Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

NFT, a new wealth and social password for young people.

When it comes to NFT, you may not know what these three letters mean, but you must have heard its name.

On January 18, the trendy brand founded by Jay Chou and his friends announced that the NFT project “Fantasy Bear” was sold in less than an hour;

On February 12, a total of 500 NFTs of the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot “Bingdundun” went online at 1:00 a.m. and were instantly empty;

On February 15, the 3D version of the original IP digital collection “Tiger Baby” also released by China Central Radio and Television Station was also sold out.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which means “non-fungible token” in Chinese, is a non-fungible digital asset based on blockchain technology. When combined with artwork, it becomes a virtual collection.

What exactly makes “NFT” so popular? It all starts with a monkey named “Boring Ape”.

On April 30, 2021, Yuga Labs, an American Web3 company, used an algorithm to generate 10,000 boring apes, which were sold out in one day. What followed was the participation of a large number of celebrities – Stephen Curry, Mark Cuban, Post Malone, Timbaland, Shawn Yue, Lin Junjie…

The star effect has undoubtedly increased the added value of the Bored Ape. As of March 10, according to the latest data from DappRader, the total transaction volume of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has exceeded 1.4 billion US dollars.

Seeing a price that can’t be counted with one hand, the NFT market is surging, domestic platforms are springing up, investors and designers are also coming, and “NFT” seems to be a new wealth and social password for young people.

Irreplaceable and unique, this scarcity perfectly fits the preferences of today’s young people. According to Pan Bo, the founder of the ODin NFT platform, the post-95s are the most involved in NFT transactions, followed by the 90-95 years.

It is true that most young people buy NFTs just to make money. On social media platforms, enter the three letters of “NFT” and you will see numbers that dazzle you –

 A Jay Chou fan earns 5 figures a week by investing in NFT under the influence of his idol.

An illustrator spent more than 100 yuan to upload his work on the platform, but no one cares.

There is also a phishing website that accidentally clicked on the NFT and lost 50,000 yuan.

Can investing in NFTs really make money? Is this brand new field that a large number of people want to go to, is it a game of luck, or is there an unspeakable black box operation? 

We found a few young people and chatted about their NFT entry experience.

Any industry is full of uncertainty and the possibility of gambling, including NFTs

29-year-old bald force designer from Huanghe Mountain

Trading platform: Paras, Opensea

When I first knew about NFT, I didn’t go deep into it, but I only knew that there was such a thing.

It was 2020, an American friend who is also a fan of my works (a real estate businessman named “Tou Lifu”, and his plastic punk-style virtual real estate project “Tou Li City”), he posted on my public account Come to me and ask if you are interested in creating my work into NFT. But at the time, because I didn’t know much about it, I didn’t talk about it in detail.

Just skeptical – can an electronic collectible really become like a traditional collectible?

With this kind of doubt, last July, Taobao Maker Festival came to me and said that I think this thing is very interesting, and it can create a complete world like a game or movie. We discussed how to present it, just in time to understand that NFT technology is in line with the nature of rental real estate, and Tulifu was first known because of those strange real estate projects, so we tried to get these things.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

8G Home of Tulifu Real Estate, photo courtesy of the interviewee

At that time, a total of 310 digital real estates were issued, with a total price of more than 360,000 yuan. I saw the prospect of this market, and after I learned about the blockchain circle and future development direction, I felt that it was quite appropriate to combine it with the tonality of Dulifu, so I decided to start the digital industry.

There are 5 people in our team, some are responsible for the operation of the community, and some are responsible for the chain later. And I am responsible for producing some interesting works, constructing the world view of the story, and planning interesting event planning plans, inviting fans to participate together. I will also chat with some fans to strengthen the connection with them. Because the success of a project has a lot to do with its loyal fans, and this is a co-construction thing.

Because the domestic NFT platform is not really decentralized, and it is more inclined to brand and art IP, I think the value is not very big, so I chose a foreign platform.

The difference between domestic and foreign platforms is still quite big. In addition to the different chains, the active people inside are also different.

