Buy a car to get NFT blind box, Audi releases limited edition NFT blind box

After a day’s notice, FAW-Volkswagen’s Audi official Weibo announced on August 10 that it will issue a limited edition of the NFT art blind box created by artist Cheng Ran based on the new Audi A8L 60 TFSIe through the xNFT Protocol, and will enjoy one-to-one exclusives. Communication and gift to the first 100 new Audi A8L 60 TFSIe owners.

Audi stated that inspired by Audi’s car culture, core elements, and aesthetic concepts, artist Cheng Ran recreated the classic design and power characteristics of the new Audi A8L 60 TFSIe model, and released a future concept and next-generation style. Series of NFT works of art.

It is reported that the NFT work is jointly released by Audi, FAW-Volkswagen, Robb Report, and xNFT. It will be cast and distributed in a limited amount through xNFT Protocol in the form of NFT art blind box, and will be given away through one-to-one communication. To the top 100 new Audi A8L 60 TFSIe owners.


On August 9, Audi, a brand under FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd., announced on Weibo that it would release its NFT works on August 10. Audi released a warm-up video, the content shows, “Luxury cars and NFT dream linkage, will be released on August 10th.” In the video content, Audi hinted that “NFT” is “the cutting-edge art medium in the digital age”, trying to use the NFT concept to create momentum for its automotive products.

Recently, major brands are entering the NFT field. In addition to the luxury car Audi playing NFT marketing, French luxury goods LV, Disney, and Tencent played NFT.

On August 4, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton launched a mobile game “Louis: The Game” on the 200th anniversary of the birth of its founder, and launched an NFT lottery. “Louis: The Game” is a scene inspired by LV classic dolls traveling to Paris, London, Beijing, Tokyo and New York, looking for 200 postcards that can represent Louis Vuitton’s historical milestones. After the game is completed, you can enter the website provided by Louis Vuitton to draw NFTs, starting from August 15th, and lasting 30 days in total.

On August 6, the American comic company Marvel launched the Spider-Man version of the NFT. Starting from August 7, there will be five different types of Spider-Man collectibles that will be available to the market for users to purchase. The price of each Spider-Man digital collection ranges from US$40 to US$400. The higher the price, the smaller the total number of versions. For example, the “ordinary and rare” “The Amazing Spider-Man” NFT products will be available for 32,000, while the “mysterious and rare” “The Amazing Spider-Man” ultimate animation NFT products will be limited to 1,000.

On August 2nd, after Tencent’s “Phantom Core”, known as the first domestic NFT trading platform, went online, the first batch of 300 NFTs from the “Thirteen Invitations” IP was instantly emptied, and due to the large number of rushers, there was an oversold Phenomenon, more than 370 users successfully paid but were unable to buy.

On August 9th, Tencent officially announced that the first batch of TME digital collections will be on sale soon, and the first wholesale artists have already been in place, and QQ Music will be launched successively this month.


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