Canalys: Xiaomi’s Q2 global mobile phone shipments surpassed Apple and ranked second, OV outperformed the market

The growth was mainly due to the expansion of Xiaomi’s overseas business.

Among them, Samsung ranked first in global shipments, accounting for 19% of global shipments, an increase of 15% year-on-year; Xiaomi ranked second for the first time in history, with a market share of 17%, an increase of 83% year-on-year;

Apple, which has not yet released the iPhone13, ranked third with a 14% share; vivo and Oppo maintained strong growth momentum, ranking among the top five, each with a 10% share, and shipments increased by 28% and 27% year-on-year respectively.

Canalys: Xiaomi's Q2 global mobile phone shipments surpassed Apple and ranked second, OV outperformed the market

Q2 shipment ranking

For the first time, Xiaomi surpassed Apple’s shipment volume and ranked second in the world, mainly due to the expansion of Xiaomi’s overseas business. In Europe, where Huawei’s overseas market contraction is the most obvious, Xiaomi, which has taken over most of Huawei’s original cooperative operators, recorded a year-on-year increase of 50%. In addition, Xiaomi is also exploring the African and Latin American markets this quarter, with an increase of 150% respectively. And 300%.

Canalys Research Manager Ben Stanton (Ben Stanton) said that growth in these regions mainly due to drainage millet taken in these areas Doctring measures for partner integration.

However, he believes that although Xiaomi has been deploying high-end product lines since the Xiaomi Mi 10 series, and has launched high-end products such as Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 11/11 Ultra, and Mi Mix Fold, the overall preference is for the mass market. After the ebb of Huawei, the three mobile phone manufacturers of Xiaomi and OV outperformed the market in terms of shipment growth. However, the high-end market that Huawei spit out was more eaten by Samsung and Apple. According to Canalys data, the average selling price of Xiaomi mobile phones was about the same. It is about 40% and 75% lower than Samsung Apple.

This means that in the field of high-end phones, there is still a tough battle between Xiaomi and OPPO and vivo. After the data was released, Lei Jun also sent a letter from all staff stating that this is “a fantastic achievement” and “a major milestone in the history of Xiaomi’s development.” At the same time, he also encouraged all employees to “really hold the second place in the world.”

Ben Stanton pointed out in the report that OV also has the same high-end goal and is willing to invest heavily in online marketing to build its own brand in a different way than Xiaomi.

In the context of global supply shortages, all suppliers are striving to strive for the supply of parts, but Xiaomi has set its sights on the next “prize”: to replace Samsung and become the world’s largest supplier. “

The following is a letter from Lei Jun

Mi students:

I would like to share with you the great news: Canalys just released a report on the global smartphone market share in the second quarter. Xiaomi has a market share of 17%. The sales of smartphones surpassed Apple and rose to the second place in the world.

For the first time, Xiaomi became the world’s second place. This is a fantastic achievement and a major milestone in the history of Xiaomi’s development! On August 16 this year, we are about to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of Xiaomi mobile phones. It was overjoyed to receive such good news at this time.

In the third quarter of 2014, we entered the world’s top three for the first time, and then we encountered huge difficulties and soon fell out of the world’s top five. In 2016, we started “comprehensive supplementary lessons”. After five years of arduous supplementary lessons, our product capabilities have been greatly improved, and we have opened up and established a strong foothold in the high-end market.

In the third quarter of 2020, it will return to the third place in the world. After only two quarters, we took another step forward. I would like to thank the global rice noodles for their unrelenting support over the past ten years, thank all partners for their support, and also thank all Xiaomi students for their hard work and all Xiaomi’s family members for their understanding and support! Thank you everyone!

In August last year, we established the core strategy for the next ten years-mobile phone X AIoT, and once again clarified the core position of the smartphone business, and further promoted intelligent interconnection. The AIoT business will build a smart life around the core business of mobile phones, and make Xiaomi’s value The amplifier truly allows everyone in the world to enjoy the beautiful life brought about by technology, and makes Xiaomi truly become the leader of future lifestyles. At the same time, we have established the “three iron laws” that will never change: technology-oriented, cost-effectiveness-oriented, and making the coolest products.

In 2020, our R&D investment is nearly 10 billion, and this year is expected to exceed 13 billion. We will further expand the size of our R&D team, and this year we will recruit more than 5,000 engineers. At present, we have won a series of rapid developments in key technology fields such as imaging, fast charging, AI, IoT platforms, and established a leading edge in the global industry. This year also released the surging C1 camera chip.

Our pilot new retail in China has made great progress: the advanced channel model of Xiaomi’s online and offline integration has achieved phased success. It will cover all counties and enter the township market in 2021. At the same time, the business model of online and offline integration has been verified.

Our international business is progressing very smoothly. We have entered the markets of more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The overseas market’s revenue contribution has reached half. Currently, we have the first market share in more than ten countries. Xiaomi has become a real company. Global company.

Classmates, the second place in the world means greater challenges and greater responsibilities for us. We stand at this height for the first time, and we are bound to face a fierce and anxious tug-of-war. Compared with the celebrations right now, I look forward to the fact that we can truly secure the second place in the world as soon as possible.

It is our honor to compete with these world’s most powerful and innovative peer companies on the highest stage in the world. We are still young and accumulation is far from enough. We must remain calm and humble. These colleagues are our role models and our sharpening stones. It is precisely because of fierce competition and mutual promotion that we can sharpen ourselves and become stronger and stronger.

In the past three years, we have introduced a group of young and experienced executives from outside, and we have also promoted several young group executives and dozens of young general managers internally. Such a vigorous team will provide a strong and visionary lead for the development of Xiaomi in the next ten years.

Recently, we just disclosed the “Young Engineer Incentive Program”, which rewarded 3904 outstanding engineers, and provided a ten-year new incentive for 122 technical experts, the first batch of candidates for the New Decade Entrepreneur Plan, and middle and high-level managers. plan. One of the best Xiaomi to date is marching towards the future with high morale.

Xiaomi’s mission is to “persist in making good products that move people’s hearts and at a fair price, so that everyone in the world can enjoy the beautiful life brought about by technology”. This road is destined to be long and bumpy. Loneliness is more than carnival, and suffering is more than applause. . But if the direction is right, the road is not afraid of far. Classmates, please join me , roll up your sleeves, continue to cheer, and move forward in the direction of your dreams!

Lei Jun


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