Can the earthy AR light show become the city’s Metaverse business card?

After entering 2022, almost every festival or large-scale event, Xiaolan can always see the news of AR light shows being held everywhere.

These light shows often feature local landmarks as the protagonists, staged a cool light and shadow show in the fusion of reality and reality, and usually incorporate some local cultural elements.

Can the earthy AR light show become the city's Metaverse business card?

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 Although most of them look colorful and reveal a little rustic, but riding the trend of the Metaverse, the development momentum of AR light shows still surpasses the traditional high-rise LED light shows, and has become a new track for major cities to dabble in.

But these AR light shows still have a long way to go before they truly become Metaverse business cards for city publicity.

01 A bit soiled, but a bit wanting to see

The first day of Qingdao in 2022 kicked off with an AR light show: The light show officially began as the huge numbers counted down to the new year appeared on the towering Qingdao TV Tower.

Between the trestle bridge and the TV tower, fantastic blue translucent whales jumped out of the clouds, golden dragons rose up around the tower in the wind, and various dazzling special effects were constantly changing with the light show.

Then Qingdao’s iconic sculpture, The Wind of May, also appeared on the TV Tower – two landmark buildings, one solid and one virtual, skillfully integrating Qingdao’s characteristics with the Metaverse.

This wonderful light show has also become a preview of the national AR light show boom in 2022 – AR light shows will be staged intensively in many places across the country during the upcoming Lunar New Year, re-engraving the New Year’s flavor in the Metaverse.

According to incomplete statistics, Guangzhou, Macau, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Shantou, Xuzhou, Wuhan, etc. have only staged AR light shows during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger.  

Among them, the light show in Guangzhou is particularly exciting: on the premise of integrating many Lingnan cultural elements, this light show also realizes the dream linkage between Guangzhou Tower and Macau Tower.

Can the earthy AR light show become the city's Metaverse business card?

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The landmarks of the two places echo each other and appear alternately, showing the fantastic transformation of the twin towers with flowing light and shadow and a new visual experience, bringing a richer visual experience to the audience.

The Chinese New Year light and shadow show in Wuhan takes the Yellow Crane Tower as the protagonist. With the help of XR technology, the virtual scenes such as the yellow crane, the phoenix and the cute tiger are perfectly superimposed on the real Yellow Crane Tower light and shadow show.

Can the earthy AR light show become the city's Metaverse business card?

📸️ Remember this Phoenix © Bing 

Of course, the wonderful AR light show during the Spring Festival is far more than that, and the popularity of the AR light show has not subsided because of the end of the Spring Festival:

Not long ago, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xiamen also launched an AR night scene show to support the “Sea Garden Yuanmeng Xiamen” Metaverse series of activities.

Different from the above AR light show that relies on a single landmark, Xiamen’s light show realizes the creation of multi-dimensional spaces of mountains, seas, islands and cities across scenes.

The entire AR light show is unprecedented in scale, with a total sea span of 6.5 kilometers, covering an area of ​​over one million square meters.

If Xiamen has not been addicted to such a large-scale AR light show, then the Metaverse light show just held in Shanghai a few days ago will undoubtedly push the application of AR to the peak at this stage.

On the evening of September 17, the Metaverse AR light show “Pearl Shining Brightly in the East” was first released in the large-scale live broadcast of “Leyou Shanghai” at the 2022 Shanghai Tourism Festival.

The sky-high beams emitted from the antenna at the top of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower are like a baton in the night sky of the city. The exhibition hall, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Planetarium and other city landmarks sent invitation signals to compose a wonderful movement of the comprehensive integration of urban culture and tourism.

It can be said that the development of domestic AR light shows has progressed by leaps and bounds in less than a year:

From small-scale special effects production around a single landmark to large-scale immersive experiences covering more urban areas – this is inseparable from the many advantages of AR light shows.

02 Creating a cyber business card is not easy

With the development of economy in various places, traditional light shows have been developed for many years and covered many large and medium cities.

Such light shows often achieve shocking light and shadow effects by installing large-area LEDs in urban high-rise buildings and combining with drone group performances.

