Can you really make a fortune betting on football? There is a lot of water here

The European Cup, as always, is exciting. It is considered by many fans to be the tournament between the national teams of the highest level of competition, surpassing the World Cup. After being a year late due to the epidemic, the Euro finally lived up to the hype and shone.

The global attention it attracts, especially from Asia, is overwhelming every year. The European Cup is the busiest time of the year for the major European bookmakers. Many fans around the world also buy more or less football bets during this period to support their teams or to validate their ideas.

I’ve been in the Netherlands for a long time, I’m a hardcore fan, I’ve played in the Dutch amateur league, I also like to buy some soccer bets when the big games come around, and I also know some of the real gods in the European soccer betting world.

The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

The actual fact is that the actual people of Europe are betting on soccer.

I’m going to focus on the situation in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, in fact, other European countries are basically the same. The vast majority of fans in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other countries are buying lottery tickets through legal betting companies, and a very small number are buying balls through illegal underground handicaps. The latter I do not speak, in short, illegal things are certainly cheated and pitted more.

The first thing to do is to talk about a few of the large multinational gaming companies that can legally bet in many European countries.

The first thing to say is William Hill, which is the equivalent of LV in the gaming industry in the luxury industry. But its fate was much more difficult than that of LV.

William Hill was founded in 1934, headquartered in London, England, can be described as a century-old store. But the company has changed hands a few times, most recently two months ago! In April 2021, the Nevada casino giant Caesars Entertainment completed its acquisition of William Hill for £2.9 billion.

William Hill has over 2,000 physical stores in the UK (119 of which were permanently closed during the epidemic last year), in addition to telephone and website betting (which has become increasingly mainstream). On average, individual stores process more than one million betting slips per day.

William Hill has cracked down on underage participation in betting, and all of William Hill’s global operations, whether in physical stores, telephone betting and online betting, require users to register and authenticate in their real names.

In addition to sports with high betting volumes like soccer and tennis, William Hill also covers almost all mainstream sports. In addition to this there is a wide variety of content such as mayoral campaigns and even TV series next protagonist betting.

Can you really make a fortune betting on football? There is a lot of water here

William Hill official website about the British drama “Doctor Who” next Doctor betting

Many Chinese in Europe also usually place their bets on the William Hill website. In major matches like the European Cup, William Hill usually sets a betting limit, such as a single bet may not be more than 1,000 euros or something like that, to prevent out-of-control and extreme situations from happening.

In addition to William Hill, the Austrian bookmaker bwin is also a major online betting company used by Europeans, and was once a sponsor of Real Madrid. Other small and medium-sized companies will not be described.

In addition to betting companies, Europe has a special legal interactive betting platform.

As we all know, whether it is a traditional casino or a bookie, you as a retailer can only buy and can never be the dealer of the game to sell. But on the interactive betting platform, you as a retailer can also become a dealer. For the same game, you can choose to be the bookmaker to collect the retailer’s bets (and pay the player at odds if you lose), or you can choose to be the retailer to bet on the bookmaker.

On such a platform, the bookmaker and the retailer can even agree on the deal odds with each other, much like a business bargain. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Can you really make a fortune betting on football? There is a lot of water here

Such interactive betting platforms are usually marked in blue with odds for retail buyers to buy and in pink with odds for bookmakers to sell.

All of these companies are only legal in some countries of the world and have strict buyer identification procedures – it really is: “football is not something you want to buy, you can buy it if you want to”.

Second, the victory method of the gods

Heard this joke.

A British journalist interviewed a man and asked him how he became a millionaire by betting on football. The interviewee easily answered, I was a millionaire before betting on football ……

The vast majority of people in the world who want to get rich overnight through betting can’t escape the fate of losing all their money soon.

So, are there really people in Europe who have made a fortune in life through soccer betting? There are, but they are a very, very, very small percentage of the huge number of players.

