BTC is poised for a price breakthrough

BTC touched the $35,100 line again and then fell back, the price resistance is stronger.

Today is the penultimate trading day of June, closer and closer to the end of June, June is the most difficult month of the year, I believe that we are very and can not wait to hurry up the end of June, because at present we are waiting for the so-called last bearish landing, and this bearish news may appear before the end of June, so the market is looking forward to the last two days will appear, in the end will not have or an unknown, of course, no news is good news, hope that the last two days can pass peacefully, to meet the new beginning of July.

BTC is poised for a price breakthrough

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest has filed an application with the SEC to form a bitcoin ETF, which, according to the SEC filing, will have the goal of tracking the performance of bitcoin. If approved by the SEC, the fund will trade under the symbol “ARKB”. Ark Investments is working with 21Shares to launch the ETF.

Recently, regulatory pressure on digital currencies has increased dramatically. Last Friday, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced that it has banned cryptocurrency exchange Coinan from conducting any regulated activities in the UK. Last week, South Korea stepped up its efforts to focus on tax evasion using digital currencies, confiscating more than 53 billion won ($47 million) in bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrency assets from 12,000 people accused of tax evasion.


Yesterday again touched $35,100 a line restrained by the fall, but compared to last week’s fall strength, obviously the current resistance is stronger, not far from $35,000, on behalf of today’s long will continue to test this pressure level, if you can stabilize above the beginning of the week time, for this week to start the rally market is more favorable, so today is a more critical day.

BTC is poised for a price breakthrough

Daily chart MACD again turned to gold cross, pay attention to this week’s long can continue to release volume, the current medium-term key watershed is still in the vicinity of $ 41000, before the top of this range is not broken, continue to see the range running, but the market is expected to be unable to break through the bottom of the market after the probability of choosing to break up is still higher. Pressure level: 35100, support level: 32000.


The price has returned above $2000, becoming the first coin to come out of the bottom of the market, ahead of bitcoin, mainly because of the expected good news in July, so the trend is relatively strong. Pressure level: 2200, support level: 1800.


It is expected to test the $20 mark in the short term. It is recommended to repeatedly absorb the low level, which is expected to end the current round of decline. Pressure level: 19.00, support level: 15.00.


Short-term concern about the $300 mark, if the day can stabilize above, is expected to probe up to $330 near the overall price is still running inside the box range, patiently waiting for the medium-term trend change. Pressure level: 320, support level: 270.


Slow rebound, the temporary strength is still limited, so should not chase, mainly waiting to break below the key resistance, in order to make the whole situation turn strong, otherwise, short-term continue to take the shock market. Pressure: 155, support: 120.


Price gradually get rid of the bottom of the range, the daily MACD crossed again, is expected to turn gold cross, the price is expected to return to the top of $ 20 this week. Pressure level: 17.00, support level: 14.00.

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