car Metaverse just look at it

A new story has been added to the concept of the Metaverse, but this time it appears on the ideal and Wei Lai, who cannot be beaten by eight poles.

A few days ago, a news about Ideal and Weilai’s preparation to issue digital currency spread on the Internet.

Digital currency sounds complicated. Simply put, it is money in another sense, the kind that can be used to buy things. At present, most of the digital currencies in the automotive circle are bundled with the concept of the Metaverse, carrying the function of value transfer in the Metaverse. But at present, in addition to the digital RMB issued by the central bank, other domestic digital currency transactions are not legal.

Ideal and Weilai, are they going to blatantly break the law?

Of course not, the incident soon reversed – fake, ideal and Weilai both issued statements in response, and reminded everyone to pay attention to fraud.

However, although the news of ideal and Weilai issuing digital currency is not true, the concept of the Metaverse and its various derivatives is on fire in the automotive circle.

For example, Tesla CEO Elon Musk holds a large amount of Bitcoin and Dogecoin, and has repeatedly promoted cryptocurrencies on social platforms. GAC NIO has also announced that it will become the first car company in China to accept bitcoin for car purchases.

Jidu, Xiaopeng, Chery, FAW Bestune, Changan Auchan, Dongfeng Fengshen and other brands have also used Metaverse for related marketing, and various car companies are also rushing to launch virtual images to create Metaverse idols.

What does the Metaverse have to do with cars?

How does the car Metaverse play?

The Metaverse is a concept that everyone is both familiar with and unfamiliar with.

Familiarity is because they are often seen in various places, especially in recent years, it seems that everything can be in the Metaverse. Unfamiliar is because few people can tell what the Metaverse is, especially when derivatives such as digital currency, cryptocurrencies, digital collections, avatars, and blockchains appear in a rush, it is even more daunting, and it is impossible to say why.

In fact, the Metaverse is not a new product. It was proposed as early as 30 years ago. It can be simply understood that theMetaverse is not a pure virtual, but a world merged with reality. You can contact people in the digital space. Communicate, not just watch him offline.

The 2018 movie “Ready Player One” more vividly embodied the concept of “Metaverse”. The movie created a scene called “Oasis”, where players can freely explore, entertain and live in the virtual world of the oasis through VR equipment.

With the Metaverse, people can live here, and the corresponding consumer demand will appear. In reality, paper money must not be spent. At this time, blockchain technology and digital currency are needed.

Blockchain is a decentralized, open and transparent Internet database technology. Its advantages are to solve the problem of information asymmetry and allow everyone to participate in database records. Digital currency is issued based on blockchain technology.

With money, what will it be used for?

Buy things, buy digital collectibles. In the Metaverse, things in the real world will be digitized, and some valuables will become digital collections, namely NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

The Metaverse is a very big topic, and the above concepts are just the tip of the iceberg. However, the prospects contained in this small part are enough to attract the attention of the giants and develop a variety of gameplay.

There are currently four types of gameplay in the car circle Metaverse – avatars, digital collections, digital exhibition halls, and digital currency variants.

Among them, the virtual image is the most important choice for car companies to test the water universe. In June alone, a number of avatars from car companies appeared in the auto circle, such as Dongfeng Peugeot’s “Little Lion Girl Léa”, Chery’s “Metaverse Girl Axi”, Baidu Digital Man owner “Xijiajia”, FAW -Ida, Volkswagen Avatar Brand Officer.

car Metaverse just look at it

Image source / Lynk & Co Digital Showroom

There are also many car players in the digital collection market. Auchan and Tencent Magic Core jointly launched a Metaverse digital collection of 666 car robots Auchan Z6; Acura also has a chance to obtain digital collections for the new 2023 Acura Integra. In January of this year, the digital art collection “Roewe Metaverse” jointly created by Roewe and designer Jubie was auctioned for a sky-high price of 1 million.

The digital exhibition hall can be understood as a 1:1 replica of the offline exhibition hall to the online. Companies that do this include Lynk & Co, Pentium, etc. Users can create their own avatars to enter the exhibition hall, which is somewhat similar to VR viewing in the real estate industry. a feeling of. BMW has created a virtual world, JOYTOPIA, where users can create virtual avatars to participate in dancing and crowd surfing.

As for digital currencies, non-legal digital currencies issued by non-central banks are still illegal in China, and no car companies are involved.

