Can FreeRossDAO replicate the success of PEOPLE?

The mood of DAO is still not down. ConstitutionDAO allows people to see the charm of meme+DAO. In the temporarily calm market of the new public chain and DeFi, people are targeting DAO. PEOPLE’s market performance made people start looking for the next similar project, and FreeRossDAO’s new token FREE appeared just right.

An e-commerce founder sentenced to double life imprisonment and 40 years imprisonment, a FreeRossDAO that raised 2836 ETH , and a token named FREE. Can you copy the story of PEOPLE?

Origin: NFT auction

The story of Ross Ulbricht may not have been heard by new players. In short, Ross has contributed to the promotion of Bitcoin .

In 2011, Ross, who advocates freedom, created the famous “Silk Road” dark web e-commerce platform. In addition to anonymously buying guns, Drugs and other contraband that spread across the platform, the “Silk Road” also has a feature that supports BitTorrent. Currency transactions. This is the world’s first e-commerce platform that supports Bitcoin transactions, and Bitcoin has only just appeared for a year.

The labels of anonymous and illegal transactions have made the “Silk Road” famous, with monthly GMV of 1.2 million US dollars and total sales of more than 9 million bitcoins. Of course, the regulatory authorities categorically did not allow such platforms to exist. In 2013, the founder Ross was arrested. He was subsequently convicted of conspiracy to launder money, computer hacking, drug smuggling, and operating a criminal enterprise, requiring life imprisonment in prison, plus an additional 40 years.

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fields have developed to the present, and Ross has insisted on real-time updating information while in prison. He auctioned his NFT collection Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection on the NFT market SuperRare from December 2nd to 8th . The collection includes 11 handcrafted artworks by Ulbricht, cast in NFT form by his supporters.

These artworks were created by Ulbricht at different stages from childhood to imprisonment. The proceeds from the auction will be used to prepare the charity fund Art4Giving to provide help to other prisoners and their families. It will also be used to fund a trust fund to help Ulbricht be released early.

This is also the source of inspiration for FreeRossDAO.

FreeRossDAO: A DAO yearning for freedom

A few days after the auction was announced, it attracted great interest from many individuals and organizations. Under the emotional rendering of the DAO, an organization called FreeRossDAO was established. As the name suggests, the purpose of this DAO is to request the release of Ross, and they did it. The first thing is to take the NFT of Ross.

Speaking of auctions, everyone first thought of ConstitutionDAO’s global coverage of donations. Of course, FreeRossDAO chose to donate. From purchasing a copy of the Constitution and raising funds, ConstitutionDAO raised funds in just one week, to the establishment of Krause House to buy a team that plans to buy the NBA. The DAO allows more and more people to raise funds by allowing transparent management of funds and decentralized community governance. After all, the traditional crowdfunding process is opaque and the use of funds is inefficient.

Most of the members of this DAO are members from PleasrDAO, including KOLs from the crypto world such as Su Zhu, Rober Leshner, and Stani Kulechov, the co-founders of Three Arrows. At the same time, FreeRossDAO promises ROSS tokens to donors, representing the governance rights in the NFT collection and the ownership of the fragmented NFT.

On the day of the auction on December 9, Bankless founder David Hoffman also tweeted to announce his support.

Can FreeRossDAO replicate the success of PEOPLE?

The PleasrDAO community has accumulated 2,836.637 ETH (12,279,943 USD) in just a few days. In the multi-wallet that manages the wallet of the DAO vault, Superrare’s curator @TrippyLabs is included, as the chief release officer, and Rose’s mother Lynn. Lyn Ulbricht, the peace psychologist who led the entire Free Ross NFT fundraising event, Jamis Johnson, the founder of PUSSYVERSE, the co-founder of Ethereum and Nandos, and the host of Uponly, Jordan Fish.

In the end, FreeRossDAO bid 1,446 ETH and successfully took the NFT. After winning the bid, 1,390 ETH remains; the remaining donations will be sent to the FreeRossDAO vault, which will be managed by the contributor.

On the 16th, FreeRossDAO officially announced that with the Ross family and various suggestions, ROSS was renamed FREE. There was also a scene of violent fluctuations after FREE went online.


Obviously, FREE is trying to replicate the success of ConstitutionDAO. It can also be seen from the renaming of the token that FREE has more spread and more meme attributes.

ConstitutionDAO tells the story of the traditional world and Web3. When the auctioneer representing Web3 and the auctioneer representing traditional capital are in the same frame, all those who donate to the DAO feel that they are a part of themselves, representing that they have also personally participated in the top A world-renowned event in the auction house. The purpose of our donation is to hope that these people can really stand on the stage of Sotheby’s and complete an experiment that is impossible to complete by personal ability.

Now FreeRossDAO seems to be unable to see such emotions, just the Free Ross vision can not allow players to participate in it from the heart, perhaps speculation is now the mainstream of FreeRossDAO.

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