Can the quiz contest chain game “Mimir Quiz” take GameFi out of the circle?

As one of the outlets of the crypto world for nearly half a year, the GameFi track is showing a flourishing situation. Various chain cruises such as role playing, virtual space, battle formation, card collection, etc. are launched in turn, and more innovative gameplay is also emerging. .

But with the continued popularity of head chain games, the threshold for players to participate is getting higher and higher. On the one hand, this is reflected in the soaring price of game props. On the other hand, the “play-and-earn strategy” is gradually becoming more complicated. In addition to the technical threshold of the blockchain itself, it is necessary for novices outside the circle to pay a certain amount of learning costs.

Recently, a “question-and-answer” chain game-Mimir Quiz, invested by K24 Ventures and Chainfir Capital, made us shine. Compared with studying how to team up with your Axie , “Q&A” can be regarded as a game format that is easier for the public to understand and “short and fast”. According to the Mimir Quiz white paper, more than 350 million people play quiz games on their smartphones every year (see this mass basis). If you don’t want to buy “tickets” as soon as you come up, Mimir Quiz also supports free play to earn revenue.

Compared with traditional online quiz games, the advantage of Mimir Quiz as a chain game is that players can earn Mimir tokens as revenue, and users who hold Metamask wallets also have the opportunity to get Mimir tokens from the reward pool.

Admission is free of “tickets”, and “Krypton Gold Plus” is also supported

According to its official website, Mimir Quiz is a blockchain quiz game developed by Swedish game studio Mimir and based on Trivia (a common knowledge of various subjects in intelligence test competitions).

From the perspective of participation conditions, players can choose to enter the free game mode or the Play to Earn (hereinafter referred to as P2E) mode. From the game format, Mimir Quiz includes “1v1” and “Multiplayer Tournament”.

Can the quiz contest chain game "Mimir Quiz" take GameFi out of the circle?

“1v1” mode

This mode includes five rounds and a total of 15 small questions. Players can challenge friends, family members, or random strangers to see who has “wide knowledge”. At present, the official has not announced the specific winning rules.

“Multiplayer Tournament” mode

This model is like the “Zhengda Variety Show” that I watched when I was a child, or the Indian movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Players sign up for a live quiz contest and compete with participants from different backgrounds all over the world. Problems will also be involved. Broader fields, such as sports, music, chemistry, painting, etc.

In order to create a “live atmosphere” for this model, Mimir Quiz will open a live broadcast room in Stockholm, Sweden, where the host will read 10-15 questions in turn. These questions will also appear in the APP simultaneously, and finally all players who answered correctly Share Mimir tokens in the prize pool together. The reward will be sent to the player’s Metamask wallet immediately.

Can the quiz contest chain game "Mimir Quiz" take GameFi out of the circle?

“P2E” mode

If you still feel that you are not earning enough, players can add more money in the “Play-to-Win” mode. This mode is applicable to the two types of 1V1 and multiplayer tournaments introduced earlier, and a higher bonus is added to the admission fee of the latter.

Can the quiz contest chain game "Mimir Quiz" take GameFi out of the circle?

What problems might players face? Let’s post five Mimir Quiz questions (see the end of the article for the correct answers):

1. How many times has Real Madrid won the Champions League?

A. 32

B. 13

C. 20

2. What is the chemical symbol of gold in the periodic table?

A. Au

B. Ag


3. In what year did Daft Punk release their album “Random Access Memories”?

A. 1997

B. 2021

C. 2013

4. Who painted the fresco on the top of the Sistine Chapel in Rome?

A. Michelangelo

B. Da Vinci

C. Niccolo Machiavelli

5. In what year did Michael Jackson release his first single?

A. 1969

B. 1971

C. 1983

Players can also choose specific special sessions based on their areas of expertise.

Can the quiz contest chain game "Mimir Quiz" take GameFi out of the circle?

According to its roadmap, the Mimir Quiz application will be launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in early November. However, as of press time, Odaily Planet Daily has not found the app in these two major app markets. You can only get a glimpse of the game process from the official test video (Youtube): Amn2WJvvLE0

Multi-purpose Mimir, activate GameFi economy

As a “play and earn game”, after introducing the gameplay, let’s take a look at the relevant information of Mimir tokens.

Mimir tokens, as the only pass for Mimir Quiz games, are not only game rewards, but also the qualifications of players to participate in some functions of the game. Players can also get rewards by staking and participate in the decentralized governance of the Mimir Quiz community, such as voting on major events or new game features. The project team also encourages users to use community voting to determine how the team can better update and distribute tokens in the future.

Mimir Quiz official website stated that in the future, the team will allocate most of the Mimir tokens for staking rewards to reward early investors and users who hold tokens. Staking will provide stability to the ecosystem.

Can the quiz contest chain game "Mimir Quiz" take GameFi out of the circle?

Mimir token distribution ratio

In general, Mimir Quiz is unique in the type of game in the chain game market where the imitation version of Axie Infinity is rampant. The game time that can complete a round of quiz in a few minutes is relatively friendly, and it is quite exciting to play with “knowledge experts” all over the world. Connecting friends for “IQ battles” introduces social attributes to the game. (Think about how many people use WeChat Mini Programs to play PK games online with friends from far away during the New Year.)

But at present, it is not yet known whether this chain game has a good prevention strategy for the wool party, which has a faster hand speed and searches for answers while playing. The actual operation and user data will be observed after the game is officially launched.

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