The Zhiji brand has designed a rough stone valley user data rights plan, with a total of 300 million “raw stones”. Users can complete mining by driving mileage and participating in IM Zhiji APP tasks. The mined rough stones can be used to exchange rights in the APP. The overall gameplay is similar to digital currency, but with a different name and form, the event will officially start on August 7.

5 Mao special effects + virtual characters is the car Metaverse?

In the topic of automobile Metaverse, according to the depth of development, the “Metaverseization” of each car company is different. Among them, the most “Metaverse” is the set degree.

On June 8 this year, Jidu Automobile held its first brand conference ROBODAY in Xiyong, and officially released the first automotive robot concept car ROBO-01.

Xirong is a Metaverse APP product released by Baidu in 2021. It is positioned in an immersive virtual space parallel to the physical world. The currently open functions include virtual space customization, human-computer interaction, and simultaneous online multiplayer.

Jidu, as well as the above-mentioned Lynk & Co and Pentium, rely on these functions of Xiyang to hold a press conference or set up a digital exhibition hall for everyone to visit.

At Jidu’s Metaverse press conference, Jidu Automobile CEO Xia Yiping stood at the center of the stage, systematically expounding the logic and path of Jidu’s car manufacturing.

Jidu ROBO-01 is quietly parked on one side for display. This is a concept car with no door handles, no B-pillars, almost no physical buttons in the car, and a foldable U-shaped steering wheel.

car Metaverse just look at it

Image source / network

Just from the product point of view, Jidu ROBO-01 is cool enough, and it is quite in line with everyone’s perception of concept cars, especially the automatic driving ability exhibited by Jidu ROBO-01, it seems that this is really a car from Future car robot.

However, the sense of technology presented by the product was just ruined by the gimmick “Metaverse Conference”.

In order to experience the original Metaverse conference in Xiyang, the audience first needs to register as a user, set their own Metaverse villain image, and then the villain trots all the way into the online venue.

There is no problem with such a setting, but what is embarrassing is that the characters of these villains basically have problems with the characters wearing the mold and the proportions are out of balance. Xia Yiping is no exception , and even the arms are dislocated . The avatar of Jidu ROBO-01 can’t see the paint surface, texture, color and other details of the vehicle at all, and even the picture quality is not high-definition, and it does not fully reflect the due sense of the future.

At halftime of the press conference, the comment area of ​​the Jidu live broadcast room was full of complaints.

A Yu, who was watching the live broadcast, told Shentu that the special effects of 50 cents were all exaggerated, ” I might as well go home and watch the anime from 20 years ago .” It is described as “an animation conference “.

The Metaverse press conference was full of complaints, and the virtual image spokespersons of car companies and digital exhibition halls were also on the verge of overturning.

One of the main reasons why car companies choose virtual images to test the water universe is that the technology is simple and mature. The first generation of Japanese virtual singer Hatsune Miku has been born for more than 15 years, and the domestic virtual singer Luo Tianyi has also debuted for more than 10 years. .

It stands to reason that 3D modeling does not have technical difficulties for car companies, and it can be handed over to professional companies to do it, but in fact, the level of virtual images brought to you by car companies varies.

car Metaverse just look at it

From left to right, the little lion sisters Léa, Ida, Axi, Xijiajia

Image source / network

Take Ida, the FAW-Volkswagen avatar brand official, as an example, which obviously presents problems such as rigid limbs and uncoordinated movements. Dongfeng Peugeot’s “Little Lion Girl Léa” looks like the style of painting 20 years ago, and the overall image is also lacking in aesthetics. A Yu told Shentu that these avatars “felt lack of funds at a glance.”

Of course, not all avatars are indescribable. Xiaopeng’s new “Peng” friend Liu Yexi has a very delicate overall look and feel, and is a phenomenal avatar, but Liu Yexi was not created by car companies.

The digital showroom of the car company, the picture quality is similar to that of the Metaverse conference of Jidu, the picture is rough and not refined, just like a web game many years ago.

On the whole, the current Metaverse of car companies is still in the category of virtual scenes + avatars, and almost all that everyone can come up with are “50 cents special effects.”

Is this the Metaverse?

For the post-90s generation who grew up watching top domestic and foreign animations, and 3A masterpiece games have become an integral part of their lives, the “Metaverse” brought out by car companies is still separated from the one they expect. The gap, the cognitive dislocation of the two sides seems to be 108,000 miles apart.

