Cardano will allow users to run smart contracts after the hard fork


1. After the Cardano hard fork, users will be able to run smart contracts.

2. Charles Hoskinson believes that most of the upcoming upgrades will occur between August and September this year.

3. The current price of ADA is US$1.37, which is lower than the all-time high of US$2.45.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has communicated the upcoming update of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain to the community.

Charles Hoskinson recently discussed the update of the Cardano blockchain and spoke in a live broadcast on YouTube. When talking about the upcoming Alonzo hard fork, Hoskinson said: “The hard fork is in progress.”

Hoskinson talked about the requirements for a hard fork, a lot of work to be done. He said: “As far as the Alonzo hard fork is concerned, we have to do two aspects of work at the same time. On the one hand, it is the hard fork combinator event. Strictly speaking, it is to let the node have Alonzo functions, and on the other hand, we must build the node foundation. Facilities that allow on-chain and off-chain code to run and develop complete dapps.”

Hoskinson believes that most of the infrastructure development will be completed between August and September. He said that after the hard fork of the Cardano infrastructure, users will be able to run smart contracts. This update will “provide a better environment for the development and deployment of Cardano applications.”

Hoskinson hopes that Cardano can expand its global applications after a hard fork. He predicts that once users can run smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain, the blockchain dApp ecosystem will grow substantially. Over time, dApp functions will become more abundant and the interface will be improved. “

ardano upgrade is slow, but the goal is ambitious

Cardano has been slowly promoting the growth and expansion of its network to become a global blockchain ecosystem. Recently, the blockchain network has reached a milestone, with more than 660,000 staking addresses and a total lock-up value of more than 29 billion U.S. dollars, which exceeds 70% of the total supply of tokens.

Recently, Grayscale Investment Agency announced the addition of Cardano (ADA) to the large-cap stock cryptocurrency fund, second only to BTC and ETH. Just three months ago, ADA hit an all-time high of $2.45 this year, but after the market correction, the price of ADA tokens steadily fell. However, at the time of writing, the project token remains at a stable level of $1.37.

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