BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

3D UGC Metaverse brand marketing officially set sail

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

On August 9, the cutting-edge lifestyle brand VETRESKA officially entered BUD . The two parties jointly created brand digital assets such as brand theme maps and customized interactive expressions, and launched daily limited gameplay, topical activities and other creative activities. With immersive 3D interactive experience, it opens up ideas for Metaverse brand marketing.

BUD is a 3D Metaverse UGC platform that provides a zero-threshold 3D creation experience for every creator, so that ordinary Internet users who do not understand code and modeling can also connect with others in the Metaverse through their own creations . Now, BUD has become a new choice for Gen Z and Gen Alpha social platforms.

Weika is a domestic new and popular lifestyle brand, dedicated to drawing beautiful inspiration from human life. Weika insists on using anthropomorphic and quasi-materialized product design to share a fun, practical and pleasant experience with pets. Since the establishment of the brand, Weika has successively created popular products such as soilless cat grass, cactus cat climbing frame, watermelon cat litter box, and pet bubble box.

Through this cooperation, it is not only an exploration of new business models by both parties, but also marks the gradual implementation of Metaverse brand marketing.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

Traditional marketing methods such as text, voice, and short video can only unilaterally output 2D and flat content to users, and the interaction method with users is “I talk, you listen”. The difference of Metaverse brand marketing is that it can provide 3D content with a sense of interaction and reality, bringing users an immersive brand experience, and the interaction with users becomes “I create, you play”, realizing Brand is content.

The easy-to-use 3D content editor, the highly active UGC creation ecology, and the diverse and huge amount of interactive content are the unique advantages of BUD. Based on these, BUD can provide rich Metaverse brand marketing solutions, including brand digital asset construction, Metaverse community operations, and content promotion methods such as exhibitions and music festivals.

Brand digital assets and creative gameplay detonate UGC

The construction of brand digital assets and the gameplay of creative activities are the two major paths for BUD and Weika to explore the brand marketing of the Metaverse.

In terms of brand digital asset construction, the two parties jointly created a brand Metaverse account, a brand theme map and interactive expressions.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

The official account of the brand is the first step for Weika to enter the Metaverse, which is also the core marketing position of the brand in BUD. Without a card, you can build a brand theme map, publish theme activities, and make brand 3D materials under the official account, so as to continue to attract and accumulate new generation users, and communicate and interact with them.

As the most concerned scene in BUD, the creation of the brand theme map VETRESKALAND has enabled Weika to successfully realize the transformation of brand assets from reality to virtuality, breaking through the communication barriers between brands and users in traditional media.

The overall design of VETRESKALAND is in the same vein as the super symbol of the brand, and elements such as cactus and watermelon also appear in the map. Through the restoration of 3D brand scenes, users can immersely experience the brand tonality and product style when browsing the map.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

It is worth noting that, based on the 3D content editor with zero technical threshold of BUD, brands do not need to study code and modeling technology, nor do they need to spend huge sums of money to purchase the services of external agencies. They can flexibly build a 3D content editor with simple drag-and-drop operations. And update your own scene map, 3D interactive content, etc. Restoring the brand’s 3D scene and symbols in the BUD Metaverse is as simple as publishing a web graphic, so that the brand can easily achieve full autonomy in the creation and operation of 3D digital assets.

In addition, BUD also customized the interactive expression VETRESKAkitty with the brand, which further enhances the fun of the brand’s digital assets and breaks the gap between the real world and the virtual world. Regardless of whether users have cats in their lives, after triggering the VETRESKAkitty expression, they can observe and pet kittens, and experience the fun of interacting with pets.

It is worth noting that, not limited to VETRESKALAND, users can trigger the emoticon in any scene in the BUD and interact with the brand anytime, anywhere.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

From the perspective of creative activity gameplay, BUD has launched daily limited gameplay and topical activities for this event.

First of all, based on the functional characteristics of BUD and using uncarded digital assets as the medium, BUD has released three daily limited gameplays: food feast, fireworks show, and desert adventure. In the food feast, users can freely explore the edible materials placed in different corners of the map, and trigger the “edible” function after finding the materials; in the desert adventure, cacti in some specific areas will turn into mobile organs, and users need to run to avoid the organs to avoid Reach the finish line safely.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

Through this gameplay, the materials and landscapes in the scene have become clues to lead users to explore VETRESKALAND, which further stimulates users’ interest in the experience of the brand, deepens the sense of interaction between the user and the brand, and allows the brand and the user to play together. Emotional resonance”.

Secondly, BUD has launched a series of topical activities, including sticking official accounts and maps, launching brand customized topics, and cooperating with BUD brand IP to promote and interact, etc., to further mobilize users’ attention to the brand and increase the participation rate.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

From the construction of brand digital assets to creative activities and gameplay, BUD and Weika have jointly explored the path of Metaverse brand marketing, allowing the brand to complete the media breakout and communication fission, and finally achieve a breakthrough in brand value.

Unlimited imagination of full-link Metaverse marketing

Compared with traditional brand marketing methods, Metaverse brand marketing has the unique advantages of symbiosis between brand users and co-creation of brand content. These two points are also vividly reflected in the cooperation between BUD and Weika.

The first is the symbiosis of brand users. Take Weika’s brand map VETRESKALAND as an example, the design of the iconic cactus landscape in the scene comes from Weika’s classic series of products “Cactus Cat Climbing Frame”, and the cut watermelon is the embodiment of the brand’s characteristic “Watermelon Cat Litter Box”. This enables brands to convey brand concepts and tell brand stories in more innovative expressions, thereby strengthening users’ brand perception.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

In addition, the three limited gameplays of gourmet feast, fireworks show and desert adventure further strengthen the symbiosis between users and brands. In Food Feast, users can not only unlock a new experience of eating in the Metaverse, but also enjoy delicious food with their pet cats. Fireworks parties and desert adventures are more group-like. Users can invite friends to check in the fireworks night scene, avoid desert traps, and deeply experience the interactive functions of VETRESKALAND.

Through this immersive user symbiosis, brands can completely break the communication barriers with users and truly realize brand as content.

The second is brand content co-creation. With a young user base and a highly active UGC ecosystem, BUD can integrate a new generation of UGC ecosystem into the construction of the brand Metaverse and empower brand concepts.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

The non-card topic activity initiated by BUD is one of the manifestations of the co-creation of brand content. Under the popular hashtags #VETRESKALAND and #VETRESKAkitty, users can not only comment, reply, and post posts, but also create their own original 3D materials and maps, inspired by the card. These materials and maps will also be used by other users in the future. , and even used by brands.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin

Within two weeks of not being stuck in the BUD, the number of brand topic views exceeded 360,000, and the brand map VETRESKALAND was played more than 50,000 times. The enthusiasm of users to participate in creation was greatly released, and real brand content co-creation was realized.

With the transformation of media from 2D to 3D, Metaverse brand marketing has become a new frontier for brands to compete. This is not only the demand for finding new traffic, but also an excellent embodiment of the brand image advancing with the times. For BUD, this is also an important direction for future development.

Based on BUD’s zero-code 3D content editor, brands can easily and flexibly build their own 3D scenes and interactive content. Then through the two major strategies of brand digital asset construction and creative activities and gameplay, the brand will transform from the traditional marketing of “I talk, you listen” to the immersive Metaverse marketing of “I create, you play”, and truly realize the symbiosis of brand users. , brand content co-creation, so that the brand and the new generation can easily “play together”.

BUD × VETRESKA: A New Sample of Metaverse Brand Marketin


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