‘Caught’ Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains ‘Metaverse’ ‘Face-to-Face’

There is no escape from the Metaverse.

Nothing can stop Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse sermons, he’s not “absent” at MWC, and he certainly won’t miss South By Southwest (SXSW).

After 30 years, South by Southwest has grown from a niche music festival in Austin, Texas, to a gathering place for cutting-edge geeks, where technology, the Internet, art, music, and movies collide every March. The convention lasted ten days, and the carnival contracted the entire Austin.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

Previous events丨Photo by David Brendan Hall, picture source official website

Obama once “called for the use of technology to improve the efficiency of government services”; “Westworld” really built a Sweet Water (Sweet Water Town) here to receive tourists, and Elon Musk was also a surprise that year, with Jonathan · Nolan on the same stage; once, Twitter, FourSquare, Snapchat are all famous here.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

Next year’s SXSW time丨Photo by Dusana Risovic, picture source official website

After one session of suspension and one “online” session under the epidemic, today’s SXSW officially returned to normal, and Zuckerberg was the guest of the biggest coffee in the technology sector.

Early in the morning, I trotted all the way to the main venue where Zuckerberg would “take the stage” in the preview, the Austin Convention Center. Unsurprisingly, there was still more than an hour before the opening, and a long “Z”-shaped queue had already lined up outside the venue. Looking around, this was the most lively event in the past few days.

By the time I swiped my card to enter the venue, the first half of the venue was full. Half an hour later, the ticket inspectors stopped entering the venue, and the audience at the end of the line could only watch the main venue through the screen in the small screening hall next to it. (You’ll know later, how outrageous this is.)

The host joked that Zuckerberg’s fame didn’t need him to introduce it at all. But at this time, many viewers, including me, still have a glimmer of expectation. I hope that many media will reveal that Zuckerberg will use the remote connection to be the official smoke bomb, and maybe he will be parachuted into the scene at the last second.

Zuckerberg appeared on the big screen, accompanied by boos from the audience. Disappointment is disappointment, and most people choose to stay. Probably because “Metaverse”, “NFT” and other hot words have frequently cut into various discussions in the past few days, which is obviously a little tiresome. Curiosity and anticipation obviously have another meaning of “I’d like to see what else you can say?”.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

Entering Metaverse in the SXSW app, the session cannot be brushed to the end丨Screenshot of the SXSW app

So Zuckerberg on the big screen seriously explained the Metaverse, even though it was really not “Metaverse”.

The core of the Metaverse is to break the physical space constraints  

Is Roblox a Metaverse? no. Is Fortnite the Metaverse? Neither. What about Meta? Kind of like that.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

The scene was full 丨 The author shot on the spot

It’s not what I said, it’s what Zuckerberg said. He believes that the first two platforms are game-centric and exist in isolation. Meta, on the other hand, takes social networking as the core, and plans to form an interoperable network with other platforms, so that users can easily jump between platforms. “Meta is not about creating a Metaverse, but about building the underlying technology and infrastructure that will enable it to be the next-generation Internet.”

Amy Webb, a resident guest at SXSW and a professor at the Future Lab at New York University, also said in his speech the day before that the part of Metaverse that has core value in the future is precisely the infrastructure it has built.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

Amy Webb’s Views on the Metaverse丨SXSW

Asked by the host how to socialize in the Metaverse, Zuckerberg started advertising for his Horizon platform, saying that users were already creating various socially interesting scenarios, talk shows, artist exhibitions, and remote collaboration.It’s better than looking at Zuckerberg’s interaction from a 2D Zoom, and those who have experienced it know, “That’s it.”

He gave an example. People born in a poor mountain village in Africa can use XR technology to enter a high-quality university in the United States and realize their dream of becoming a doctor. (It’s a dream, with current technology.) But these examples all convey what Zuckerberg calls an advantage of the Metaverse, breaking down the constraints imposed by physical space.

More and more creators are based on platforms that are “physically free”, and there are many more ways to express themselves. They create, trade, and monetize between games and platforms, which in turn rely on Web3 and decentralized technology.

The question and answer with the host gradually made people tired. Until Zuckerberg said that one of Instagram’s recent moves was to introduce NFTs into the community, the venue immediately burst into excited applause, which was at least a comfort to the “pioneering artists” who are not uncommon in South by Southwest.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

Site Map丨SXSW

In fact, a block away from Zuckerberg’s exchange is a temporary gallery set up by Doodles (an NFT project). Viewers can scan the code to buy NFT directly, and can also print NFT on their nails.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

You never know what NFTs are used for! 丨Twitter @Angel

Must the Metaverse be more inclusive and diverse than reality?  

Avatar can’t yet achieve “photorealistic” reality, but at least it can achieve a variety of possible interactions first. Zuckerberg said that our Avatar will change as the scene changes (from social, shopping, to work), not limited to a single appearance in real life.

Zuckerberg wants to promote a more “fair” society (he said), and Meta has invited different groups to sit together and discuss how to be inclusive and express themselves more comfortably. Meta is introducing the design of wheelchairs, hearing aids and other accessibility needs, so that personal characteristics can be displayed in the Metaverse, and everyone can abandon the question of “what is the difference between this and the QQ show?”.

Today, it is obvious that everyone’s advancement and discussion of the Metaverse is “multi-dimensional”. There was a lively discussion about the recent popular documentary The Tinder Swindler, a story of a scammer disguised as a rich second generation on a dating app. The problems left by social media such as Facebook are once again placed in front of Zuckerberg. But this time, Meta, whether active or passive, has added a discussion of technology ethics when formulating the rules of the new system of “virtual society”.

During the one-hour exchange, many people were willing to hold up their mobile phones to take pictures of the “virtual” Zuckerberg as their first meeting with each other. Many technical questions can only be slowly answered in the “still working on” process. For example, can Avatar achieve “photo-level”, and how to implement real-time rendering technology to make the interaction between them more realistic? When will AR glasses be more affordable in price? Since VR rendering is still limited by hardware, can cloud rendering be fully realized and get rid of the dependence on hardware?

Those who didn’t understand Zuckerberg’s speech directly ran to the interaction area after leaving the venue. Personal experience will give them the most direct judgment.

A tech company showed off a set of full-body tracking products called HARITORAX for $270. It works with Oculus, remember the halflings from Horizon Worlds? If worn, HARITORAX can achieve nine-dimensional tracking of body parts such as waist and legs. Think about it, “two-dimensional” in VRChat “fight dance”, you know what it can be used for.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

Trial girls are repeatedly tripped over by the author on-site shooting

On the other side, people who are more than “scratching their heads” are experiencing PROTO’s holographic projection products. You stand in front of the sensor and are stereoscopically projected onto the opposite screen. You can also switch to a variety of application scenarios, such as concerts, fitness, dance, etc. Under the background of the atmosphere at the time, there was indeed a sense of immersion.

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

PROTO Product Show丨Photographed by the author on the spot

After experiencing the two products, I hope that, as Zuckerberg said, he will be able to appear through holographic projection or other more “real” methods soon, instead of equating Zoom teleconferencing with “I will show everyone in the virtual world” Come speak.”

'Caught' Zuckerberg Alive at South by Southwest, He Explains 'Metaverse' 'Face-to-Face'

The audience in the small screening hall has no regrets丨The author filmed on the spot

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