Can I still unwind the coins I bought? Is there a bull market ahead?

The negative news in the cryptocurrency world right now is focused on three areas. The first is that the state is about to crack down on mining and digital currency trading.

Can I still unwind the coins I bought? Is there a bull market ahead?

I believe we can all see, the village chief in recent days is a big water than a, can be more perfunctory on more perfunctory, here and say sorry, friends hospitality is too enthusiastic, I am hard these days is not to see the sun during the day.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the market for a long time.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money in the market.

The opening line is still the classic opening line: there is never anything new under the sun, and the eyes are all over.

The current anxiety, trepidation, entanglement and other emotions that we all encounter, no doubt, the village chief once also personally experienced, and has a great impact on me.

The negative news in the cryptocurrency world is now focused on three areas.

The first is that the country is about to crack down on mining and digital currency trading.

While this specifically mentions two things: cracking down on bitcoin mining and trading practices, it is actually very general and not specific to how it will be cracked down on, and who it will be cracked down on.

For example, mining, who is leading the fight against mining, and what kind of way to fight, covering the time period in how long, is the criminal public security-led or business-led by the business sector, is led by the state local coordination or local-based, national policy level assistance and many other details above, we simply do not know.

Plus trading, this exchange is definitely being cracked down on, because since 2017, any exchange in our country any behavior, are illegal.

Off-topic: must not put the assets in the exchange, must be in your own wallet!!!

This time, we are more concerned about whether trading between individuals is considered illegal or not. otc trading is considered illegal or not?

First of all, the village chief based on the earliest characterization of digital currencies such as bitcoin, ordinary people at their own risk, buying and selling digital currency is not illegal, for example, the village chief has 100 large cakes want to sell, just Zhang San teacher want to buy, then he gave me money, I gave him large cakes, which is legally legal.

So since there is already a law that identifies it as legal before, what is this national crackdown on digital currency trading?

Most likely, it is the otc merchant part.

Because otc merchants, are not simply trading between individuals, the real purpose of most otc merchants is to earn the difference in commission in the middle, and most otc platform providers are offshore exchanges, and these exchanges, as mentioned just now, are not legal in China.

So from this perspective, all otc merchants are clearly illegal.

The illegal points are: firstly, they are illegally registered on offshore platforms, and secondly, they carry out illegal business practices on these platforms.

Because otc merchant model, there is no authority to give guarantee, and private retail investors think that the platform side such as firecoin and coinan, in the domestic law is not legal at all.

Therefore, the next part of the country’s crackdown on digital currency trading should be these profit-oriented otc merchants.

The village chief still believes that transactions between individuals and individuals are not affected.

Some barristers may say that otc is also essentially a personal and personal transaction, which is a donkey pulling the mill back around. The platform where the otc merchant is located is an offshore platform, and the otc merchant has a huge daily transaction volume and generates a huge flow of funds, which will have various entrapment danger factors, so it is only right to be cracked down.

So, at a glance, personal coin holdings don’t seem to be much of a problem, and there’s no need for us as ordinary small retail investors to get too nervous.

The second one is why the market of coins will fall.

The policy is one side, the main factor the village chief himself still think the bubble to a certain extent, in line with the classical value bubble theory of ten times the theoretical rupture zone, I started to clarify this point of view as early as January-February, Naive many people still followed Musk in March and April into the field, unfortunately stood on the top of the mountain, now 60,000 to 30,000 U.S. dollars in the upper middle region, the hedge plate is serious, are this round into the firm value investors, the future market rise, resistance is very large.

The market reaction is actually the market, and the market is human nature.

When an asset has reached ten times in just one year, there is no need to have any doubt that it has reached a high-risk area, this time no matter how noisy the outside world, on a firm belief, geometric distribution to close positions, will buy is the disciple, will sell is the master, never think of the market from the beginning to the end, eat where they think fat, eat enough to eat.

And this round of the market, far more than ten times the classic value bubble, so that many people have lost their minds, including many old players in the circle, although the mouth said to earn almost to close, but in front of a hundred times a thousand times the benefits, but also kill the red eyes.

But a few days ago, three rounds of plunges, all of a sudden and pull everyone back to reality, calm down and take a look, not only did not earn any money, but some people stand on the top of the mountain.

This is a kind of human nature sad, remember to eat but not remember to fight, always repeating yesterday’s story.

The reason why the investment market is always repeating the same law of two or eight, is because the nature of human nature that is so.

Speaking of human nature, here we have to mention fil mining, which was particularly hot in March, right? I posted several articles at the time to explain my views, spraying my people in the background can line up a reinforced company.

