Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

“Kai Shou is always talking about the Metaverse Metaverse, what do you mean?”

The unseen and intangible Metaverse has been on fire for a whole year.

The author’s attitude towards the Metaverse is also curious-expectation-indifference-doubt-curiosity… Cycles back and forth for several rounds.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

Image source: Stills from “Out of Control Player”

Coupled with the interference of related concepts such as NFT and Web 3.0, it is even more puzzling, but it is undeniable that the boost of VCs, giants, and startups has made the concept of the Metaverse really break the circle at the fastest speed. Even the author’s retired mother who lives in an 18th-tier city asked me on the phone, “Kaishou is always talking about the Metaverse.. Metaverse, what do you mean?”

I can only explain to her, “In the future, we may be able to do many things that can only be accomplished in our dreams through mobile phones and computers, such as flying, running freely in the Amazon rainforest, and being good friends with Monkey King.”

That’s right, it’s the future. The development process of the Metaverse is likely to be in units of ten days, and it may take 10-30 years to realize the prototype of the Metaverse in our ideal.

However, this does not prevent everyone from making various attempts around the concept of “Metaverse”, so there is today’s article “China’s Metaverse Concept App Goes Overseas for Restoration”.

In order to ensure that everyone competes in the same dimension, let’s first determine which Metaverse concept products with characteristics will be listed in today’s inventory.

Different subjects have different generalizations of the characteristics of the Metaverse. At present, the following viewpoints are most widely recognized:

Roblox: Identity, Friends, Immersion, Low Latency, Diversity, Anywhere, Economy and Civilization

Beamable: Experience, Discovery, Creator Economy, Spatial Computing, Decentralization, Human-Computer Interaction, Infrastructure

CITIC Securities: 3D immersive experience, digitization of human and social relationships, interaction between physical and digital worlds, massive user-created content, digital asset value display

Prof. Chen Gang and Dr. Dong Haoyu from Peking University: Social & Space, Technology Tension, ArtifIcal, Machine & AI, Realism and Reality Mapping Reality & Reflection, Trade & Transaction.

Although the specific expressions vary, social relationships, economic systems, decentralization, virtual and real interactions are basically consensus.

In order to facilitate the author’s summary and everyone’s reading, we roughly summarize the characteristics of the Metaverse as “avatars, social relationships, UGC, and economic systems” in this article.

We will start from the following sections below:

From the product name, launch time, best results, revenue and downloads, user data (if any), and main gameplay, a brief inventory of the Metaverse Concept App in China going overseas in 2021 will be conducted. The design of relationship, UGC, economic system and comprehensive experience shall be evaluated and scored, with 4 points for each dimension and a full score of 20 points.

(Note: The rating only represents the author’s intuitive feeling about the current stage of each product as an ordinary professional user, and does not represent the quality of the product itself, and there are many products with low ratings that also provide some interesting and even innovative gameplay. The product maturity is not yet very high, and there are more technical and algorithmic efforts and attempts that may not be easily seen by the naked eye).

In addition, the app selected this time is only a social-oriented Metaverse concept app, and game products such as “Fortnite” are not in the scope of this discussion for the time being. At the same time, Xi Rong, Restart World, Jelly, Honnverse, etc. currently only focus on domestic social media to the Metaverse and are not in the scope of this discussion for the time being. If you are interested, we can make a special analysis after the year.

The following are all the apps in this inventory article and the corresponding rankings and scores. For more specific analysis, you can swipe down to read and watch. The devices for this evaluation are iPhone13 ProMax and Redmi Note 9.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

Again: the above ratings do not represent the true strength of the product

BUD: Starting from construction, every user can create his own Garden of Eden

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

BUD app store screenshot

According to App Annie data, the official launch time of the BUD iOS overseas version is November 5, 2021, and the Google Play version is officially launched globally on October 30, 2021.

However, the author downloaded it in March 2021 and dismantled it in “New Products” in August. BUD uses App isolation to place domestic users and overseas users in different areas.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

BUD domestic version and overseas version respectively

Up to now, BUD has entered the top 100 App Store download list in 19 countries and regions, and has also been on the top 1 free app list in the Philippines, and has also ranked 52nd in the United States. According to Sensor Tower data, in December 2021, there were 1.2 million double-end monthly downloads.

The main feature of BUD is to help users build a unique personal space with a low threshold of use, and at the same time, they can also enter other users or public places for interaction and activities. At present, there are 5 first-level menus: homepage, store, information flow, creation and chat.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

BUD has a score of 11.5.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition


The avatar score of BUD is not high, this is because BUD has relatively limited space for users to customize, and the original image does not distinguish between genders. Users can only construct the gender of avatars through later hairstyle adjustments, and users cannot Customize face shape, nose shape, eye makeup, etc. Only fixed templates can be used.