However, its shortcomings such as high energy consumption, high investment, incoherent pictures, and dead pixels have also been criticized all the time. In addition, the light pollution to surrounding residents cannot be ignored.

Can the earthy AR light show become the city's Metaverse business card?

📸️ Qingdao’s traditional light show © Bing 

The AR light show is undoubtedly a subversion of the traditional city light show-because it is mainly realized through real-time or post-synthesis, the real light source can be greatly reduced, and the real light source often exists as a foil in the AR light show.

Obviously, the AR light show can not only achieve a substantial reduction in energy consumption and investment, but also ensure the coherence of the picture and solve the problem of dead pixels and non-lighting of traditional LEDs once and for all, and fundamentally eliminate the light pollution caused by LEDs.

At the same time, compared with traditional light shows, AR light shows are more technological and innovative, and can achieve more effects, thereby enhancing the visual impact and artistic appeal, better realizing the creativity of the team, and meeting the expectations of the audience.

Can the earthy AR light show become the city's Metaverse business card?

📸️ Hangzhou’s traditional light show © Bing

In addition, the immersive remote communication method can also allow more people to break through the limitations of time and space to watch the light show “on the spot”, which is also in line with the anti-epidemic orientation of fewer gatherings.

The superposition of various advantages also makes the AR light show a more powerful business card for promoting the development of urban cultural tourism and promoting the breaking of the circle.

It can be said that the AR light show has become an important window for the external publicity of various cities – the cool special effects are integrated with local cultural elements, coupled with the appearance of various landmarks, what is more suitable as a publicity channel for the current city?

The AR light shows in various places on social platforms such as Douyin , Weibo, and Xiaohongshu also prove this point – but this does not mean that the AR light show is fully mature, and there are still many places for improvement.

Can the earthy AR light show become the city's Metaverse business card?

📸️ The more western style of Shanghai © Bing 

The first is that the online viewing angle is relatively simple:

The video of many light shows did not switch the perspective in the whole process. It is not so much a light show that combines reality and reality. It is better to say that a layer of fancy special effects is superimposed on the video layer. Watching a few more similar ones will feel boring.

Second, even though some videos provide many different perspectives, the audience still has no choice as traditional programs. The ideal situation should be the same online and offline, providing viewers with more choices of perspectives, and even being able to get an immersive experience through VR equipment.

After all, the likes and retweets of online audiences who are not limited by scenes and time are the key to breaking the circle of light shows in various places – but there are obvious differences between online and offline experience at present.

Can the earthy AR light show become the city's Metaverse business card?

📸️ The perspective remains the same, the soil also remains the same © Bing 

Secondly, the similarity is high and the creativity is similar:

Most of the current AR light shows use local landmarks as the protagonists, and these landmarks are often local TV towers, resulting in a high degree of repetition of the physical landscape on which the AR light show relies.

Around the landmark “TV Tower”, which is not too different, the presentation of AR special effects is similar, especially the TV tower becomes a rocket, or the bridge section where a giant dragon winds up. AR light show.

Can the earthy AR light show become the city's Metaverse business card?

📸️ Phoenix also appears repeatedly © Bing 

Finally, the customization is not enough, and it is difficult for the audience to obtain an exclusive experience:

At present, watching AR light shows offline is basically inseparable from a specific applet or APP. By pointing the lens at the relevant scene, the audience can generate special effects and watch the light show in combination with the real scene.

But there are currently very few customized experiences for different audiences – since AR scenes can be generated at any angle, why not add some customization elements:

The color of the light effect, the style of the elements, etc. can all be included in the category of customization to provide the audience with a more unique experience, which will undoubtedly further enhance everyone’s desire to share.

Of course, this is just some small thinking of Xiaolan himself – it is undeniable that the current AR light show has achieved certain achievements in terms of technology, creativity, and cultural carrying and dissemination.

Light shows in Xiamen, Shanghai and other places have also gradually moved out of the model around a single landmark, allowing AR light shows to be staged in larger cities.

However, only by relying on the current achievements to make further breakthroughs and improve the shortcomings, can every audience feel the charm of the AR light show and make the AR light show truly become a bright business card of a city.

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