ByteDance has invested in an artist agency

Perhaps one day, BYTE will become the largest “star-making factory” in China.

Perhaps one day, we will be stunned to discover that Bytedance has become the largest entertainment company in China.

ByteDance made a vote for a well-known entertainment company in the circle.

The investment community has learned that ByteDance recently joined hands with Alibaba to invest in Beijing Lehua Entertainment Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the famous Lehua Entertainment in the entertainment industry . After the investment, Ali and Byte hold 15% and nearly 5% of the shares respectively through wholly-owned subsidiaries. The artists of Lehua Entertainment include Wang Yibo, Lehua Seven who became popular due to “Idol Trainees”, Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, etc. In addition, there is also a normalizing virtual idol group A-SOUL.

This is not Bytedance’s first investment in the entertainment industry. In 2020, Bytedance officially invested in entertainment brokerage company Taiyang Chuanhe, and subsequently invested in artist brokerage company Zhongshi Mingda . Just this month, Bytedance just took a stake in Weinian Technology, the company behind Internet celebrity Li Ziqi.

From celebrity brokers and short video talents to MCNs and virtual idols, Bytedance has reached its reach through investment. People sigh-Bytedance is no longer satisfied with short video bloggers, and after all, it has shot into the entertainment circle. Perhaps one day, BYTE will become the largest “star-making factory” in China.

Byte Ali teamed up to win an entertainment company with artists including Wang Yibo

ByteDance continues to roam the entertainment circle.

According to the Tianyan Check App, on July 19, Beijing Lehua Yuanyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. had a business change, and ByteDance related companies Beijing Quantum Jump Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongyang Alibaba Film Co., Ltd., and Chinese Culture Co., Ltd Waiting to become the new shareholder of Lehua Entertainment.

ByteDance has invested in an artist agency

Among them, Ali and Byte hold 15% and 4.99% of shares through Zhejiang Dongyang Alibaba Pictures Co., Ltd. and Beijing Quantum Jump Technology Co., Ltd. respectively.

In the Chinese entertainment circle, Lehua Entertainment is well-known. Founded in 2009, the company has a sound music video visual production and distribution, talent management, talent training, public relations activities such as planning a number of business, is an “old world” of entertainment, is the founder of Hua Du. Among them, the artist agent is Lehua’s strong point. Its artists include Wang Yibo, Han Geng, Fan Chengcheng, Meng Meiqi, etc., and also launched idol groups such as Cosmic Girls, Lehua Seven Sons NEXT, and virtual idol group A-SOUL.

Prior to this, Lehua Entertainment had landed on the New Third Board, but it has now been delisted. Tianyan Check shows that before Bytedance and Ali entered the game, Lehua Entertainment also received two rounds of financing in 2012 and 2014. Investors include Lebo Capital, Rongxi Venture Capital, and Chinese Culture Group.

This is not the first time ByteDance has become involved with Lehua Entertainment. The story of the two sides should start with the hot virtual idols nowadays. On December 2, 2020, with the release of the first MV “Quiet”, Lehua Entertainment’s virtual idol group A-SOUL officially debuted. A-SOUL has five members: Ava, Bella, Carol, Diana and Eileen. Behind the five two-dimensional idols, there are five real Of girls are active in the live broadcast room as the subject of motion capture.

ByteDance has invested in an artist agency

Earlier this year, Beijing Youyi Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ByteDance, invested in Hangzhou Kanchao Information Consulting Co., Ltd., which owns the copyright of A-SOUL. In other words, A-SOUL now belongs to Byte and Leroy, ByteDance is responsible for providing technical support, and Leroy Entertainment provides support for actors and content operations.

Today, ByteDance has officially invested in Lehua Entertainment, and Zhang Yiming’s prototype of the entertainment industry has begun to gradually appear.

Invested in Taiyang Chuanhe, invested in Li Ziqi, Zhang Yiming’s entertainment landscape is huge

ByteDance’s sensational investment in the entertainment industry is Taiyang Chuanhe.

In March 2019, ByteDance rarely took a stake in an artist brokerage company- Taiyang Chuanhe. There are rumors that this is an investment that has been planned since 2018. Byte has been in contact with Taiyang Chuanhe for a long time, and even Zhang Yiming has personally participated. The amount of this round of financing has not been disclosed. Until the beginning of 2020, Taiyang Chuanhe announced that it has completed a total of 180 million yuan in B round of financing. Bytedance has invested solely and held 8.85% of its shares.

Taiyang Chuanhe was established in 2015. Its main business is artist brokerage. Its artists include Angelababy, Zhou Dongyu, Chen He, etc. Its joint venture Yang Ming also established papitube with the Internet celebrity papi sauce. Therefore, compared with other brokerage companies in the entertainment industry, in addition to signing a group of celebrities, Taiyang Chuanhe also signed a group of short video bloggers with papi sauce as the core. This is not lack of attractiveness for the byte beating that gallops in the field of short video, not to mention that the strong byte beating has never lacked the control of MCN.

