Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for “Chinese version of Roblox”

A frothy feast under the artificial air outlet?

Recently, the meta universe has been pushed above the tuyere again.

Everyone is talking about this topic, with a look of puzzled excitement, but there is always a light towards the unknown in their eyes.

And capital is pouring into this fire track, trying to occupy the investment high ground first.

Recently, Zhuhai Sandbox Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sandbox Network”) has completed a strategic investment of 200 million yuan, which is mainly used to strengthen product research and development and improve UGC ecological construction.

Founded in 2015, Sandbox Network is positioned as a global game UGC platform to help ordinary players transform their ideas into games. Its core products include the game platform Blockman Go and the game editor Blockman Editor. It has more than 50 million players worldwide. user.

Now four rounds of financing have been completed. Investors include Huanju Times, IFC Investment, Yilian Capital, Chuangmeng Tiandi, Hi-tech Angel Venture Capital, and Zhixingtong.

People may not be familiar with this company, but in fact, it is already a large-scale game UGC platform that closely follows in the footsteps of Roblox, the first stock in the meta universe.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

Image source: official website

And when it comes to Roblox, people who are talking about Metaverse will not be unfamiliar. The world’s largest multiplayer online creation sandbox game platform was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in March this year. With the fermentation of the Metaverse concept, the third place is superimposed. The strong quarterly performance has now risen by more than 76%.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

In the past, people yearned for facing the sea and blooming in spring. Now, the development of the meta universe has become the sea of ​​stars in their hearts. However, at this stage, the sparks that have spread are very valuable, but they are still not enough to start a prairie fire.

1  gaming platform to become the meat and potatoes

Put on relevant audio-visual equipment and enter a virtual digital world parallel to and interact with the real world in the form of virtual avatars to survive and experience. This is people’s current concrete understanding of the worldview constructed by the meta-universe.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

From a certain level, this is a kind of free release of people’s spiritual world. After all, desire is like a bottomless pit, but in real life, it is always limited. It is better to plug in the wings of imagination and go to the parallel world to be satisfied.

Metaverse is not a pioneering new concept, but the technologies it needs are all hot spots in the Internet economy, whether it is artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, or 5G, VR, and the Internet of Things. It is a blue ocean gold mine that needs to be unearthed urgently.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

The map of the company that built Meta Universe, source of image: Kaiyuan Securities

At present, the development direction that is most easily connected with the concept is the game industry. As a simulation extension of this reality, it has become the first scene in the eyes of the public to receive dividends.

Recently, while the concept has brought a wave of gains in game stocks, the game UGC platform led by Sandbox Network and Roblox has attracted attention .

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

The eight elements of the meta universe proposed by Roblox, picture source: Kaiyuan Securities

Different from the game in the impression, this kind of platform mainly brings increment through content creation and social network. Players are not only one-way playing games, but also developers. They can create and extend the game world through their own creativity. With higher degree and randomness, it attracts players, and then forms a decentralized, bottom-up content production method to bring user stickiness. In this mode, the platform often charges for virtual items and value-added services in the game.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

Image source: Internet

Compared with Roblox, the UGC ecology of the domestic sandbox network is not mature enough and in an early stage, but it has been optimized in terms of content and device compatibility. At the same time, although there is potential in the domestic market, the sandbox network currently focuses on overseas markets, and the user portraits of Blockman Go are mainly concentrated in the 9-19 year old group of teenagers.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

Image source: Internet

The listing of Roblox, for the game UGC platform, is undoubtedly a shot in the heart, and it has pushed people’s expectations of the meta universe to a climax.

In the context of the slow relaxation of epidemic restrictions, Roblox’s performance in the third quarter of this year was dazzling, exceeding expectations, achieving revenue of 509 million US dollars, an increase of 102% year-on-year, but the net loss attributable to common shareholders was 74 million US dollars. The same period last year was a loss of 48.61 million U.S. dollars.

Key indicators point to more positive points. For example, the average number of daily active users (DAU) was 47.3 million, an increase of 31% year-on-year, which was 2.6 times that of the same period in 2019; the average daily active user bookings (ABPDAU) was US$13.49 and user engagement hours The number was 11.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 28%; users of all ages around the world invested a total of 11.2 billion hours on the platform, an increase of 28% year-on-year, an increase of three times compared with the same period in 2019; the third quarter booked $637.8 million, a year-on-year increase An increase of 28%.

Obviously, Roblox’s profitability is closely related to user stickiness. The better the user activity, the more benign the platform content ecology. After attracting more users, the profit opportunity will be greater. At present, its revenue mainly comes from membership services and paid items. , Value-added services, etc.

The good performance has brought a wave of stock prices, but the soaring stock prices also mean that the heights are too cold.

Roblox is still losing money and even expanding. Although the influx of users will bring more profit margins, it also means that the costs that need to be allocated to platform developers are also rising, which will bring a certain degree of operational pressure.

