Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social “Party Island”, Wukong Search, Game Community “Lingxuan” and Robot

New action for bytes.

At the beginning of the new year, ByteDance has intensively deployed a number of new businesses. Tech Planet exclusively learned that ByteDance will launch the Metaverse social app “Party Island”, launch a new search product “Wukong Search”, and create a game community product “Lingxuan” , and Byte is also testing short-distance delivery robots.

Tech Planet exclusively learned that ByteDance is testing a Metaverse social app called “Party Island”, which is the first Metaverse social product launched by Byte, and it is also the Internet giant’s relay after Baidu’s “Xi Rong”. The second Metaverse social product.

In addition, Byte will launch a new search product “Wukong Search” to create a search matrix of “Wukong Search + Toutiao Search + Douyin Search”.

Byte Games will also benchmark “TapTap”, and specially created a game community product “Lingxuan”, hoping to become a download channel provider for medium and heavy games while building a game community.

Moreover, Byte is testing short-distance delivery robots, which will be put into residential areas, restaurants and office buildings for short-distance delivery services later. Tech Planet exclusively learned that these new businesses will officially open to the public shortly after the Spring Festival.

Judging from these new business and product matrices, Byte hopes to try social business again, and create a valve for Byte to obtain social traffic through the popular concept of the Metaverse; Huge traffic, it is expected that Byte will continue to invest and increase the code; as for the robot distribution, it is a new attempt in the field of Byte layout technology hardware.

These new businesses and products disclosed above may only be the tip of the iceberg in Byte’s innovation plan this year, but it is not difficult to see that in the face of the peak of the domestic Internet dividend, Byte is trying to find new breakthroughs.

Can’t put down the social bytes, this time the choice is combined with the Metaverse

Tech Planet exclusively learned that ByteDance will launch a new Metaverse social product “Party Island”.

Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social "Party Island", Wukong Search, Game Community "Lingxuan" and Robot

It is reported that “Party Island” is a real-time real-time online activity community. According to the experience, it can be found that users can hang out with friends as their avatars at any time, chat and interact in real time together, participate in online activities together, and gain an unexpected sense of companionship and participation.

Party Island supports the login method of Douyin account and mobile phone number. Since it is currently in the testing stage, an invitation code is required to enter Party Island.

After logging in successfully, the user needs to create a virtual identity to become another self in the virtual world. The method of creation is similar to the QQ show. Users can dress up according to their own preferences. After the creation is successful, they can officially join the party island.

On the “discovery page” of Party Island, users can see some activities on Party Island, such as watching movies, chatting, studying, etc. Users can choose to join the above parties, and socially interact with them to meet like-minded friends.

Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social "Party Island", Wukong Search, Game Community "Lingxuan" and Robot

When the user enters the party, they can enjoy an immersive experience, which is similar to “Robles”. For example, after participating in the music party, the virtual person of the user’s avatar can enter the concert. In addition to being able to watch the live broadcast on the queue In addition to music, you can also chat with other users.

Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social "Party Island", Wukong Search, Game Community "Lingxuan" and Robot

Party Island also has a small island function, which is equivalent to a chat message list. Here you can see the messages of friends and groups, and you can also add friends and create chat groups.

The emergence of this product is of great significance to Byte. On the one hand, it is clear that it will not give up its social exploration, and on the other hand, it uses the Metaverse to explore new social possibilities.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Metaverse-related economy will usher in substantial growth, and the market size is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2030. Benefiting from the concept of the Metaverse, Epic’s valuation has doubled, Roblox’s market value has risen 10 times a year, and Facebook and Microsoft’s market value has broken the threshold of one trillion and 2 trillion respectively. These events have heated up the domestic “Metaverse”.

In addition to Byte, domestic Internet companies such as NetEase, Baidu, Weibo, and Bilibili have paid attention to Metaverse, and even launched related products.

As the dividends and traffic of most of the domestic Internet tracks have peaked, the Metaverse has caused more companies to rush in, and Byte’s Party Island is one of them.

Launched “Wukong Search” to create a search “troika” matrix

Following the launch of the “Toutiao Search” app in 2020 and the launch of the external portal of “Tik Tok Search” in 2021, Byte has recently increased its search business and launched a new independent search product “Wukong Search”, creating a collection of ” Toutiao search + Wukong search + Douyin search” search product matrix.

It is reported that Wukong Search was developed by the Toutiao team, and its Slogan is “Search what you want to search, see what you want to see”.

Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social "Party Island", Wukong Search, Game Community "Lingxuan" and Robot

After the Tech Planet experience, it was found that Wukong search uses the same search engine as Toutiao search. Like Toutiao Search, Wukong Search also supports Toutiao ecological internal search, site-wide comprehensive search, professional search in subdivision fields, etc. For example, after searching for the keyword “Tech Planet”, the results displayed by the two search products are the same , which means that the Wukong Search App is just a product of “Toutiao Search” that has changed its name and added some new functions.

Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social "Party Island", Wukong Search, Game Community "Lingxuan" and Robot

Compared with the previous “Toutiao Search” App, the functions of the Wukong Search App are more diversified, and the product positioning is biased towards the browser. For example, in the Wukong Search App, you can not only enter links to direct URLs, and search for related content, but also add functions such as information, videos, and novels, providing users with multiple options for surfing the Internet.

Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social "Party Island", Wukong Search, Game Community "Lingxuan" and Robot

The left is the headline search interface, the right is the Wukong search interface

Byte launched such a new search product at this time, not to compete with Toutiao Search, but to seize the sinking market, while sharing the impact of Toutiao Search facing the vertical subdivision search field and the trend of interest search, looking for new development the way.

In fact, the Wukong Search App was born out of the Wukong browser that was exclusively reported by Tech Planet. The purpose of both is to capture the traffic of the sinking market.

With the growth of the first- and second-tier Internet traffic dividends peaking, there is still room for growth in the sinking market. For example, Pinduoduo, Qutoutiao, etc. all rely on the layout to sink the market and launch functions and products for third- and fourth-tier users, so as to break through the siege.

In terms of revenue, the growth of ByteDance’s advertising revenue was affected to a certain extent last year. Some media reported that the commercial product department of ByteDance held an all-hands meeting. It was mentioned at the meeting that the advertising revenue of ByteDance’s domestic business was in the past. stopped growing for half a year.ByteDance asked for confirmation, and the relevant person in charge replied: No comment. This also means that boosting the advertising business has become a top priority for Byte.

And search, as the natural entrance of advertising, is bound to be a direction that bytes need to be deeply cultivated. Tech Planet has learned that many companies are advertising agencies of ByteDance and Baidu at the same time. With the search business, ByteDance can expand its share in the search market while eroding the target customers of search companies such as Baidu. If the business develops smoothly, it is not a problem to increase the annual revenue by more than 10 billion.

However, in the search track, Toutiao search faces fierce competition: Baidu, which is the “one super” in the past, and Sogou, which was acquired by Tencent, Ali’s Quark Search, Qihoo’s 360 Search, and other “powers”. It remains to be seen whether the search matrix of “Toutiao Search”, “Wukong Search” and “Douyin Search” can bring unexpected gains to Byte.

Launched the “Lingxuan” game community to test the game download channel provider

Tech Planet exclusively learned that ByteDance recently tested a game community app called “Lingxuan” in a low-key manner, and its Slogan is “a good idea to choose a good game”.

Overall, this product has the dual attributes of game community and download, similar to TapTap.

According to the experience, it can be found that on the home page of the Lingxuan App, you can see some introduction articles about new tours, including exclusive revelations, etc., and users can make reservations and downloads.

Lingxuan also provides the function of directly searching for games, including new games that have been tested recently, and will classify these games and make a list to facilitate users to query. Most of the moderate to severe mobile games can be found.

Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social "Party Island", Wukong Search, Game Community "Lingxuan" and Robot

In “Dynamics”, users can see game evaluations, new game revelations and other content provided by some high-quality game creators, and comment and interact below the content. In the personal center, the game progress and game reservation progress downloaded from the Lingxuan App are also saved.

Byte 4 new products are released together: Metaverse Social "Party Island", Wukong Search, Game Community "Lingxuan" and Robot

In general, this product is relatively mature in various functions, has interactivity, ensures game communication between players, and completes the conversion of players to game downloads through high-quality content, making “Lingxuan” a game download channel. business potential.

Today’s game community is not only a platform for players to communicate, but also an important entry for game downloads.

Domestic game giants Tencent and NetEase both have their own game download channels, such as Tencent’s WeGame.Today, WeGame integrates the three main modules of a comprehensive live broadcast portal composed of game KOL information community, game purchase and distribution platform, Douyu Huya, etc., covering most of the daily game behaviors of PC users. WeGame, by introducing various stand-alone game developers, Tencent’s own major online games, and major live broadcast platforms into user traffic, gradually allows users to enjoy a full range of services while increasing user stickiness.

Such community platforms bring not only traffic, but also high revenue. For example, TapTap, a well-known game community, announced its 2021 annual report (January-November) earlier, and released a data-a total of 510 million copies distributed throughout the year, and its net profit in 2020 is as high as 260 million Yuan.

Can “Lingxuan”, which focuses on high-quality game content, realize the dream of a byte game download channel provider?

Short-distance distribution robots are about to land and enter the tens of billions market

Tech Planet exclusively learned that Byte recently tested a robot at Fangheng Fashion Center, one of its office areas. The robot was developed by the team of Li Hang, director of the AI ​​Lab, and is mainly used for food delivery in restaurants and inter-building. Small item delivery.

Bytes chose to enter the short-distance distribution robot track, not on a whim.

Byte has invested in nearly ten robot companies in the past two years. The most recent one is a stake in Weiss Technology, whose business field covers PRA robot technology.

In addition, distribution robots have extensive domestic demand and a market worth tens of billions of yuan, and robots can replace labor and release part of the labor force, which will become a development trend of future enterprise employment.

According to the report of the Leading Industry Research Network, with the expansion of the market, domestic indoor distribution scenarios are becoming more and more subdivided, such as KTV, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other places. The main application areas are comprehensively calculated, and the market capacity is about 60 million units. With reference to the price of 50,000-80,000 yuan per unit of distribution robots in the market, the market space is about 30-48 billion yuan.

Moreover, the delivery volume of the delivery robot can reach 400 pallets during the peak period, while the delivery volume of a single person is only 150-200. In contrast, the efficiency has increased by 166%-200%, that is, a delivery robot is equivalent to at least 2 Labor, and the replacement labor can be engaged in other positions.

The robot track, which was already hot, may set off a new round of “equipment” competition with the entry of ByteDance’s running.

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