Subsequently, ByteDance shot again. In April 2020, Quantum Jump, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYTE, became a new shareholder of Zhongshi Mingda, with a shareholding ratio of 20%. According to the data, the main business scope of Zhongshi Mingda is artist brokerage, variety show production and distribution, music production and copyright operation. The most famous artist under CTV Mingda is among the Taiwanese singers who quickly became popular on the Douyin platform in 2019.

Generally speaking, most of the artists under CTV Mingda are musicians who have become popular on the Douyin platform. It is not an exaggeration to say that Bytedance’s shareholding is for these talents.

At the beginning of this month, ByteDance completed another explosive investment- Wei Nian Technology, a contracted company with Li Ziqi This is an MCN organization established in 2013. The most famous influencer is Li Ziqi. Capital’s preference for the Internet influencer economy, especially MCN organizations, has a long history, especially in live broadcasts and Internet influencers are in full swing. Of the moment.

Li Ziqi can be called a top-notch figure in the celebrity circle . According to data, Li Ziqi’s current global number of fans has exceeded 100 million, especially in February this year, she broke the Guinness World Record of “the most subscribed YouTube Chinese channel” with 14.1 million YouTube fans. CCTV News also commented: Li Ziqi’s video does not praise China in a single word, but it tells the story of China.

Of course, the layout of ByteDance’s entertainment industry is not limited to a few investments. As early as November 2018, Toutiao announced the “Shining Plan”, announcing that it will invest 20 billion in traffic to support the promotion of high-quality film and television projects and cooperation with high-quality celebrity content; The real conversion and stickiness of traffic; early last year, Douyin also teamed up with famous directors such as Wang Jiawei, Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang to launch a short video festival… etc.

Sitting on a steady stream of traffic, why does ByteDance enter the entertainment circle?

Why does ByteDance want to set foot in the entertainment circle?

First of all, this is the natural path for traffic conversion. ByteDance holds endless traffic through platforms such as Douyin, Watermelon Video , and Toutiao. Faced with the fleeting flow of Internet celebrities, it needs the blessing of real artists with longer vitality, and these artist brokerage companies can also cooperate. Make a real star. Perhaps one day, the APP factory byte beating will eventually become a “star-making factory”.

What’s more, in terms of cash flow, the financial status of the brokerage company that masters the top artists is relatively stable, which is also more secure from the perspective of investment.

Secondly, in addition to entertainment stars and short video experts, Bytedance ‘s ambitions in long videos and movies have never stopped. People must still have the impression that in the Spring Festival of 2020, “囧Mo” will be broadcast on online platforms such as ByteDance’s Douyin, Watermelon Video, Toutiao, and Huanxi Premiere, and it will be played for free. This is unprecedented in Chinese film history There have been moves.

Afterwards, more than a dozen films such as “Crazy Aliens” and “Chinatown Detective” were launched. To this day, watching movies on the byte platform is no longer new.

Looking at the companies invested by Byte, in addition to revitalizing the artists, Taiyang Chuanhe has been involved in the development, investment, production, and marketing of film and television projects since 2016, and participated in the investment in “The Wandering Earth”, “The Soul of Town”, and “The Spring Breeze Is Not As Good as You” And many other film and television works; Lehua Entertainment can participate in the production of variety shows, and it has also accumulated a certain amount of resources in film and television cooperation, and there are many self-made variety shows by Byte… in the short video field, ByteDance has long been eyeing A long video.

The logic behind Internet companies is not difficult to understand. In the final analysis, everyone’s contention is the user’s frequentness. In which product the user spends more time, the value is there. This is also the reason why the market value of Station B, which has a mediocre income, can skyrocket. Investors have seen that most of the time in the Z era is spent on Station B.

The last reason involves a neglected outlet-virtual idols and meta-universes are causing the madness of big factories and capital, and of course the ByteDance cannot be let go. Before investing in A-SOUL, there were constant news that ByteDance entered the virtual idol industry and started the recruitment of the Project V girl group. Today, it is speculated that Project V is the prototype of A-SOUL.

Why are these concepts so popular? In March 2021, game company Roblox went public, and its stock price rose by more than 50% at one time. The company wrote in its prospectus, “Meta universe is becoming a reality.” As a result, in the months after Roblox went public, the same type of production company began to be broken through by investors from all walks of life. Internet giants, game companies, social platforms, and VR/AR companies have entered the game with enthusiasm.

In the meta universe, virtual idols are an important part. It not only carries entertainment content, but also grasps people’s consumption patterns. According to the data captured by the two-dimensional data platform, in the past year, station B Subscription rewards for virtual idols have increased by 350% over the same period last year. To this end, station B also specially opened a virtual host area for the virtual host.

Back to the layout of the bytedance entertainment industry, virtual idols are also an important part. In the A-SOUL jointly created by Leroy Entertainment, Captain Bella became the first virtual anchor to achieve the achievement of Ten Thousand Ships at Station B. Calculated according to the most common captain price at Station B, Bella does not need any fights. Rewards can bring millions of revenue to the platform. This is of course also a good opportunity to make money.

Entertainment is always a good business. Perhaps one day, we will be stunned to discover that Bytedance has become the largest entertainment company in China.

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