Generally speaking, although Roblox has a dazzling aura, it is actually facing the dilemma of internal and external troubles.

Like the sandbox network in this article, Roblox’s target group is also teenagers, that is, users under the age of 13. It will be broken if it is broken.

At the same time, the meta-universe of the big fire also ushered in the participation of all walks of life. Microsoft launched Mesh with all its strength, Facebook changed its name to Meta, and domestic Tencent and ByteDance also started to explore… the competitive situation is on the verge of breaking out.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

The layout of domestic and foreign head manufacturers, picture source: Internet

2  Stuck in a hype circle?

However, it is precisely because of the gathering of people from all walks of life that the market has plunged into a frenzy.

It seems to be telling everyone that doing meta universe is a cool business these years.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

We have seen this kind of enthusiasm in the past. Sharing economy, community group buying , or Bitcoin… They all have a commonality, that is, they have drawn a big pie in advance, a blueprint with a special future.

Then the capital swarmed in and started to be strong, staking out the land, fighting for scale, fighting for financial resources, and building up the momentum, but often the results were unsatisfactory. When a basin of cold water was poured down, the last place was feathers.

Now, the meta universe has inevitably entered this vicious circle.

Of course, it cannot be denied that the emergence of the metaverse has indeed brought a kind of vitality to the existing market, and provided people in this world with an exciting and reverie possibility.

It is important to know that after reaching the traffic ceiling, many Internet companies are more or less powerless in the face of Red Sea competition. Existing products are difficult to attract more increments. They are eager to have new variables to break this deadlock and achieve The so-called vision in the heart, so the meta universe burst out of the sky.

However, when facing the stars and the sea, one has to be down-to-earth.

The business of Metaverse has a threshold. At this stage, it is only in the stage of cognitive penetration. It is more of a state of co-creation. After all, it is not mature in terms of technology, supervision, and content. It is still far from building the so-called virtual world. Far from it.

So, what are people crazy about?

Overnight, business about Metaverse emerged. Some people invested in projects, some were broadcast live, some were selling classes, and they had even made money.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

Image source: Internet

We are already very familiar with this irrational madness, because the concept of hype is the same no matter when.

We do not deny that game companies headed by Sandbox Network and Roblox are indeed making products according to their own vision and user needs, but more on the market is to take advantage of the hot hype, tell a new story, and draw a picture at this stage. Can’t see the actual pie.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

Meta universe application map, image source: Kaiyuan Securities

This kind of operation is the norm in the secondary market, and many companies are scrambling to find ways to catch up with the concept hot spots.

For example, after Jinke Culture changed its name to “Tom Cat”, under the catalysis of the concept of Metacosmos , it once claimed on the interactive Yi platform that it had established a special working group for the direction of Metacosmos, and the stock price immediately rose.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

In this regard, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is also unambiguous and directly issued a letter of concern. Tom Cat explained that it is still in the early stage of exploration.

And the Yuan universe’s exploration horoscope hasn’t been written yet, and the winners who have reduced their holdings and cashed out have already turned and left the field.

Coincidentally, the game company Zhongqingbao , one of the meta-universe concept stocks , is also experiencing high stock prices under hot conditions.

Investigating the reasons for the rise, Zhongqingbao previously announced that it would launch a simulated business meta-universe game “Brewmaster”. As soon as the news came out, the stock price was immediately reflected, and it has risen by 307% since September this year.

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

Source of the map: official public account

Capital stirred Metaverse and eagerly voted for "Chinese version of Roblox"

The bubble during this period is not a star and a half. In the final analysis, the meta-universe is still a moon in the mirror. Even most people are still trying to understand this worldview. The development of science and technology is not achieved overnight. This is a dream of seeking from above and below. The road is destined to be long.

However, this concept is very forward-looking and has a deep impact. Once the resulting anticipatory filter is added, it is easy to be confused and pay on the spot. Therefore, in the face of possible profitable opportunities, some people will still tout to make the bubble bigger and fly higher.

The skinny feeling of not seeing the actual development is very dangerous. After all, after excessive hype, this is a silly game of drumming and spreading flowers. Whether you can see the end of the meta universe is uncertain, but it is inseparable from being cut.

3  Conclusion

When technology has developed to a high level, compared with the real world, the meta universe is a piece of virtual paradise in people’s hearts, and it begins to cut the bonus cake of the real world. The faith that this yearning brings is powerful, but at the same time very dangerous.

It’s an old saying that too much is too much. The effect of unlimited expansion of the meta universe is undoubtedly to kill, but it is easy to bring gold opportunities to the hot hype.

Now in this stage of incubation and penetration, anyone can tell stories, and the meta universe does not need to be as short-lived as summer fireworks. After all, without a reasonable regulatory environment and rock-solid technical support, stories can only be stories. The legends passed by word of mouth are still illusory after all.

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