Taking designers as an example, foreign designers are generally a group of people who grew up in the field of pure encryption. Although their projects do make money, they also value ideal things, such as really want to have a place in the industry, such as Hope that encryption technology can change society, they are really going in this direction.

In China, there will be more people who may focus on hype and making money. Although everyone will also say that the Chinese do not lie to the Chinese, but many domestic projects are to cut leeks – nothing, just send a white paper saying “We want to do XXX”, in fact, nothing is done, just rolled up One wave, then run away.

Up to now, in fact, I haven’t made a lot of money. I have made some 300,000 yuan in sales at the Maker Festival. Generally speaking, I am still in a state of burning money, because development and design require money.

But I think the digital industry will continue to grow in the future.

And in the digital industry, I feel like I can do more. Before I got involved in the NFT circle, I thought that the final presentation form of Dulifu would only be a movie, some pictures or a video. I never thought that this city could be built in a virtual space, and everyone could be in it. Live and work.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

Dulifu Real Estate Food House, photo courtesy of the interviewee

Indeed, it is difficult to explain NFT. After all, an electronic picture is so expensive that it is very incomprehensible in the eyes of ordinary people.

But I believe that it will not take a long time for the public to accept it, because it changes and develops very fast. There are new projects and gameplay every day, and the iteration speed is very fast. Although there will be inevitable declines in the middle, there will be constant cycles, but isn’t that the case in the real world?

Choosing an industry is also a gambling process. It also has a sunrise industry and a sunset industry. It may be a sunrise industry today, and it will become a sunset industry tomorrow. Maybe your college entrance examination score was very good, and then you took the biochemical environmental material test, but after you came out, you found that it was better to take the computer major with a low score.

Any industry is full of uncertainty and the possibility of gambling, including NFTs. If you persevere, you can continue to persevere. If you can’t persevere, quit as soon as possible.

You can make money, but you must not be greedy

Carl Post-80s School Administration Post

Trading platform: Opensea

Because I have always been in the currency circle, I have been in contact with NFT projects relatively early.

At the beginning of 2021, there was a foreign project called Boring Ape. At that time, I still thought that the monkey was so ugly, how could it be compared with our Monkey King?

Later, I saw some industry leaders in the circle looking at and participating, and slowly I became interested.

In July 2021, I saw Mr. Huangheshan’s Tulifu apartment, and I felt that the founder was talented and low-key, and the project itself had a local flavor of life. Coupled with the helplessness of the real estate situation, I used 600 yuan. Bought an apartment in Belvedere. 

There are two main criteria for my selection of collections.

One is whether the project party really wants to do something. For example, is there an atmosphere in the construction of the community, and whether the project party will shout some flashy and empty slogans – “We want to build XX level in the Metaverse”, “We are already working with the XX team”, “XX investors have already joined”, something like that.

These basically can only deceive some new leeks, and the old leeks basically understand who is behind this project after checking. 

The second criterion is whether I can be recognized in this project. Because a project, whether it is promotion or organization, or even some other aspects, requires many people to participate. Participants can follow the development of the entire project, from the creation of the most basic paintings, the source of inspiration, etc., to how to promote it, which media to cooperate with, and how to manage people in the community.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

Carl’s NFT collection – Leng Rabbit, photo courtesy of the interviewee

In this process, your recognition of the community and IP culture will be shown. When your sincerity is seen by the project side, you will be eligible for a whitelist.

Whitelisting is the best way to make money. Before the product goes on the market, you can get the product at a standard lower than the market price, or even at a much lower price.

Although the whitelist also breaks (that is, the market price after the public sale is lower than the whitelist price), but basically there is no loss, only more and less profit.

Of course, mentality is also important. You can make money, but you must not be greedy, and you can’t get ahead. When the price has reached your expectations, you have to go, you can’t expect any more, even if it doubles up later, it has nothing to do with you.

Because this is a very early market, if you deeply participate in a project, you will know the intrinsic value of the project, so you need to take the initiative to participate in the most suitable fund management method. For example, I generally do not participate in the secondary market, but only participate in the whitelist, or sell off according to the market heat, or retain deep participation. Otherwise, blindly attacking, or the purpose of speculation is very strong, it is easy to be used by this market, affected by the high and low prices, resulting in the annihilation of the whole army.