However, BUD still provides relatively diversified templates for users to choose from on hairstyles, skin color, eye shape, eyebrows, mouth blush, clothing, hats, glasses, accessories, and shoes. If users want, they can still create relatively diverse templates. Lovely product. And a more interesting setting is that after pinching the face, BUD will let the user choose a different Avatar pose as the avatar.


Because I have not experienced Roblox and Second Life, but from the construction experience, BUD is a Metaverse concept app that the author has used with relatively low threshold, but the construction results are not bad. In addition to providing common building materials such as cylinders, cubes, doors, floors, etc., users can also set space laws (such as whether to allow flying), sun exposure angle, music, sound effects, etc., giving users relatively sufficient creative tools. In addition, it also allows users to place likes, favorites, transfers and switches in the space, providing a lot of possibilities for interesting interactions.

In addition, you can also feel that the BUD is also exerting force in the details. For example, when the author’s Avatar is flying in the air, the higher the flight, the louder the air noise in the ear.


According to the author’s incomplete statistics, there are the following interaction methods:

(1) Users join the public room or invite other users to enter their own room to interact and play together.

(2) In the public room, you can send messages on the public screen, but you cannot privately chat with users.

(3) Users can choose to follow users in the information flow and room homepage and apply for adding friends. After the other party agrees, they can start a private chat.

At present, the interactive actions and methods between virtual characters are relatively limited, such as holding hands or hugging. (maybe I didn’t discover it myself)

economic system

When users want to use some more beautiful or mature props, they need to make purchases in the app store. Although there is no need to pay for purchases at present, it leaves the possibility for creators to monetize.

Comprehensive experience

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

Taking a space called “RED Light Green Light” that the author experienced as an example, the author needs to follow the rules of “stop at the red light and go at the green light, without being hit by a car and without traffic accidents, to successfully pass through. The setting of this room is that the user cannot fly. Once hit by a car, trying to pass on both sides of the road, or not standing in the safe area at the red light, he will be sent back to the starting point and start again. It was quite fun to play for a while. …

But the author occasionally flashes back and the buttons are not sensitive when entering some rooms, which is understandable.

OASIS: Shifting the division of labor in the real world, everyone can be a club owner

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

According to Sensor Tower data, the global launch of OASIS is August 28, 2020. In December 2021, the global monthly download volume of Google Play reached 2 million times, capturing a group of loyal users overseas, especially in Latin American markets such as Brazil.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

At present, OASIS has 5 first-level menus including World, Club, Dress Up, News and My, which supports users to socialize, dance and raise pets in Avatar image.

OASIS has a score of 11.5.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition


To be honest, the level of detail created by OASIS’s Avatar image can even be ranked in the top 3 among the Metaverse concept apps at home and abroad that the author has tested.

First of all, in terms of the changeable dimension, OASIS supports users to change from the three dimensions of clothing, face and body, and the operation difficulty is very low, and it is easy to get started.


Users can select materials and customize transformations in hair, face shape, blush, double eyelid, pupil, eye shadow, eyelashes, eyebrows, nose, ears, lips, beard and other parts. Color, size and shape can be adjusted according to your own preferences.

For example, when changing the hair, the user can select the overall color after selecting any hairstyle material, and at the same time, the hair can be divided into three parts: “root, tip and main body” to change the color respectively, which means Even if it is the same hairstyle, the chance of everyone “butting their heads” will be greatly reduced. And an interesting detail is that when the user turns the Avatar image, the hair wiggles with it.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition


The user’s body adjustment on OASIS will be subdivided into height, head, shoulders, chest, chest, waist, upper waist, lower waist, abdomen, crotch, hip, shoulder, upper arm, forearm, wrist, upper thigh, lower thigh, Knees, calves, ankles, and can be freely adjusted in height, size, width and thickness.

If Nuwa carefully adjusted so many details when she created a human, I think we should look much more beautiful than now…


Although OASIS does not have much room for adjustment in clothing for users, including tops, bottoms, socks, and shoes, it is enough for users to design their own characteristics, such as the A-line pleated skirt selected by the author as an example. Colors and patterns can be adjusted by region. In addition, it is worth mentioning separately that since the skirt will shake when the Avatar is turned, OASIS wears leggings for every Avatar! Really nice details~


Compared with many Metaverse concept apps on the market, the Avatar on OASIS has better body flexibility. It can basically reach the level of current RPG games. It can stand and walk freely, and complete actions such as lying down, jumping, kneeling, and lying on its back. , the operation is really smooth.


