape Toho Club (BATC, Bored Ape Toho Club).


Public information shows that the company’s number one collection behind it is a blockchain-based digital collection sales platform, which is affiliated to Number One Idol (Beijing) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. The main service contents include the development and operation and promotion of digital collections and virtual digital people.

According to NFTGO data, #5513 Boring Ape was sold at a price of 139 ETH (more than 250,000 US dollars, about 1.7 million yuan according to the price of ETH at that time) on June 2, and the buyer was the number one collector with the name “Toho”. Official wallet address. The No. 1 collection announced the purchase on June 6, and said it would be re-creating the boring ape. The BATC series is open for pre-order on July 29, and the release method is an appointment lottery, and it will be open for purchase on August 1.

Each monkey of BATC consists of 11 parts and more than 400 different parts, which are randomly generated by programming, a total of 9999 copies. The sale price is 588 yuan per copy. Although the price of the “Chinese version of the boring ape” NFT series is dozens of times higher than the one released by Greenland Group in June, it has attracted more attention because of the official media platforms such as CCTV. Official statistics show that as of the end of the event, a total of 267,968 people have made reservations for the lottery. In the end, excluding the value of the 388 boring apes reserved by the official, that is to say, the final sales amount of BATC is about 5.65 million yuan.

At present, BATC is a good business.

In addition, the No. 1 collection platform announced that the BATC series of digital collections can be shared and circulated, and its app has also supported the transfer function. At present, according to information from some communities and the X Meta collectibles exchange platform, the price of a BATC in the secondary market has risen to thousands of yuan.


It is worth mentioning that the BATC club also imitates BAYC to operate the DAO community. Community members can enjoy: the right of first refusal for the later release of Boring Ape advanced materials, membership rights such as blind box airdrops, airdrops of advanced or upgraded materials; access to TOHO The digital ID card of the World Boring Ape neighborhood; shared #5513 Boring Ape ontology copyright share.

You can also become the number one business partner, share industry business opportunities and cross-border brand cooperation with members who hold BATC boring ape, and have the “second creation right”.

Generally speaking, BAYC has already granted Boring Ape NFT holders full commercial use rights to use, reproduce and display the purchased collectibles, and buyers can also use it to create creative derivative works. In other words, each buyer can brand the Boring Ape he owns as his item or product and sell it independently.

But does the second creation work have the right to “second creation”? Is there any legal hidden danger in this “infinite nesting doll” operation?

According to my country’s “Intellectual Property Protection Law”, the secondary creation of works has the copyright, that is, the copyright of the new works formed after rewriting and adaptation. In addition, Boring Ape belongs to CC0 (meaning “No Rights Reserved”, i.e. Creative Commons Zero Copyright) NFT. The CC0 model allows users to continuously derive content to generate a flywheel effect to promote original dissemination and value growth.

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boring ape in china

Top Collector is not the first company in the country to make commercial use of the bored ape. According to the incomplete statistics of the chain catcher, before that, China Li Ning, Greenland Group, and Beichuan have also used the boring ape they purchased for commercial marketing.

On April 23, China Li Ning launched the “China Li Ning Boring Ape Trend Sports Club” series of clothing based on the boring ape “BAYC #4102″ owned by it, and held an offline pop-up event; #8302” and the three animal NFTs in Aworld to form the “Fulu Good Luck” combination, and based on BAYC #8302, the second creation was carried out, and the 30th anniversary digital collection series of Greenland Group was released on June 20; Health Intelligence The first hardware company, BEIJING, announced the purchase of BAYC#1365, which means that you can go to bed early every day, 365 days a year, and launched the “Boring Ape Health Club” and its slogan: “Why don’t you go to bed early when you are bored?”


Why is BAYC Boring Ape frequently used as a marketing activity by domestic commercial companies?

Today, BAYC Boring Ape has already surpassed CryptoPunks to become the most well-known IP in the industry, and its floor price was once more than twice that of CryptoPunks. In the 15 months since its launch, BAYC has broken the circle around the world. Not only are NBA players LaMelo ball, pop music stars Justin Bieber, Jay Chou and many other celebrities sought after, but also Adidas, “Rolling Stone” magazine, Universal Music Group and other companies Cooperation.

In addition, the copyright opening principle of the boring ape also completely breaks the concept of the exclusive licensing derivative of the traditional IP. Any commercial organization or individual can purchase another boring ape NFT avatar for its own business development, eliminating the need for business negotiations, etc. Complicated process, the form is more flexible.

But on the other hand, since BAYC belongs to the overseas IP born in the NFT field, there is a huge gray area in the domestic traditional environment. The copyright declared by Boring Ape and the commercial use rights completely belong to the purchaser, at least in China, there is no legal definition.

With the continuous improvement of the NFT user base and the blessing of traffic effects, it is also a natural choice for domestic commercial companies to actively embrace the NFT artwork represented by the boring ape. It is foreseeable that in the future, more Chinese companies seeking the young user market will buy “Boring Ape” to build their brand image or carry out secondary derivative creations.

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