Cao Xing Yuan : NFT encryption art should return to the essence of digital art Current development is limited by computing speed and display screen

When the technical bottleneck is broken, digital art will burst out and unveil a new era of NFT crypto art

Cao Xing Yuan : NFT encryption art should return to the essence of digital art Current development is limited by computing speed and display screen

In the evening of May 27, Cao Xing Yuan, a famous art history scholar who has been teaching at UBC’s Art History Department since 2003, sat in on the “8 Questions” event and exclusively explained the value of NFT encrypted art.

During the live broadcast, Cao Xing Yuan said that no real connection between current physical artworks and NFT has occurred, and she believes that NFT encrypted art should start from digital art itself, and that the current computing speed and display screen limit the development of digital art, and when the technical bottleneck is broken, digital art will burst out and unveil a new era of NFT encrypted art, while we are currently at a key historical point of cultural dissemination and development.

The following are Cao Xing Yuan’s main points.

Cultural dissemination and development are at a critical node, similar to the period of printing technology iteration

NFT actually appeared in 2014, and it was on fire in 2017 because of crypto cats, and because of crypto cats, the NFT crypto art market appeared, but not on fire. In fact, a lot of NFT crypto art was previously available online for a few dollars or tens of dollars, and since February this year, suddenly the $100 ones became 20,000, 30,000, 60,000, and some of the pictures were actually not very good, but the price was amazing.

The most famous event of NFT crypto art is beeple’s 5000 days put on auction on Christie’s, and the final auction amount is nearly 70 million dollars, which is a very high price in our circle, even if put on physical works. After Beeple, Andy Warhol’s work has once again ignited the NFT market.

Andy Warhol is a Pop artist that everyone is familiar with, he spent a lot of Marilyn Monroe screenprint portraits, and after his death, someone found a drawing on his computer that he had made on his computer during his life, uploaded this drawing and shot it to a very high price, both of these things made us in the art world very excited.

So NFT is on fire right now. We are now at a very important point in time, a point similar to the transition between engraving and movable type printing.

In ancient books, how many words are on a page, I use a wooden board to carve it out word by word, and then print it out is this picture. The movable type printing is that I have a large number of signatures, and constantly make permutations and combinations that can be reused, and the book can be printed.

The book was the same book, with the same content, and the engraved plate had its entity, but at that time many people could not let go of the plot of engraving and printing, just as we cannot let go of the plot of physical artwork now. Finally one day we understood that a book is engraved or signed printing, the content remains the same, just like the word you transfer out, my name is Cao Xing Yuan, the computer typed out is also Cao Xing Yuan, the concept is the same.

As a work of art, the engraved version of the plate has its own object mechanism. We want Li Qing, printmaking is printmaking, the work photo print is the work photo print, print the ground again clearly, it is not printmaking, it is a photo.

Today the mechanism of physical artwork and digital art is also different, digital art itself is as digital appear. The development of technology will have an impact on art. nft’s diagram can be instant art or time art, I have a question about many digital to number exhibitions, including immersive and experiential, how much time do I really have to stand in front of a work? A lot of NFT encrypted art is a few seconds, an experience that previous digital art does not have.

If I had a house like Bill Gates, with a big virtual fish tank or a big screen in the living room, then these diagrams I would have to constantly change and find someone to do the diagram. This picture is never physical, it will switch according to the environment, for example, I invite people who study Chinese art history to come to the house for dinner, the screen will become a NFT art work of the Song Dynasty, the light can be dynamic, and can also be set to music, which is no substitute for any kind of art means in the past.

If I could have such a living room, I would certainly be willing to go online and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the work, compared to such a first living room, hundreds of thousands of dollars is nothing? And it’s clear enough, unrepeatable, original, imaginative, and produced.

So I think it should be sent purely from digital art, not from physical art scanning.

NFT should start from digital art

Now many young people already use computer graphics, NFT is actually the protection of the copyright of such computer graphics.

I am very optimistic about its prospects, but the only problem is that when physical art scanned to auction, it is a bit like this domestic artist signed prints.

Physical art scanned on NFT, my understanding it is a string of code, similar to an order number on Taobao. It actually has no real close connection to the physical art. This NFT was bought, is it possible for me to reshoot it again? The next time I scan with higher pixels and more advanced technology, what about the holder of the last piece?

Similar to when conceptual art emerged, we would think how can you sell a concept as an artwork to people? But when a concept art is slowly accepted, it’s a row of words printed on the wall, it’s concept art. In fact, what the buyer buys is not a physical work. The most wonderful part of concept art is that the merchant transforms this nebulous concept of people into a work of art, so concept art will eventually involve a physical work, but the most important thing is the concept behind the work.

NFT is like a concept now, no one has built a bridge between NFT and physical art now, only when this problem is solved will there be a real relationship between NFT and physical art. If it is just scanning, then after a year, this work will be eliminated by new technology. For example, the “Qingming Shanghe Tu”, now many versions that move have sprung up and eliminated the scanned version.

I think NFT originates from computer art works, which are supposed to be digital works, not physical works. The emergence of NFT makes digital works protected, at least the original creator, the status can not be changed, can be traced back to the source, let the technology to solve the technical matters.

Of course, I also expect someone to solve the problems between physical art and NFT, and it is worth looking forward to how physical art is really bound to NFT.

The change of art style is actually a change of technology

There is no such thing as an art history.

Renaissance style, Baroque style, Rococo style, Realism, Impressionism …… are not artists saying I want to paint like this, but the development of technology gave them the possibility to create.

With the Renaissance’s use of perspective, there were advances in science and medicine, and some people studied the human anatomy, and studied the structure, muscles, and bones of the human body thoroughly, so the artists borrowed this into their works, and so they painted people accurately, with a sense of perspective depth and accurate bones and muscles.

Impressionism is optical, so Impressionism borrowed an understanding of optics.

There were certainly social reasons for realism, but a more important reason was the photographic arts. The master of realism, Courbet, had many manuscripts that were not visible, and he also collected many photographs, and many of his works were painted directly from photographs.

So there is no history of stylistic change, it’s really the history of technological evolution, and because technology evolves, style changes.

Back to NFT, although we now have a high level of digital culture, digital technology, we can do more, but the speed of computing and display screen still limit our development. How can digital art be displayed inside the air? Right now our displays limit our digital art. Once this technology breaks through, digital art will take a greater leap forward, and then NFT – the native digital i artwork – will have greater imagination.

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