The ups and downs of the market are normal, and it is very important to see the early follow-up and investment of the Tibetans. If you only invest with superficial confidence, you will not be able to follow this market at all.

There are many people around me who have lost everything after investing. They have now completely withdrawn from the market in sadness and feel that they have become a leek.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

Little Ghost NFT, photo courtesy of the interviewee

In addition to Du Lifu, I also have two collections in my hand, both of which were purchased from the whitelist earlier this year, Little Ghost and Leng Rabbit. I bought two of them separately, and then opened the picture (before the whitelist was sold, the works were sold in the form of blind boxes, and the works I bought could be seen after the pictures were opened). Sell ​​one, and keep another to participate in community building.

Little Ghost started with 0.05ETH (Ether) and sold it for 0.5ETH. Lengtu started with 0.0502EHT and sold it at more than 0.2 ETH.

Later, the little ghost was hyped to 0.6 and 0.7 ETH, and I did not sell the remaining one, because I felt that selling it would not solve some real economic problems, and I also wanted to continue to participate in the development of the community.

I mainly invest in an investment state, and I don’t care about some immediate profits. Also wanted to do an experiment to see if my investment criteria were correct.

The free collection has risen to more than 2,000 yuan, and I couldn’t sit still for a while.

Xiao Zhao, a 20-year-old student

Trading platform: Onemeta, which has now been renamed Huan Zang

Last year, there was a $67 million NFT art auction abroad. I was shocked when I heard such a large amount, so I searched for the concept of NFT.

It turns out that it is just a photo of everyone can control C and control V, but it can be sold so expensive? At that time, I felt it was very false, rather nonsense, and maybe it was a new money-making tool.

Stimulated by huge profits, one or two domestic NFT trading platforms have sprung up like mushrooms every day. In order to attract traffic, these platforms will give free NFT works to all registered users. And if old users can pull new users to register, they can get higher-level NFT products.

The group owner of a college student data project group I joined before also began to post some NFT projects in the group from time to time, as well as his own experience in making money: “A thing that started ten days ago for 1 yuan and 6 yuan has now sold for 10,000 yuan. “.

There are many college students who have taken advantage of these petty profits, and are scrambling to scan the QR code sent by the group owner to register an account. Then I saw all kinds of life situations in the group. When they made money, they would say in the group: “Awesome, thank you for the group owner!” If you can’t make money, you swear in the group, “What kind of garbage is this platform? This server It’s too rubbish.”

These words can stimulate people’s desires. After all, some people actually make money, even if only one-tenth of the total number of people. But it creates the illusion that a lot of people are making money. So I also registered an account on the webpage and received a collection called “Deer in the Wild” for free.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

Deer in the wild NFT, photo courtesy of the interviewee

At the beginning of this year, the entire NFT market was very sluggish. For example, a collection was 100 yuan, and the latter was always 100 yuan, and the turnover rate was not particularly high. In this way, the platform can’t get the handling fee, and there is no money to maintain, so the platform crashes from time to time.

After receiving it, I didn’t pay much attention to it and let it lie there. In the few days of the New Year, I accidentally got on my account. When I have time, I will check the price and find that it is constantly changing, 110 yuan-130 yuan-120 yuan-180 yuan-120 yuan, I also I can’t sit still, after all, it is worth it for more than 100 yuan.

In order to make the transaction faster, I successfully sold it at 103 yuan lower than the market price, thinking that I had successfully plucked the wool once.

It didn’t take long for me to find that there were always people posting news in the news group, saying that the prices of all the collections were skyrocketing, and now the price of “Deer in the Wild” has reached more than 2,000 yuan, a direct increase of 100 times.

At the time, I was quite regretful, and felt that I had lost a lot of money. So I have been paying attention to the prices of all the collections launched on the One meta platform, and I accidentally found that the prices of these collections increased without warning. In the morning, it was still 100 yuan, and it rose to 200 yuan in an hour, and all the low-priced items on the whole platform. Collections are in the state of being paid.