Judging from the current product situation, there is not a lot of room for users to create freely, but the author understands that the current scene creation has been in the internal testing stage, and I have seen that some club scenes are already relatively abundant. It should be quite interesting to use the same tools and materials as the test scene. It is possible to play basketball in some rooms, and it will decide whether to hit or not according to the user’s distance, angle and pitching strength.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

However, based on the perspective that ordinary users can see at present, there is no way to score too high.

But the product already supports users to play music and YouTube videos in the room through upload links.


At present, there are two interaction scenarios of room and club in human interaction. In addition to this, OASIS also provides an interaction opportunity between Avatar and cats.

Clubs and rooms are similar but different, both scenarios allow users to move freely around the room as Avatar and socialize with other users. But the difference is that if the homeowner quits, the room no longer exists, while the club persists after the club owner goes offline. Users can freely choose the location and scene of the club.

The club is OASIS moving real-world solutions to the Metaverse world.

Jeff, the founder of OASIS, said in an interview with Beluga, “OASIS is trying to solve three problems with one method, that is, to help users find their social division of labor in OASIS, so that users can find their own willingness to undertake according to their own wishes and hobbies. And a role that will get a sense of achievement.

Everyone has their own role in the new world, and the role of the Metaverse is to provide tools to help users accomplish what they want. The reason why we are in a hurry and busy is because we either actively or passively undertake a lot of social division of labor. We are fathers, sons, entrepreneurs, workers, friends, and husbands. A large number of identity labels have prompted Only by constantly working hard, improving and enriching ourselves can we fulfill every responsibility that we should do.

The same is true when this social division of labor or identity label is brought into the virtual world. Perhaps the laws of the world will change and the social division of labor will change, but it should not disappear. It’s hard to realize the long-term vision of the Metaverse if people just dress up, take a screenshot, or leave the game in the virtual world.

Although there are not many social scenarios provided by OASIS on the whole, it is rare that the author found that the social efficiency is quite high. The author built a room by himself, and within five minutes, 4 users entered the room and applied for the microphone. Chatted and befriended two of the users.

In addition to human interaction, the second solution OASIS found to retain users is cats.

Users can adopt a cat on OASIS, and they will adopt different cats according to different regions of adoption, and users are required to fill in an adoption questionnaire to help AI-based their cats, which makes even if everyone raises the same breed of cats. Cats will all interact very differently with each other.

The author’s Maine Coon cat is a little furry and angry, but very easy to coax. Of course, it is also a good hand at cooking.

economic system

From the author’s point of view, the current currency of OASIS is gold coins, but there seems to be no need to use gold coins at present.

Comprehensive experience

Intuitively, OASIS is very smooth to use, and although there are not many functions, it is not boring, and the design of face pinching and interaction has strong usability, plus we mentioned earlier The detailed design has also added a lot of points to OASIS, but because UGC has not been fully opened and occasionally wears the mold, we still have to continue to pay attention to future development.

Star Idol: Make yourself a SuperIdol with makeup and dance skills

According to App Annie data, Star Idol was officially launched on October 31, 2020. The parent company, Guangzhou Weika Century, was supported by Meitu and Jia Daogu Investment.

As of press time, Star Idol has entered the Top 100 of the App Store social download list in 131 countries and regions, the Top 100 of the social best-seller list in 39 countries and regions, and has even been among the top 10 of the social best-seller list in Myanmar, Indonesia and other countries. In the “2021 Q2 Chinese Manufacturers’ Social Apps Overseas Download Breakthrough List Top 10” published by App Annie, Star Idol ranks fifth after Uplive.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

At present, Star Idol has 5 first-level menus including homepage, shop, family, square and chat, with face pinching, clothing, and dance creation as the main usage scenarios, as well as information flow, family, theater/video creation and other functions.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

Star Idol scored 11 points.

Built, stylish, socially immersed? 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to Sea Expedition

Compared with Roblox and BUD, which focus more on the construction of the scene, that is, the entire “universe”, Star Idol’s center of gravity is obviously inclined to clothing and fashion.


In the face pinching function, Star Idol supports users to create and choose in 3 dimensions including face, clothing and background board.


Star Idol’s Avatar image, like ZEPETO and other products, tends to have a cute Q version style. Support users to select or customize multiple parts such as hair, face shape, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and spots. The color options provided in the dimensions of hair, eyebrows, spots, etc. are particularly rich. And even supports user-defined adjustments on face, eyebrows, eye, nose and mouth, making it possible for a more diverse Avatar image.

