Car giants get together in the Metaverse. Is “Car + Metaverse” a “King Blow” or a “gimmick”?

The layout of the Metaverse has a certain forward-looking perspective, but whether the real change can be realized still needs the answer from the market, we will wait and see

Car giants get together in the Metaverse. Is "Car + Metaverse" a "King Blow" or a "gimmick"?

In 2020, the new energy vehicle industry is on fire, and in 2021, the Metaverse is on fire. Will the “Car Enterprise + Metaverse” become even hotter in 2022?

The reason why there is such a question is because the author has recently noticed that many car companies such as Ideal, Xiaopeng, Weilai, BYD, Great Wall, and Nezha have applied for the registration of relevant trademarks of Metaverse. What is even more surprising is that SAIC Motor In October 2021, it applied for hundreds of Metaverse-related trademark categories in one breath, with names including “Che Metaverse” and “Che Metaverse Z-UNIVERSE”, etc., and the scope of use covers automobile research and development, production, manufacturing and Sales and other fields.

Car giants have entered the Metaverse one after another. Is it blind pursuit or the trend of the times?

01 What is the “Metaverse”?

People have different opinions on the concept of “Metaverse”. It first came from a science fiction novel “Avalanche” in 1992, but so far, there is no widely recognized definition of its concept. The explanation given by Wikipedia is: through The virtual augmented physical reality presents the characteristics of convergence and physical persistence. Based on the future Internet, it is a 3D virtual space with link perception and sharing characteristics. Chen Xu, founder of the Metaverse and future asset research think tank MetaZ, explained that the Metaverse is the A possible digital world in which people freely participate and live together as independent digital identities. But in general, the essence of the “Metaverse” is a parallel universe. Here, in addition to eating and sleeping, everything can be realized in the virtual world, similar to the life style of the protagonist in the “Mind Player” movie. , “Oasis” is the so-called “Metaverse”.

But this does not affect its popularity at all. Since Facebook announced to change its name to Meta Platforms and enter the Metaverse, it has directly triggered the daily limit of the Metaverse sector. As long as the concept of the Metaverse is attached, the company will bring social attention and market value. A series of considerable gains such as soaring and doubling the amount of financing.

Of course, the popularity of the Metaverse concept is inseparable from the favor of government departments and the capital investment of technology giants. In May 2021, the Korean Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communications, together with more than 200 local Korean companies and organizations such as Hyundai, SK Group, and LG Group, jointly established the “Metaverse Alliance”, which aims to build a national-level augmented reality platform. Provide public virtual services to the society; in July, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry released the “Investigation Report on the Future Possibilities and Issues of the Virtual Space Industry”, summarizing the urgent problems that the Japanese virtual space industry needs to solve, with a view to becoming a global virtual space industry. In August, the South Korean Ministry of Finance released the 2022 budget, planning to spend 20 million US dollars for the development of the Metaverse platform. In addition, since August 2021, the Japanese social giant GREE announced that it will carry out the Metaverse business, and Nvidia, a fabless IC semiconductor company focusing on designing smart core chipsets, has appeared at the press conference for more than ten seconds of “digital doubles”, a global Microsoft, the largest provider of computer software, announced enterprise Metaverse solutions and more at the Inspire Worldwide Partner Conference.

In this context, various fields are competing for layout on the Metaverse track. According to Tianyancha, in 2021, there will be more than 12,000 trademark applications containing “Metaverse” in the name, and the international classification mostly involves advertising sales, scientific instruments, website services, education and entertainment, etc. “Metaverse” is like a “sweet pastry” that instantly detonated the entire market, and various fields are ready to move, including car companies of course.

02 Registered trademarks and incorporated them into operations

According to the company’s investigation, on February 9, 2022, Great Wall Motors (601633.SH/2333.HK) applied for the registration of the “Great Wall Metaverse” trademark. The international classification involves education and entertainment, and the current trademark status is “Trademark Application”.

Car giants get together in the Metaverse. Is "Car + Metaverse" a "King Blow" or a "gimmick"?

In January of the same year, Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Nezha Automobile, applied for registration of a number of trademarks of “Nezha Metaverse”, “Hezhong Metaverse” and “Natie Metaverse”. The international classification involves advertising sales, scientific instruments, Transportation tools, etc., the current trademark status is “Trademark Application”.

In December last year, BYD Co., Ltd. (002594.SZ) applied for the registration of the “BYD Metaverse” trademark, which is internationally classified as a means of transportation, and the current trademark status is “Trademark Application”.

In November last year, Xiaopeng Motors applied for the registration of a number of trademarks of “Xpeng Metaverse”. The international classification involves transportation tools, mechanical equipment, and scientific instruments. The current trademark status is “waiting for substantive examination” and “trademark application in progress”; Auto has also applied for the registration of a number of “Wei Universe” trademarks. The international classification involves means of transportation, website services, etc. The current trademark status is “waiting for substantive examination”.

