BTC Pizza Day Countdown 2 Days: 11 Years of Real World Use of BTC

Ten years ago, a young man spent 1w bitcoins to buy two pizzas. That day was May 22nd, 2010, and it was certified as the first real-world transaction of bitcoin, so May 22nd was also called Bitcoin Pizza Day by bitcoin enthusiasts.

BTC Pizza Day Countdown 2 Days: 11 Years of Real World Use of BTC

May 22nd, 2021 marks the 11th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, which makes 11 years since Bitcoin has been used in the real world.

Ten years ago, a guy bought two pizzas for 1W bitcoins. That day was May 22nd, 2010, and it was certified as the first real-world transaction of bitcoins, so May 22nd is also known as “Bitcoin Pizza Day” by bitcoin enthusiasts.

The story of 1w bitcoins for pizza
On January 3, 2009, the day Satoshi Nakamoto mined a Genesis block on a small server in Helsinki, Netherlands, and received 50 bitcoins as a reward, marked the official birth of Bitcoin. It completed its first transaction less than ten days after it was born, and within a year or so there was a related trading site, Bitcoin Market, and a team dedicated to mining bitcoins, Slush Mining Pool. During that time, however, the circulation and spread of Bitcoin was limited to a few dedicated cryptography discussion groups.

It wasn’t until May 18, 2010 that a Florida programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz posted on Bitcoin Talk, a Bitcoin forum, that I would pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas, preferably large ones. who completed the transaction with a young man named Jercos. Laszlo used 10,000 bitcoins to buy two Papa John’s pizza coupons. At the time, one bitcoin was worth just 0.003 cents.

Bitcoin Trading Properties Proven
But as bitcoin gradually came into the limelight, the price continued to rise, and by the end of 2017, the price of one bitcoin was about $20,000. The price hit a new high, and the deal was brought up for “flirting”. There is even a dedicated Twitter account that updates the value of these bitcoins on a daily basis. However, Laszlo Hanyecz says he doesn’t regret it, and that it was a proud thing to be able to prove Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency trading properties.

In addition, Jercos, who bought 10,000 bitcoins that year, said he had sold those 10,000 bitcoins the following year for $400, a return of 10 times.

But when it comes to Bitcoin, no one knew at the beginning that Bitcoin was worth so much now, and at today’s price ($40,000), 1w Bitcoins would cost about $400 million.

Regardless, blockchain technology and bitcoin are silently influencing our lives, and the Bitcoin Pizza Festival has become a festival for bitcoin lovers. We look forward to more surprises and changes from blockchain in the future.

Bitcoin Payment Goes Global
Since 11 years, bitcoin has gradually moved from geek circles to mainstream reality, several US companies bought and held bitcoin, PayPal provided cryptocurrency services, and bitcoin’s dream of peer-to-peer electronic cash gradually expanded. To this day, bitcoin is used in music, healthcare, real estate and other areas to achieve payments and more. According to incomplete statistics, since April 2021 alone, more than 20 companies have been involved in accepting bitcoin payments.

On May 20, BitPay, a cryptocurrency payment provider, announced that Jomashop, a U.S. luxury retailer, is accepting cryptocurrency payments online to attract new customers and expand payment options for its global customers. Supported cryptocurrencies include BTC, BCH, ETH, DAI, DOGE, and stablecoins USDC, GUSD, PAX, and BUSD.

On May 14, Exit, one of Europe’s largest music festivals, has begun accepting bitcoin payments. Simply select the “Pay with Bitcoin” option on the Exit website and scan the QR code to make your transaction.

On May 11, PalantirTechnologies, a US-listed big data analytics company, announced on a conference call that it will accept bitcoin payments and is considering investing in bitcoin to add to its balance sheet. institutions.

On May 10, UrbanTea, a Nasdaq-listed company and parent company of Chinese tea brand Mingyuntang, announced that its Chinese tea stores will begin accepting dogcoin, ethereum and bitcoin payments.

On May 6, Nasdaq-listed auto insurer Metromile allowed customers to pay their insurance premiums in bitcoin and allowed policyholders to receive cryptocurrency compensation. CEO DanPreston said the new payment method could meet huge customer demand.

On April 30, Bangkok real estate developer AnandaDevelopment announced that it will accept cryptocurrency payments for its houses and condominiums. CEO ChanondRuangkritya said bitcoin’s recent one-year spike, which peaked at $64,000 at one point, has piqued his interest in the investment trend. The developer has partnered with Thai cryptocurrency exchange Bitkub to allow customers to use BTC, ETH and USDT to buy properties, including Ideo and Ashton condominiums, Unio townhouses and Airi residences.

On April 19, MuscleMaker, a U.S. fast food chain for healthy consumers, announced it would begin accepting bitcoin payments. Michael Roper, the company’s CEO, said that accepting cryptocurrency is a “natural progression” for the Nasdaq-listed company.

On April 25, Oliver Laufer, CEO of CaracasAir, a leading Venezuelan aviation academy, announced on Twitter that the company has begun accepting bitcoin as a payment option and is offering payment discounts. Currently, CaracasAir is said to have about 900 students, making it one of the fastest growing aviation academies in Latin America.

On April 20, TEC, a Texas eye and cataract clinic, announced that it has begun accepting bitcoin as payment for LASIK, a procedure to correct a patient’s visual impairment.

On April 20, Beatport, the world’s largest online store for electronic music, partnered with cryptocurrency platform to begin accepting bitcoin payments this June.

On April 15, insurance giant AXASwitzerland now allows users to pay their insurance premiums in bitcoin. AXASwitzerland said the bitcoin payment option is available for all of its non-life insurance products. The option is not supported for life insurance products due to regulatory reasons.

On April 15, the Forbes bi-weekly website recently reported that Vivek Ranadev, chairman of the American Basketball (NBA) Sacramento Kings club, said, “I am prepared to announce in the near future that I will provide each member of the Kings with their required bitcoin payroll, and that salaries, including player compensation, will be payable in bitcoin in the future. “

US-listed MicroStrategy announced that it has amended its Non-Employee Director Compensation Agreement on April 11. All fees for non-employee board members will no longer be paid in cash, but in bitcoin, with the fiat currency principal amount remaining unchanged.

April 10 – Premier League soccer club Southampton has signed a new sponsorship agreement that includes the option for the club to pay certain performance-based bonuses in bitcoin.

On April 8, California real estate major CarusoProperties will accept bitcoin rentals. Through a partnership with Gemini, Caruso will allow tenants of its retail and commercial properties to pay rent in bitcoin. In addition, Caruso has allocated approximately 1 percent of its reserve funds to bitcoin.

On April 7, Nashville boutique hotel Bobby Hotel now accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for room and event reservations through BitPay, a bitcoin payment service. Bitcoin payment service BitPay will manage cryptocurrency payments on behalf of the hotel, meaning guests can pay in bitcoin, ethereum, and a range of stablecoins, as well as dogcoin, which BitPay added last month.

On April 1, Voyager announced that it was paying for OaklandAthletics’ suites this season with one bitcoin, the first purchase of a cryptocurrency-priced ticket-related product in the MLB league. Previously, Major League Baseball team OaklandAthletics announced that fans could purchase a six-person accommodation suite for the 2021 season for one bitcoin, with fans having until April 1 to choose whether to accept the offer.

Bitcoin’s real-world applications go far beyond that, and with Bitcoin entering its “second decade”, we’ll see what surprises BTC will bring.

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