Because I’m a long-time fan and I played in the Dutch amateur league, I really know a few people who have made real money in perfectly legal soccer betting. I would buy them beer and snacks while watching the game together in their beachfront building, and then either ask them point blank or ask them sideways for their tips on how to make a fortune betting on the game.

Of course, people will not reveal their skills, but in my soft and alcohol-catalyzed effect will occasionally reveal a half-hearted tips.

“The important point is to be consistent with the actuaries and manipulators of the betting companies, not with the public thinking!” A middle-aged god told me this after drinking: “Betting on soccer matches is actually much the same as buying futures. Whether it’s stocks, futures or football, you must remember Warren Buffett’s words ‘I am fearful when others are greedy, I am greedy when others are fearful’!”

His words reminded me of the proverb that was widely circulated online during the 2018 World Cup: “Buy the soccer game backwards, the villa is by the sea.”

Another elderly god who had gone through the vicissitudes of life was breezy and cheeky and told me, “The biggest victory is not playing at all!”

He said that all the casinos in the world know this golden truth: “I’m not afraid of you winning money, but I’m afraid you won’t come”! So the biggest winner is not to touch them at all.

There is also a Dutch young soccer god Peter said this to me personally: “I often listened to others when I was a child watching the European Cup, who lost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands who gambled on a certain game, when both the storyteller and myself felt that those people were very cow. Now think about it, losing money has what good cattle ……”

Peter, who usually plays football himself well, stated his theory that

The teams, bookies, and media will put out a lot of fake news to create a smoke screen before the game, and this is when an old hunter needs to find the truth in all the lies. To sum it up: “To find the truth through all their lies”.

However, the bookies also always have a subtext that is never explicit: “We always tell the truth, even when we lie”.

By the way, the above-mentioned gods are basically live betting during soccer matches based on the situation on the field, rather than betting on a fixed result before the match.

Can you really make a fortune betting on football? There is a lot of water here

Online betting page, image: Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

If I were to sum it up, I would say: trying to mine the gold in European soccer betting is basically an impossible task. To go undefeated, you need a strong understanding of the sport itself, detailed knowledge of the teams and games, a reasonable interpretation of the bookies’ opening odds, and of course, timing, geography, people and luck ……

Do you have all of these?

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

Three, the betting company foul

The European betting companies that are completely legal are completely open and honest, no foul play?

I’m not going to give a hard answer to this one. I would just like to say that they are at least not like the illegal underground gambling moneymaker to run away with the money (even if they do run away with the money, the government will also pay the player’s bets).

Let me tell you something that really happened.

5 years ago, one of my classmates bet on a European country’s soccer league online at a well-known European bookmaker’s website. The result of his bet was right and he should have won the prize. However, after the game, the bookmaker inexplicably returned the capital he had bet, saying that for special reasons the bets on the game were cancelled and did not count!

He went to customer service and denounced this as ridiculous! He asked the other party, if he had lost, would the bets have been cancelled and the capital refunded as well? The customer service only professionally replied that the website has the final say on the outcome of the bet.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The reason for this is that the terms such as the “right of final interpretation” are written in a long list of contract details when you register as a user of the site, and if you sign the agreement, you are agreeing to the terms. Of course, if you don’t sign the agreement, you can’t register at all. The company has a team of top-notch lawyers that they hire all year round to fight with you.

Can you really make a fortune betting on football? There is a lot of water here

Usually the right of interpretation is vested in the company, picture: the description of the official website of Singapore betting

He posted this matter to a forum in Europe, and the followers actually had many people who had encountered the same thing, and there were even actually more than one case of inexplicably being restricted from betting or even forced to cancel their accounts and blacklisted because they had won too many matches, again. There are really all kinds of rogue methods.

But in the end, this student’s post tree was also inexplicably deleted from the forum.

Finally, I love soccer and I hope that everyone can see a great game in the hard-earned European Cup and enjoy the real fun that soccer brings.

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