In October last year, SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (600104.SH) applied for the registration of nearly 100 trademarks containing the words “Cheyuan Universe”. The international classification involves advertising sales, social services, communication services, website services, etc. The current trademark status is ” Awaiting substantive examination” “Trademark application in progress”.

In September last year, Ideal Motors (2015.HK) applied for the registration of multiple “Metaverse” trademarks, with international classifications including fuel grease, metal materials, etc., and the current trademark status was changed to “waiting for refusal review”.

However, it is worth noting that most of the trademarks applied by the above-mentioned companies have little relevance to automobiles.

In addition to squatting trademarks, some car companies have begun “testing the water”, or incorporating the concept of the Metaverse into user operations, or launching a virtual world of the Metaverse.

In August 2021, the “Original Stone Valley” of Zhiji Auto was officially launched on the “IM Zhiji” App. According to the official introduction, users can explore wild stones, exchange experiences, upgrade equipment, and evolve vehicles here.The core of “Rough Stone Valley” lies in the 300 million rough stones linked to 4.9% of Zhiji Auto’s shares. Users can obtain 70% of them through “li program mining”, and “rough stones” can be used to exchange various hardware or OTA services.

Liu Tao, Co-CEO of Zhiji Automobile, said, “The Metaverse is undoubtedly a very important track in the future. In the era of artificial intelligence, everyone is not only a creator, a sharer, but also a user. The perception system of the car in the future will become more and more The stronger the computing power, the stronger the ability to entangle the real and the virtual. In the future, the real and virtual worlds must be blended. Through CSOP, users can embrace the dividends of the times with us. “

Another example is that on the eve of the Munich Auto Show in September 2021, the BMW Group launched the Metaverse virtual world JOYTOPIA. Users only need to log in to without a user name and password. Users can enter the world of JOYTOPIA, not only can enjoy the famous British rock band Concerts, but also through dancing and crowd surfing.

In this regard, Stefan Ponikva, Vice President of Brand Communication and Brand Experience of the BMW Group, said, “With JOYTOPIA, we have created our own Metaverse, which shows that we are responding to customers’ needs for a personalized experience in the digital space.”

03 Incremental demand may be the root cause

But there is no doubt that the current development of the Metaverse has great limitations, of which technological limitations are the biggest bottleneck. In order to truly realize the Metaverse, it must rely on core technologies such as 5G, VR, AR, AI, and blockchain. At present, the corresponding underlying technologies are still far from the requirements for the application of the Metaverse. Implemented in the automotive field, the gap is even greater.

But why do car companies still want to break into the Metaverse?

The author believes that after car companies enter the Metaverse, they may attract users through continuous design and generation of content, increase user stickiness, and make them have preferences when purchasing car products, so as to expand and strengthen their business models, and ultimately bring about growth. volume demand.

According to Gartner’s latest forecast report, by 2026, 25% of people will work, shop, study, socialize or play in the Metaverse for at least an hour a day. At the same time, Marty Resnick, research vice president at Gartner, said, “By shifting from digital business to Metaverse business, enterprises will be able to expand and strengthen their business models in unprecedented ways. By 2026, 30% of global enterprises will have product and service.”

Ma Tianyi, a researcher at Minsheng Securities, said, “Metaverse can deeply empower Industry 4.0, provide digital support for automobile manufacturing, and also bring new incremental demands in the display field. With the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, automobile manufacturing is gradually becoming Platformization, modularization and intelligence are advancing. The main links of automobile production and manufacturing are expected to be empowered through the Metaverse, simplifying the process and controlling the main links to improve efficiency.”

In addition, Zhang Xiang, an automotive analyst and researcher at the Automotive Industry Innovation Research Center of North China University of Technology, also said, “The Metaverse is a social space and a network tool. After car companies deploy in the Metaverse field, they can acquire users and fans, and in the future they can also Turn these users and fans into potential customers. On the other hand, Metaverse can also provide functions such as entertainment, business, and office work. After the car realizes autonomous driving in the future, these functions will also be closely connected with the car. Car companies can make layouts in advance. Taking the Metaverse concept as a product highlight to attract consumers to buy cars, so as to achieve an increase in sales. If car companies deploy in advance, it can also be used as a product highlight to attract consumers to buy new cars and increase sales.”

According to the data of the China Automobile Association, in December 2021, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in my country will be 518,000 and 531,000 respectively, an increase of 120.0% and 113.9% year-on-year, and a month-on-month increase of 6.7% and 11.1% respectively; Completed 3.545 million and 3.521 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 159.5% and 157.5% respectively, and is expected to maintain high growth in 2022.

Car giants get together in the Metaverse. Is "Car + Metaverse" a "King Blow" or a "gimmick"?

It is worth noting that although we have experienced the transition from traditional vehicles to new energy vehicles, the current new energy vehicle industry is booming, but the degree of congestion can be imagined. If you want to expand the market, it may be the best way to develop the Metaverse. Election, in the era of “strengthening first, and suffering later”, the layout of the Metaverse has a certain forward-looking, but whether the real change can be realized still needs the market to give an answer, we will wait and see.

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