ByteDance’s acquisition of Wave Particles, will the stepping stone of the Metaverse be social?

A few days ago, ByteDance injected fresh blood into its own Metaverse territory. It is reported that PoliQ, which it acquired this time, is a startup company focusing on two-dimensional virtual social networking, and has launched a virtual social product “Vyou Weiyou” at the end of 2020. 

Since the launch of “Vyou” for more than a year, it has also been favored by many users because of its extremely free face pinching and dressing system. And the official also wrote on the APP’s information page, “The virtual social products we create start from a single point of lightweight mobile APP, and eventually grow into a multi-platform virtual world spanning mobile phone/PC/VR/AR. “. 

ByteDance's acquisition of Wave Particles, will the stepping stone of the Metaverse be social?

According to relevant media reports, the deal has been negotiated since February this year, and then “Vyou” announced that it will stop updating from March 11, only maintain the normal login and use of users, and close all recharge channels and official users. The group was officially suspended on April 11. 

At the same time, it is reported that Ma Jiesi, who was the senior director of Xiaomi VR/AR and founder of Bo Particles, also joined ByteDance in March and is in charge of the Pico social business. During his previous tenure at Xiaomi, Ma Jiersi led the cooperation with Oculus, and started to develop a VR social product called “Mi World” as early as 2016. At present, Ma Jiesi has become ByteDance’s “Pico Social Center Leader”, and it is reported that all relevant teams have also been incorporated into the Pico Social Center. 

If the current relevant news is true, it will undoubtedly mean that ByteDance’s acquisition of Wave Particles is very likely to be the experience of Ma Jiesi and his sub-teams in the virtual social product “Vyou Wei You”. It is highly compatible with Pico’s social business and even its layout in the Metaverse. 

ByteDance's acquisition of Wave Particles, will the stepping stone of the Metaverse be social?

Since the acquisition of Pico for billions of dollars last year, ByteDance’s intention to deploy the Metaverse has clearly been revealed. In order to buy the “Internet ticket for the next 10 years” in Ma Huateng’s mouth, ByteDance has successively launched social productsPixso ul and Party Island, and cooperated with Lehua Entertainment to launch a virtual girl group A- SOUL, and recently exclusively invested in the AI ​​virtual digital human “Li Weike”, and signed a cooperation agreement with Qualcomm in March this year to develop the XR ecosystem, and Pico’s latest VR headset Neo 3 Pro is exactly that Based on Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip. 

With the “money capability”, ByteDance has assembled a layout from hardware equipment to software and content in just a few months.There may be two reasons for this choice to exert force in the social direction from the outside world. One may be that it has not done much in social networking, and the other may be that it is in the game direction. No achievements”. 

From the current point of view, the idea of ​​ByteDance and Meta’s “VR socialization” is similar, and they are gradually exploring related applications while having hardware capabilities. And Horizon Worlds, which was opened at the end of last year in Meta, is undoubtedly also strong in “social attributes”, and it is supplemented by simple mini-games to enhance the fun. 

However, even though Facebook has been renamed Meta, its Reality Labs recently announced four prototype VR headsets, trying to demonstrate the clarity, eye tracking, and variable depth of field and other related technologies that it can achieve. To be clear, true virtual reality is still a long way off. And this is not a certain aspect such as display, but includes various indicators such as computing power and so on. 

ByteDance's acquisition of Wave Particles, will the stepping stone of the Metaverse be social?

According to the “Global AR/VR Headset Market Quarterly Tracking Report, Q4 2021” released by IDC, the shipments of AR/VR headsets in 2021 have reached 11.23 million units, a year-on-year increase of 92.1%. VR headset shipments were 10.95 million units.According to IDC’s forecast, the global VR headset shipments will reach 15.73 million units in 2022, while the shipment of VR all-in-one machines in 2022 will still depend on the attraction of game content. 

There is even a point of view that even if the popularity of the concept of “Metaverse” has triggered the investment enthusiasm of the XR track, it has not yet reached the level of “can support a relatively complete user experience, and reach the level of standardization and modularization, and even product prices are not high.” not acceptable to most consumers”. 

In addition, the XR-related content ecology also needs to be greatly developed. Although most VR applications are still games, most of the related applications on the SteamVR or Quest platforms come from game companies. For ByteDance, a content company, and Meta, a social platform, they are not so familiar with their blind investment. In the game industry, it is better to use social to “explore the way” first. 

Further, although games are a very important part of the concept of “Metaverse” today, after all, for most users, it is impossible to only play games all day long. The reason why VR/AR is expected to be high is because it has the possibility to cover more scenarios, such as virtual social networking, virtual shopping, etc. 

ByteDance's acquisition of Wave Particles, will the stepping stone of the Metaverse be social?

And behind the popularity of the concept of “Metaverse”, in addition to the hype factor, as Luo Yonghao re-started his business and chose the AR track, and said in an interview, “We think the essence of VR is more like It is a game console. Even if VR has more social attributes, it should end up selling 100 to 200 million units a year. But we believe AR will be the next generation computing platform, which is largely a consensus in the technology industry.” 

Counting today’s leading technology companies in the world, in fact, many of them have already begun to deploy in fields that are closely related to the “Metaverse”. In addition to Meta and ByteDance, Tencent has also recently established an “extended reality” (XR) department, and according to Tencent Senior Vice President Ma Xiaoyi, “the XR business line integrating software and hardware has recently been established, and we hope to seize Opportunities in the next 4-5 years to actively try in software, content, system, tool SDK, hardware and other links.” 

Even Apple has avoided talking about the “Metaverse” before, and said in an earnings call a few days ago that seeing “great potential” in the Metaverse will link it to current VR and AR projects, and “Corresponding investments” are being made. And this is also considered by the outside world to be that Apple is already conducting related explorations on this track. 

Domestic companies such as Baidu, NetEase, and Ali start from building a “Metaverse platform” and focus more on scenarios such as online meetings and online shopping. For example, Baidu’s Xiyang claims to be “a multi-person interactive space that spans the virtual and the real, and exists forever”, and “NetEase Yaotai” claims to be an immersive activity platform, and integrates “virtual people, virtual scenes, and virtual objects in an immersive interactive way.” concatenation”. However, the similarities of such platforms at present are relatively rough, the modeling is not so refined, and even problems such as delay and stuttering need to be solved. 

Although many so-called “Metaverse” products are still far from their descriptions, and there is no exact time when this outlet will actually land and reach the future depicted in “Ready Player One”, it shows The attraction is enough to make interested participants continue to make various attempts. 

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