Therefore, in fact, it could have scored higher, but to be honest, the similarity between the setting of Star Idol’s face pinching function and ZEPETO’s is a bit high, and no matter who comes first, the homogenization function will be reduced. Competitiveness of the two products.


However, Star Idol’s clothing selection is really a plus. Users can choose from suits, tops, pants, accessories, mounts, shoes, hairstyles, headwear, hand-held items, socks, necklaces, glasses, earrings, etc. Choose, and The SKUs under each category are very rich, basically allowing users to find their satisfactory styles, but the disadvantage is that almost every product needs to be paid for, and there are almost no free options.

There are two currencies in the Star Idol system: diamonds and gold coins. Both currencies can be used for clothing purchases, but most new or popular items require diamonds to purchase. Take the US App Store Star Idol pricing as an example, $9.99 for 110 diamonds and $0.99 for 3,000 gold coins. Although the unit price is not high, if you count the frequency of purchases and the number of single purchases, the price is not too low. For example, the author tried to purchase a set of black improved cherry blossom kimono, a small pink bag, and an electric A car mount, a pair of shoes and socks, and a balloon are actually worth 164 diamonds. Even so, the author’s image is still far from the screenshots of users seen on social media. It can be seen that in order to look good, there is a huge effort behind it. But it’s okay to have no money, you need to create it yourself, we will talk about this part later.


Space, simply understood, is the background board where Avatar is located. Users can freely change the main background, floor and hanging decorations and stickers up and down. It’s fun to think about giving users options on a background board, but it also costs money.

On the whole, Star Idol still provides a lot of convenience and tools in the whole process of Avatar’s construction, but most of them are paid templates, and there is not much room for users to play freely.


Although there is not much space left by Star Idol in the construction of scenes and buildings, the layout of costume creation, choreography and plot creation is enough for users to spend part of their time.

Clothing creation:

Clothing creation should be the most important and most frequently used function of Star Idol. Users can modify colors, patterns and patterns on the basic pattern templates provided by the system, and on some complex styles of clothing, Star Idol supports users to change colors, patterns, and patterns in different regions, so the same pattern may change. into two completely different clothes. However, according to the author’s current observation, Star Idol does not support users’ free tailoring.

Dance creation:

Star Idol allows users to generate a coherent dance by choosing different movements, expressions and dance styles in different scenes. According to statistics, Star Idol provides users with up to 220+ dance moves to choose from. In addition, it also supports users to customize the dance background board, select the soundtrack, and upload their own recordings, which means that if users want, they can really make their characters in Star Idol an idol.

Drama creation:

Star Idol’s plot creation and use threshold is not high, users can freely choose the scene and theme, and choose characters, dialogues and actions according to their own expectations, and in addition to providing multiple available templates for character actions, you can also achieve front, back, left, right, up, and down Adjustments in multiple directions can help users create interesting content in a short amount of time.


Star Idol actually provides multiple interactive scenarios:

1. Family. Users can take photos, interact and create together by joining families and family members. From observation, family should be a very important social relationship in Star Idol space

2. Recommended by friends. Users can initiate friend applications to users recommended by the system under the “chat” function, and after becoming friends, they can chat, dance and interact with each other.

3. Public space. Users can enter the only 2 3D scenes of Star Idol in Avatar’s image, and interact with other users in the scene in real time.

Although a lot of interaction methods are provided, in fact, it is difficult for Xiaobai users who “wear ordinary clothes” to connect with other users . The author has applied to the family and users several times within two days without obtaining approval. Or was “fished” out of the 3D space by a 13-year-old Indian girl… Helping novice users quickly integrate into the platform and stimulate their willingness to continue to create is a key step in retaining users, and social relationships are the most convenient among them. Methods.

economic system

We mentioned earlier that there are two currencies, gold coins and diamonds in Star Idol. In addition to recharging, users can also obtain diamonds by creating and successfully selling their own clothing.

After the clothing creation is completed, the system will ask the user to select the style and price of the clothing. After the approval, the user can obtain the corresponding diamond income for each successful sale. The more complex the style and the more beautiful the design, the higher the price and the easier it is to be favored.

Overall experience

The intuitive feeling is that the material of Star Idol is very beautiful, and there are many creative points and social methods, but it seems that the space for users to create freely is relatively limited. It can be said that users are creating, but it is not “freedom” as they want. Creation, which has something to do with Star Idol’s parent company’s start as a photo editor and the current development of the entire Metaverse format.

But what is worth affirming is that Star Idol is still interesting in the sub-tracks of “fashion” and “clothing creation” in the big track of the Metaverse.

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