The car Metaverse, how far is it from us?

Car companies do the Metaverse, on the one hand, for marketing, to gain the popularity of the Metaverse, and on the other hand to explore potential money-making opportunities. It is all too common to bid on digital collections to build houses on the ground.

However, the Metaverse marketing of car companies has not stirred up too much water, and no Metaverse story of any car company has stood firm.

As for making money, it is too early for car companies to “harvest” young people with the Metaverse. At present, the digital collections issued by car companies, except for the designer’s co-branded limited edition, are basically not sold at a high price, lacking in collection value, and are just petty.

When the special effects of the car companies are beautiful enough and the digital collections are sold at high prices, will the car Metaverse come?

Not really.

The Metaverse is a very huge concept. The current mainstream derivatives such as digital currency, digital collections, and avatars are only a small part of the gameplay developed by capital, and have not touched the core level of the Metaverse.

The first Roblox CEO of the Metaverse, David Bashuki, proposed eight elements that a “Metaverse” needs to have: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversity, anywhere, economic system and civilization.

At present, whether it is a digital showroom, a virtual image or a Metaverse conference created by car companies, the corresponding features are virtual social identity and immersion. But in order to achieve strong interaction and high immersion, it is not enough to just register villains in Xiyang, and more black technology is needed.

Of course, the unknown nature of the Metaverse means that it cannot have only one solution.

Some car companies are making efforts in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). For example, NIO, ES7 is equipped with PanoCinema, a panoramic digital cockpit that applies AR/VR technology. When users wear exclusive AR glasses, they can project a super large screen with a viewing distance of 6 meters and an equivalent of 201 inches, which in a certain sense improves the The user’s immersive experience can be regarded as a direction to realize the Metaverse.

car Metaverse just look at it

Panasonic AR-HUD 2.0 system renderings

Image source / network

There are also companies trying to first turn the front windshield into the entrance to the car Metaverse. In 2022, Panasonic exhibited the AR-HUD 2.0 system with eye tracking patent at the CES exhibition. At present, the HUD system on the car can basically only display some important driving information such as speed and navigation, but Panasonic’s AR-HUD The 2.0 system can focus AR icons more precisely to the real world in front of the driver, improving the realism and presence of the image in the driver’s field of vision, which looks quite cyberpunk.

These belong to the Metaverse, but not quite the Metaverse. In A Yu’s view, the real Metaverse must at least be like “Out of Control Player” and “Uploading New Life”, where everyone can freely travel between virtual and real worlds, and can communicate with NPCs.

Such a car Metaverse is obviously still far away from us, and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney believes that it will take at least a decade or more for the Metaverse to land.

However, the attraction of the Metaverse is infinite. Although the current technology is not mature, as long as it is popular, a picture can be sold for 500,000, or the account can be increased by more than one million followers overnight.

Such precedents have tempted countless players to enter the game one after another, and at the same time, it has also led to a problem – the entire market is mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and if you are not careful, you will step on the pit.

Taking digital collections as an example, on January 29, Auchan and Tencent Magic Core jointly launched the first Metaverse digital collection in the automotive industry, with a global limit of 666 pieces. However, just one month later, the Huanhe platform was caught in a consumer dispute. Many consumers complained that Huanhe received money and did not give the collection. In July this year, Tencent reported the news of shutting down the Huanhe business.

There are many similar cases. The consumer has just bought the collection on the front foot, and the platform on the back foot is closed, and there is no way to cry.

In terms of digital currency, due to the misleading rumors that Ideal and Weilai released digital currency, Emirates was deceived into 300,000 in three days. “New energy vehicles are all on the rise now, and I usually pay attention to Lili cars occasionally, so I believe in the news of Lilicoin.” Ehang told Shentu that he didn’t know that he was deceived until Lili issued an anti-fraud statement. There are still many people who have been deceived, and the highest deceived person is 800,000.”

On the whole, the Metaverse and its various derivatives that are currently popular in the automobile circle are more like a marketing method for chasing hot spots. The car companies have not been prepared and have not touched the core key of the Metaverse, so wear and tear will appear. There are such wonderful existences as the villain, the special effects of 5 cents, and the outdated painting style many years ago. For ordinary consumers, just look at the gimmicks of the car Metaverse, and more importantly, be careful not to be cut leeks.

*The title image is from “Ready Player One”. At the request of the interviewee, Ah Yu and Ah Hang are pseudonyms in the text.

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