Cai Weide: TikTok’s victory lies in the interaction of new technology and people

A new report shows that TikTok, the world’s popular short video app, has now surpassed YouTube on average in the United States and the United Kingdom. The data comes from App Annie, an app monitoring company. The data shows that TikTok users spend more time on the app on average, indicating a higher level of engagement.

Whether it is TikTok or Douyin, since the product was launched, it has attracted a large number of loyal users due to its simple operation and rich content. Children as young as five years old, as long as the elderly, as long as they can understand the regular use of mobile phones, can make a Douyin video. The platform party makes personalized recommendations based on multiple dimensions such as each user’s interest and location. In addition, the video content is short, concise, and close to the public, which easily resonates with users and makes people want to stop. And here we have to mention the place where Douyin and TikTok came out of ByteDance.

ByteDance is one of the earliest technology companies that applied artificial intelligence to mobile Internet scenarios. Since the establishment of the company, the founder Zhang Yiming has never thought of restricting its development market to the domestic market, and technology going overseas and global development are the ultimate goals of Bytedance. The well-known Toutiao Today, Watermelon Video, Douyin, Pippi Shrimp, Understanding Car Emperor, Wukong Q&A, etc. are all products of Bytedance.

Recently, the report titled “Bytedance’s acquisition of Pico for 5 billion yuan to officially enter the VR market” has dominated the headlines and hot searches. Although this news has not been officially confirmed, it is not groundless. In April of this year, ByteDance invested 100 million yuan in the code Qiankun of Meta Universe Concept. As the first entrance of “Meta Universe”, the VR/AR end has been speculated that Bytedance’s acquisition of Pico, a leading domestic VR hardware manufacturer, is paving the way for the development of “Meta Universe”. In addition, industry giants such as Facebook, Tencent , and NetEase have also entered the “meta universe.”

Why is the capital market optimistic about the “meta universe”? With the development of digital information technology, people hope to rely on technology to create a virtual world that coexists with the real world and eliminate the digital divide. Some people even think that the “meta universe” is a new era of historical significance just like the era of great navigation and the industrial revolution. Once the “meta universe” market is successfully developed, huge economic benefits will flow in, and this is one of the reasons why technology giants are vying to enter.

Cai Weide: TikTok's victory lies in the interaction of new technology and people

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It should be noted that Facebook has already invested US$2 billion in the purchase of Oculus, a meta-universe company, in 2014, and has been actively developing related technologies in the past few years, including an operating system designed for meta-universe. And also acquired several other related companies, including BigBox VR, Downpour Interactive, Ready at Dawn. This year, Facebook announced that the company’s 10,000 employees are developing related technologies, which is about one-fifth of all Facebook employees. The Facebook operating system will be the next-generation operating system, not a traditional input-based system, but an App-based system, and a trusted operating system, which is different from the untrustworthy traditional systems. These are consistent with the idea of ​​the Internet: a new system, a new architecture, and a trusted platform.


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