Now only less than two months have passed, we can look back and see how many people were trapped on the top of the mountain? The worst is the high level of the players who bought the mining machine, as Cao Cao eat chicken ribs, the dilemma.

At the time of the hot mining machine sales, the players who bought in were pledging to buy at a high level, with the highest price close to 1,500 yuan RMB, how much is the price of fil tokens now?

More than 400 yuan RMB.

According to the propaganda of those shady mining machine sellers at that time, fil can make back the capital in eight months, now the price has fallen to 1,100 yuan, so the payback period will be stretched to 24 months, that is to say, if the price does not fall again, 2 years later to make back the capital, some barbers may say, that is not bad, can wait until the next round of bull market.

Let’s not say when the next round of bull market, even if the next round of bull market to, I now directly buy more than 400 yuan fil does not smell?

fil mining is the money plate mode of holding coins to generate interest, is completely pants down and farting more than one thing.

In this circle, the choice is greater than effort, want not to lose money in a very simple way, is that those hot projects do not touch basically will not lose money, want to make money, then hold the big pie Ether such quality assets patiently waiting for the water to rise on the good.

Speaking of which, there is another problem, the project is so hot, I want a piece of the pie how to do?

The village chief also admitted that this hot project, indeed profitable, such as selling mining machines is certain to make money, as long as the face big dare to brag, there will be newcomers white-buying believe, but people young may be carefree to do these things, people without money may go to do these things.

But then again, if it’s not really no way, really living, it is not recommended to do.

Let the bullets fly inside a classic sentence, the village chief has been a deep memory, Laozi other do not want, want to stand in Goose Town to earn money.

Stand to make money, a simple six words, want to achieve in Goose City, difficult; want to achieve in real life, more difficult.

Not the village chief himself Wang Wangma sell melon wheat paragraph, either which mining machine, even if it is air mining machine, as long as the village chief dares to open his mouth to sell, there will definitely be people buy, but after everyone bought, once the market fell, was set for years, the village chief this face is gone, if the village chief or three years ago, then I may not hesitate to take this step, after all, a pile of money in front of, who can still care about other people’s death.

When money stands up, all truth will be silent.

But the village chief is no longer the year of the white, something for something, for the personal value system that must be told me that when something, you do after the deep inner turmoil, you can not convince yourself, do not do, and the future is a long way to accumulate to be able to count more, do not have to start over is called fast.

Life is only regretful of what has been done, there is no regret of what has not been done.

From last year to today, the village chief has never charged anyone any fees, whether it is consulting or joining the group, etc., are free of charge, of course, are also replying as they go, after all, the number of people leaving messages is too many, I am indeed one person to take care of, which can not be helped, there is no end to human power, unless you look at the beauty.

And most of my friends, are also a gentleman’s friendship light as water, after chatting turn a forward, help me spread a little, I am very grateful.

In this circle, in addition to the manipulation side, all the money to be made with the power of the trend, low layout, high exit is the eternal strategy.

During such a high-risk period, it really is not suitable for any layout, fast in and fast out is considered a better strategy, but even if it is fast in and fast out only speculation coins, we all see how relentless the repeated face changes of the market are.

In this kind of bubble degree market, don’t have any long-term value investment idea under the entry operation, because the village chief is in this atmosphere, firm long-term value investment, the back loss is really very bad, this is also why I don’t recommend you this time layout long-term position reason.

Because I have experienced, so I am willing to force more chatter a few words, is not to think that year in my body staged story, and then in your friends again, really quite painful, I am still considered lucky fluke turn over, most people are completely hurt by this market after leaving in disgrace.

In addition, tell us again why the big cake Ether is my long-term bullish subject.

A few days ago I wrote an article sharing that Ether will rise to 300,000 yuan a piece in the future, and some people bought it and blamed me, I really don’t want to take this pot, I clearly wrote the following words in the article.

One day, Ether ETH will break 300,000 RMB a piece!

Many people speculate in coins, just listen to the wind is the rain, see a content can not help but buy, and then wait a few days to sell, this is the unconscious cryptocurrency investors, always hesitant in the pursuit of the road back to the capital.

Anyone’s point of view, we must look at the whole, for example, recently a very hot analyst, analysis of the content is mostly accurate, but no one expected the black swan event happened a few days ago, the analyst was scolded very badly, because many people are playing contracts according to his operation, in those days was concentrated burst, this is not to blame anyone, this can only say that cognition determines everything.

