ByteDance has invested in two semiconductor companies: one for core manufacturing, the other for Yuan Universe

Byte has invested in two more companies on the way to “core”

ByteDance’s various chip investments seem to be in different fields, but they are inextricably linked.

Recently, ByteDance has successively invested in two semiconductor companies-Yunmai Xinlian and Guangzhou Semiconductor. On the surface, they are all investments in the semiconductor field, but the corresponding track layout is quite different.

Since the response in March of this year that there was a core manufacturing plan, Byte has taken some actions in the semiconductor field. This investment in Yunmaixinlian, which focuses on data center network chips and cloud network solutions, is closely related to byte’s self-developed chip business.

The optical waveguide (diffractive optical chip) of Guangzhou Semiconductor, which is applied in AR related fields, points to another ecological layout of byte-meta universe.

Cast a chip in the meta universe

From ByteDance’s acquisition of Pico at 9 billion yuan, ByteDance’s ambition for Meta Universe is obvious. Although the outside world’s evaluation of this tuyere field is polarized, a series of actions by Byte has secured this field.

Content, equipment, and platform are indispensable for the layout of the meta-universe ecology. Among them, the performance of hardware equipment determines the user experience to a large extent.

Guangzhou Semiconductor is committed to the development and manufacturing of optical waveguides (diffractive optical chips), light engines (micro-projection modules), and optical modules, which are key technologies of AR. AR (Augmented Reality) is a virtual information with the real world in a clever fusion together , which for the optical design of the actual situation interaction has placed enormous demands. The waveguide solution of the light boat is a more mature kind of optical design, and its smaller size is easier to apply to AR glasses.

But strictly speaking, Guangzhou Semiconductor cannot be called the first layout of ByteDance in the meta-universe. This is because Byte’s investment in the RISC-V framework can be applied not only in the server field, but also from the edge. Auxiliary meta-universe ecology.

今年1月,字节跳动投资了致力于研发以RISC-V指令集架构为基础的人工智能领域专用架构处理器希姆计算;9月又投资了专注于ORV RISC-V处理器和Pygmy AI芯片产品研发制造的睿思芯科。









Nowadays, hundreds of billions of bytes are beating, and if you want to find new growth points and then develop your ambitions, chip self-research is an important direction. The reason can be explained by a sentence Zhang Yiming said in 2016: “The stronger the company, the more it must go to the bottom and the infrastructure of the entire society.”

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