I just felt like a hand was pushing these things behind my back. To prove my guess, I recorded the price of the collection every five minutes, and found that these low-priced collections fell from 800 yuan to 400 yuan, 300 yuan, 200 yuan, and finally 150 yuan in half an hour.

Isn’t this just putting a long line to catch big fish? Let people see the hope of appreciation, and sell their investments while waiting for a high price, but maliciously lower the price, so that everyone has to take action, so as to earn handling fees and cut a wave of leeks.

It’s a game of drumming and passing flowers. However, everyone feels that they have looked a little deeper than others, and that they have entered the game at the most correct time, as long as it is passed on.

In the past two days, NFT has exploded, and I personally think it is hype, because of the intervention of some groups, similar to the early stocks and last year’s virtual currency. If the timing is not right, or someone is manipulating the market to eat the money of these entrants, the price of NFT collections must fall faster than funds and stocks.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

The digital dog NFT that Xiao Zhaoxin started, photo courtesy of the interviewee

However, as long as the country issues corresponding laws and policies to curb its hype, I think NFT is still a cool thing. It has value and is a status symbol. I believe that in the future, NFT will return to its artistic value itself. Even if it is just a picture, there will be people who understand and are willing to pay money for their aesthetics.

I invested more than 100,000 and lost 30,000 to 40,000. Playing NFT avatars is a bit like gambling stones

Tongtong 30-year-old NFT entrepreneur

Trading platform: Opensea

This year, my investment in NFT avatars was basically a loss. So far, it has accumulated losses of 30,000 to 40,000.

But to me, this is a normal bull-bear transition, good and bad, just a cycle. Even if I know it will be a loss, I still want to play. Because it’s not that you do a lot of research and lose money and thus lose faith in the market. I can only say that I am unlucky.

I am very fond of NFTs because they can give people the opportunity to change their destiny, which is not available anywhere else. For example, there is a project called “Invisible Man”. A collector got the whitelist of the project party through his own efforts. He bought it for only 0.08ETH, and finally sold it at the price of 200ETH. more than 300 times.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

The “invisible man” NFT obtained by Tongtong, photo courtesy of the interviewee

Later, he tweeted, “Thank you for this project that changed my life.” Although such opportunities are very rare, if you dig in the market, there is a chance to find some projects that can make 10 times or even 100 times profit. The yield is much higher than any investment product you can find in the market. 

So in June 2021, I entered the game and have invested more than 100,000 so far. 

When I first started playing, I just looked at the sales volume of the platform and the daily transaction volume of NFTs on the entire network. Whichever project has more people buying it, I will buy it too. Including some items with good design, I think they are very beautiful, and I will buy them. In the process, some pits will be stepped on. For example, the project party ran away, or the project did not take care of maintenance after it went online, so the brand party could not empower the project, and the price would drop more.

Later, I realized that this thing needs to pay more attention to the team of the project, to see if they have their own philosophy of doing things, whether they have done bad things, and their values ​​- if they just think they are here to do it With small pictures, it’s definitely not possible.

In addition, I will also measure the team’s future planning, the quality of the drawings, and the atmosphere of the community. If a community atmosphere is better, everyone agrees with the development direction of the project and likes it from the heart. Its price It will be more stable and you will make money.

In general, it is better to consider many aspects, and it is easy to lose money if the consideration is relatively simple.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

Boring Ape NFTs collected by respondents

For me, playing NFT avatars is a bit like gambling stones. Even if you lose, you still want to gamble. After all, life still needs more fun. If you live a smooth life, your marginal pleasure will decrease more and more.

Before I started a business, I did some web 2.0 projects, such as building an app. But because the market in the past two years has not been very good, no matter what you do, the ceiling is still there, and everyone’s needs for food, clothing, housing and transportation have been met, and I can’t do more.

So I think it is better to directly do web 3.0 things, such as providing some NFT consulting services, and creating some NFT products or services.

Because this piece of things is still relatively new, many people will feel more confused. If a person just starts playing these, it is difficult to find people to talk to him in the real world, so I hope to create an NFT community, Let’s talk together. 