So, I want to say two more words here, I am only saying now I am now bullish on the long-term holding logic of the big cake Ether, just now, the future as the world changes may also be modified, so it is not recommended to buy now, and there may be lower chips in the future, why not wait a bit?

The first logic.

In the cryptocurrency world, the big pie Ether is the position of the Godfather and the big brother.

The godfather represents the faith, and the big brother represents the authority.

Bitcoin does not need most, the first blockchain digital currency, Ether is more needless to say, all the current coin issuance, public chain, decentralized exchange behind the Ether.

So, as long as this circle exists, then the godfather and big brother will never fall, but only get better and better.

The second logic.

The main reason why Bitcoin has endured for so many years is because there is a grey part of the world and industries that have been using it as a medium, these people don’t care if the price of Bitcoin goes up or down, they just use Bitcoin to do asset value transfers.

Some of you may not know that there is a dark web in addition to what we see now on the internet.

In this world, there is still a lot of information and transactions that we don’t know exist, and the main value medium for these information and transactions is bitcoin. As long as this network still exists, then value mediums such as bitcoin will always be in demand, and as long as an network is not completely extinct, then there will always be a market for bitcoin.

This is what human nature dictates.

And the insane rise and fall of bitcoin is actually a manifestation of how this world and human nature interact. As long as bitcoin is not broken in technology, then bitcoin will only keep rising in the future, because no matter which side of the human side, are constantly being magnified by the world, and the dark side, obviously magnified more quickly.

From this point of view, I think that all people who hold bitcoin are actually accomplices to the dark side of human nature, but then again, aren’t we also victims in a sense?

I’m getting off track with this divergent thinking.

So many domestic capital projects, in the past the collapse of the run so many, but why never say like the treatment of the pie Ether so to combat it?

In a word, within the established framework, do not go out of line.

There is also the fund, fund this thing is not like the coin ring, is a more suitable for ordinary people’s investment targets, in the economic upturn cycle, after buying is stable, even if encountered a pullback, the back will also rise up, the past few rounds of bull market law, only for your reference: first of all, the bull short bear long this is the biggest feature. China A-share market bull market duration is only 1-2 years, while the bear market at least 4-5 years, the whole bull and bear cycle conversion is about 6-8 years. And as long as you have experienced a long-term bear market, you will understand that it is so hard for the bull market to come.

This round, from the super bull market in 2015, has passed nearly six years, and from the degree of bubble, also has not yet reached the classical value bubble theory of ten times the risk range of the bubble, which is why many people consulting I can not hold for a long time, I have suggested the average family under 30,000 can try the reason.

Because the cycle is rolling almost to the upside range, or already in the upside range.

And the cryptocurrency circle, which has reached the tenfold bubble zone, belongs to the high-risk zone.

Some people who do not understand the village may say that the village chief is not to recommend funds, there must be an ulterior motive, for these I have nothing to say, just like last year in August I recommended to everyone the big cake Ether dot, I simply feel that when the time comes there is an opportunity to wrestle a, my own recognition, so I share, say I do, do what I say, as for how others think, I do not care.

The nature of the large cake Ether dot including funds, smart people should be clear, these are not plates nor what the introduction fee leadership award and so on, the village chief purely from the heart to share, if you can benefit from it, to help me forward more public articles, I am very content.

As for the money, the village chief himself thought, but I think not to the time and position that makes me feel at ease.

Like the village chief of this long-term cycle of value rolling players, is actually very lonely, because too calm, so calm that they feel that this is not at all in the investment, is simply their own dialogue with themselves, holding every day spent in self-adherence and self-denial, only to share out, meet more interesting souls, time does not seem so dull.

Especially when you can meet like-minded friends, you can have a very thirst-quenching solace.

Then there is the ability to see one after another pretender and black-hearted manipulator fall in front of me, very enjoyable, my public backstage message, every day there are a variety of oddballs, if not do public, really would not think that the world will be so many brains forget at home guys, take them as the opposite, direct reverse operation, stable.

This chatting and chatting do not know where to talk about, in short, a word, the jungle road is a partial door, and not for everyone, the road ahead is still long, remember to pay attention to the village head ~

Finally, many people left messages asking if xx coins can be held, and whether the future will pull up, the village chief is indeed unclear, this round of junk coins and air coins rise is indeed amazing, but also drained the blood of the market, so I do not look forward to the market, as to how to choose, or see your own choice.

Even if there is a small cycle after the end of the big cycle of bitcoin, it is estimated that we will have to wait until after December, so good luck.

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