ByteDance upgrades the priority of its music business. Want to create the next Tik Tok?

The introduction of new competition will also bring a new wave of opportunities for musicians.

According to 36Kr reports, ByteDance has recently upgraded music to a P1 priority service. Alex Zhu, ByteDance’s vice president of product and strategy and former head of Tik Tok, recently took over the business and led Bytedance’s overseas music product Resso.

This also means that within Bytedance, music, games, and education have gained equal importance. At the same time, it also entrusts the group’s desire to build the next Tik Tok-style product.

At the beginning of the year, the media had just reported that ByteDance had established a music business department, and continued to move on music. Although ByteDance has never responded positively, it is obvious that it has become more concerned about the music business. As it becomes more and more closely integrated with video content and social entertainment, music has almost become a common social language for young people on the Internet, which also makes music a portal that cannot be ignored in the traffic war.

ByteDance upgrades the priority of its music business. Want to create the next Tik Tok?

Music business that can’t be low-key

ByteDance’s music business has existed for a long time, and it has been scattered in various departments of Douyin and Tik Tok. It has maintained copyright cooperation with record companies such as Universal Music and Warner Music to ensure that ByteDance’s products obtain the right to use its entire music library.

At the beginning of this year, the media reported that ByteDance has established a music business department. There are already 4 music-related business groups in it, each responsible for different types of music business. In addition, the media has successively exploded new actions of bytebeat in music. For example, a product called “Feilo” is being tested internally, and Beat Dynamic, a music distribution platform, is also being tested.

ByteDance extends to the music business, and almost no one is surprised. Whether it is Tik Tok or Tik Tok, the influence of music communication is increasing, and it has become an important platform for music promotion and marketing. Music has also become an important content support to ensure the activity of the platform.

According to 36Kr reports, the main battlefield of Bytedance’s music business at this stage is overseas. This time its development strategy is to use Resso as the starting point and link TikTok to create a vibrant music community.

ByteDance upgrades the priority of its music business. Want to create the next Tik Tok?

*Resso user interface

In March 2020, ByteDance Southeast Asia took the lead in releasing music streaming media Resso, providing social music streaming services. At one time, Resso was at the forefront of music app downloads in India and Indonesia. According to overseas media reports, in August last year alone, Resso received 3.6 million new downloads, an increase of 64% over the previous month. In December last year, Resso also won the “Best App” in the entertainment category of the Google App Store and Google’s “2020 Best User Choice Award” in Brazil.

Resso is the second product that Zhu Jun is personally responsible for after TikTok. Zhu Jun is best known for his founding in Shanghai in 2014. 2017 byte beat Zhang Yiming, founder of a $ 1 billion price from Facebook, deft a public competitors like the successful completion of the acquisition of

In 2018, officially merged with TikTok, and Jun Zhu became the head of TikTok. Since then, Zhu Jun has changed several internal positions in Bytedance. In charge of the Resso product this time and at the same time upgrading the level of the music business, Zhu Jun clearly hopes to make the application the next Tik Tok product.

The popularity of Tik Tok overseas broke the pattern of the original social platform, and also allowed Bytedance to see the opportunity to use short video + music to go overseas.

In the European and American markets, the established streaming music platforms Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Google’s YouTube Music have strong market penetration and competitiveness. However, in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, there is still ample room for music applications. Many unicorn products have been born in China’s audio market. As music applications, Bytedance’s Resso and Tencent ’s Joox have also competed in Southeast Asia.

Flow, or flow

The reason why ByteDance pays so much attention to the music business is its desire for traffic.

According to the “2020 Douyin Music Ecological Data Report”, in the first half of 2020 alone, in terms of original songs, the total number of top 10 hit songs on Douyin was 94.5 billion, which is equivalent to 67 times per person in China. According to statistics, in the TikTok 2020 TOP10 song list, Along’s “Your Answer” has been played more than 57.9 billion times a year, and Mengran’s “Youth” has been played nearly 55.8 billion times.

ByteDance upgrades the priority of its music business. Want to create the next Tik Tok?