In the process, I discovered that it was the same opportunity as the Internet. Because every new technology emerges, a new giant will be born, and it is the redistribution of wealth that can be grasped.

Of course, any opportunity has risks. Just like not all Internet entrepreneurs are successful, some people may go bankrupt in the first bubble. But there are always some people who get this opportunity to cross the class.

As a designer, it’s hard for you to figure out what collectors’ preferences are

Gecko, a 35-year-old advertising practitioner

Trading platform: NFTCN

Since the beginning of the year, many designers have begun to participate in the creation of NFTs. The creation level of the entire NFT works has risen like a rocket, and designers have become more and more popular on the NFT platform.

During the few days of the New Year, I had nothing to do, and I thought about rubbing the hot spots, making a batch of auspicious animals or something. I checked some information and found that the gecko has a good meaning. The gecko is like a shelter. The ancients regarded it as a beneficial beast to eliminate demons and subdue demons, so they decided to design a batch of NFTs with the gecko as the protagonist, hoping to bring luck to the holders. . 

I also watched some popular works before doing it, and found that the current NFT first needs a certain amount of foundation, which is more convenient for circulation and later empowerment. So I learned some open source codes on the Internet, and used programming to realize the function of mass production.

On February 3, I uploaded a batch of works. I originally wanted to test the water to see how it works, but I didn’t expect to have 30,000 in revenue.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

Lucky gecko NFT designed by respondents – Ghost

I am a fourth-tier city in Inner Mongolia. How much is a month’s salary for a design? If you do it part-time, or invest 50% of your experience, it will be good to earn an extra 10,000 yuan a month. There is no harm in improving your life in this way.

It is true that many artist groups are ugly now. If the works are slightly better, they will design some empowering gameplay, such as designing some basic equity in the works, which is too commercial, and even involves the feeling of illegal fundraising. 

I am also very disgusted with this kind of thing, but I believe that if a market can keep moving forward, it will form its own rules of the game and gradually eliminate these chaos.

It is true that at this stage, everyone’s investment is still mainly speculation, but after I have contacted many designer groups, I found that most of them still design works based on their preferences, which is not as scary as everyone said.

As a designer, there is indeed a lot of luck in it. It is difficult for you to figure out what the collector’s preferences are. Maybe a zombie-like villain with his brain exposed, they like it.

I have a community of designers myself, and there are some very good quality works that don’t sell well. So not everyone can rely on this thing to make money, and not everyone is suitable for entering NFT, you need to operate it.

Everyone wants their work to be sold, but not everyone can become an IP. Because you are not sure about the user’s choice, there may be fewer early works, and there are not many choices on the market, and small designers who enter the game early will have an advantage.

Can the post-90s generation who rely on NFTs to make money from gambling games for young people achieve financial freedom?

IP works of Gecko Club, Latitude Cat

There are some designer friends around me who do it on Opensea (the world’s largest NFT trading platform), but it is equivalent to throwing stones into the sea, because there are too many works, and there are still cultural differences when foreign countries want to operate a fan group.

The platforms created by major domestic manufacturers are still invitation-only, and they will find influential artists who are themselves IPs to distribute their works. Their business volume is relatively large, the unit price is relatively low, and the circulation will increase accordingly, which is not suitable for ordinary people to participate in.

Therefore, I will choose some domestic platforms that have a certain group of collectors and a secondary market (that is, secondary sales of works between collectors).

Now I am preparing a new project and work, but this thing has many uncontrollable factors, luck is on the one hand, and my energy is not enough to support me to run a project. Because in real life, I still have my own business, and it is impossible to stop everything at once.

But it also depends on the future development of NFT. If the prospects are good, maybe I will devote all my energy tosee if it is a platform or a community to help designers like me to incubate IP. If an influential IP can be created in the domestic market, it would be good to have a negative effect on the development of NFT in China.

I think the art trading platform must be an outlet industry in the short term. At least it seems that it has a chance now. It is easy to operate, the entry threshold is relatively simple, and the market is also active. Quickly become a celebrity.

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