Can DAO replace VC as an investment method?

The rise of the crypto industry, blockchain technology and Web3 has brought new financial markets that have sparked interest from all parties. Additionally, new ways of investing in cryptocurrencies are being created, most prominently Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) .

Even though crypto is relatively new, its current adoption and awareness are on the rise, but it still requires more investment vehicles available to the wider community. While venture capital typically has many restrictions on projects and participants, DAOs offer a simpler and more inclusive way to invest.   

Can DAO replace VC as an investment method?

VCs need to take a different approach to investing in cryptocurrencies

In the traditional investing world, the most important investments come from venture capital (VC) . However, since the crypto industry is completely unique and unlike anything we’ve seen so far, VCs will have to adapt to the reality of crypto and change accordingly. 

For example, VCs who recognized the potential of encryption early on have begun experimenting with new approaches. Some traditional funds are creating separate divisions for the crypto space, and there are even crypto-specific VC funds that specialize in digital currency investments.

Often, VCs bring in a lot of money, along with the knowledge and ongoing support they gain from different playbooks and established corporate management practices. By using VC resources and experience, projects can benefit a lot in development, although it can sometimes be slowed down by the hierarchical decision-making process on the VC side.

How do DAOs compare?

The DAO structure has become quite popular over the past few years and has seen further adoption among investors looking to put their money into digital assets.

One of the advantages of DAOs over traditional VC funds is that they are more inclusive of ordinary people willing to join investment cooperatives. While contributing to a VC is a more complex process for investors (usually a fiat investment, and often done through a lengthy KYC process), DAOs accept a wide variety of people, regardless of geographic location or investment amount how. DAO members also act as the consummate customer development group, who actively provide product feedback, steer the project’s liquidity, and participate in marketing campaigns.

Since they originated in the crypto industry and operate on the basis of blockchain technology and smart contracts, they are already working in familiar territory. Therefore, it is easier for DAOs to capture new trends in the field and foresee how the market will develop.

Can DAO replace VC as an investment method?

However, DAOs also have drawbacks, and given their cryptographic nature, it may be more difficult for some people to join them due to technical hurdles , especially for those new to the field. Regulations involving cryptocurrencies are also more risky , and as such, DAOs are not fully defined and thus remain vulnerable to unforeseen changes .

At the same time, VC lingers on the more traditional and conservative side, often used by those who are less willing to be exposed to unpredictable risks in new markets. For now, however, VCs still have the upper hand because they have extensive experience in finance and have a full network of connections from traditional markets.

Conclusion: VC vs DAO

In the end, both VCs and DAOs are trustworthy and reliable, in their own way, serving their own populations. Their reliability and credibility can be measured on relatively similar scales. VCs provide quarterly reports and official disclosures, while DAOs provide data on-chain. This means that both are fairly transparent about their actions. 

Some people speculate that once digital finance can truly break through the traditional financial world, DAO will eventually replace VC and become an investment mechanism more suitable for the crypto market. However, this is not entirely necessary, as there is plenty of room in the financial industry for both solutions to exist. Since each has their own area of ​​expertise, it is likely that VCs and DAOs can complement each other rather than have to try to dominate the field.

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