*Data source: “2020 Douyin Music Ecological Data Report”

On Douyin and Tik Tok, music has always been closely integrated with video. Music is spread through short videos , and at the same time it nourishes the ecology of short videos and mobilizes the enthusiasm of users to participate. Last year, “One Cut Plum”, which became popular overseas through the second creation of users, is one of Tik Tok’s successful cases in music communication.

ByteDance’s efforts in the music business must also be in line with the company’s overall strategy of monetizing through traffic advertising.

The 36Kr report stated that Bytedance’s overall strategy in its strategic layout is not to let go of any battlefield with huge traffic. “It can be as large as the game and novel business, and it has spent 630 million yuan to buy the copyright of comedy such as “囧Mom”. It can be as small as investing in a content startup company. These products and content have large traffic, or can complement byte products. It is related to the lack of a certain piece of traffic.”

Realizing that music plays an important role in traffic, ByteDance has been improving the layout of the music chain.

Only on Douyin, it has reached cooperation with a wide range of copyright owners, record companies, and labels, and has reserved sufficient music content. At the same time, it has been promoting original support projects such as the ” Seeing Music Project” that has been held for four consecutive years. , Funding and other aspects to support the original musicians, and lay out to the upstream of the industrial chain.

In addition, Douyin and Zhejiang Satellite TV jointly produced a variety show “Praise for the Song” this year, further expanding the export of music content, and successfully launched Tang Hanxiao and other musicians. This series of content can be integrated into the overall music business of Bytedance. If Feile rumors, BeatDynamic distribution platform projects such as landing, beating byte will have a basic tone music broadcast place, transmission, distribution, operations and other copyright a long industrial chain.

ByteDance upgrades the priority of its music business. Want to create the next Tik Tok?

*Tang Hanxiao performed on “Praise for Songs”

It is understood that Bytedance’s goal overseas is also to create a vibrant music community by Resso and Tik Tok. As young users become more and more accustomed to using music language in short video scenes and social entertainment, the purpose of this series of music products is undoubtedly to further attract the attention of young users and continue to accumulate traffic.

Dividends of “Pan Music” Entertainment

Compared with the domestic digital music platform, Resso is a lighter music streaming media. In addition to listening to songs, it only has four main functions: comments, lyric quotes, lyric effects, and atmosphere, highlighting the personalization and social attributes of the product. When playing a song, the user can also see its related video, and the user can freely add his own photos, videos or GIFs along with the music playing, and forward them to other social platforms together with the song, lyrics, and background generation sharing card.

The global music streaming market has stabilized, and it is not easy to challenge the status of giants such as Spotify. Resso draws on the ideas of the content community, trying to blaze a trail of differentiation.

ByteDance upgrades the priority of its music business. Want to create the next Tik Tok?

The traditional music platform is still aimed at satisfying music appreciation, and it is mainly aimed at people who love music. Music lovers can easily find the music they want through the digital music platform and have a more comfortable listening experience. But byte beating its related applications at the beginning is not a professional music platform, users consume music is more for entertainment Music head of.

Compared to traditional music platform, beating bytes products more similar to the “pan-music products” to attract a large number of casual listen to the user the right to make fun song. Except for some beloved idols, they do not have a clear cognition and demand for their favorite music, and they will not make too much effort to find songs. However, the number of this group of people is huge, and their strong entertainment music consumption needs have provided dividends for the growth of Bytedance products.

After ByteDance enters the game, it may attract some users of digital music platforms, but differentiation may still exist for a certain period of time. Because of the huge base of pan-music users, platforms such as Douyin and Tik Tok will still be important channels for songs to break the circle. However, around the needs of users at different levels, the services provided by professional music platforms should not be completely replaced for the time being.

Even if ByteDance tries to enter the professional field of music, it cannot be said to be a bad thing for the future of the entire music industry. The introduction of new competition will inevitably stimulate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and musicians will also usher in a new wave of opportunities.

ByteDance upgrades the priority of its music business. Want to create the next Tik Tok?

When the MV was born in the 1980s, musicians were not used to it. They would simply perform to the camera and do some blunt performances. But with the appearance of Michael Jackson, the quality of MV not only got a qualitative leap, but also brought a new wave of climax to the entire recording industry. As long as the creativity of musicians is still there, no matter how channels and communication methods change, works that can withstand the test of time will eventually be born.

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