BTC continues to consolidate sideways, ETH bulls gain the upper hand

Important point for Bitcoin remains at $35,000.

Important news:

  1. Foreign media: Soros fund management is trading bitcoin.
  2. The chairman of the U.S. Financial Services Committee said it has begun a thorough investigation of the crypto market.
  3. The U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee said it is looking deeper into how to better regulate the crypto industry.
  4. The World Wide Web code NFT was sold for $5.4 million.
  5. Coinbase plans to build a “crypto app store”.
  6. Theta mainnet 3.0 successfully launched.
  7. US FinCEN makes cryptocurrency a national priority.
  8. Singapore crypto exchange Coinhako considers IPO.
  9. Brazil’s central bank governor said that digital currencies will be centrally issued, but probably not centrally hosted.
  10. Twitter will release 140 free NFT pieces.
  11. NYDIG placed a full-page bitcoin ad in the Wall Street Journal.
  12. Bahamas eyes aggressive marketing of digital currency, says central bank governor.
    13.1inch Foundation upgrades its governance framework.
  13. The full coverage of the digital yuan’s application scenarios reflects its legal tender and universality as a legal tender, said a researcher at Zhaolin Finance.
  14. CBDC could fundamentally disrupt the banking model, says the Bank of England’s chief economist.
  15. Visa’s cryptocurrency unit hired several experts in the fields of NFT and DeFi.
  16. Bitcoin miner Blockware closed $25 million in funding and has purchased 14,000 bitcoin miners.
  17. Crypto miner Hut 8 buys $44 million worth of miners.

Market Roundup.

According to Golden Fruit, the total amount of bursts across the network in the past 24 hours was $290 million. The largest blowout order was a BTC perpetual long blowout worth $5.35 million, which occurred on the Bybit exchange. The contract exchange with the highest blowout amount was Bybit Exchange, with a blowout amount of $135 million.


BTC entered a short oscillation range, with intraday attention to 33900 support and the effectiveness of 35200 resistance.

According to OKEx investment research analysis, yesterday BTC failed to recover lost ground after a small drop below 35500, the coin price once touched 34000 near the support before stabilizing, and this morning the rebound was again under pressure at 35200, which to some extent announced that the brief rebound from June 26 had ended. Given that 33900~35200 as June 28~29 narrow oscillation zone, its lower edge has a certain strength support, and yesterday’s trend down was not accompanied by obvious volume, so the short term market is likely to continue along the interval finishing. With the trend from the high of 36500 after the fall, the short side has once again taken the initiative, so the probability of continuing to break down after the finishing is high. Fundamentally, despite the rumors that several capital giants are ready to raise BTC, there is no corresponding fluctuation from the plate. On the contrary, the Fed’s signal of reverse repurchase of over 700 billion USD for 10 consecutive days is more noteworthy, which is a signal of continuous liquidity tightening and is by no means favorable for the crypto market, and investors should maintain a cautious bullish attitude in the near future.

ETH did not follow BTC down, instead it rose slightly this morning and once tested the resistance near 2300, now it is temporarily supported by the area above 2170, if it is not broken, it is probable to continue to probe up, if it is broken, it will directly look at 2080. sol came out of 4 hours level double top pattern, the current resistance can directly focus on 36, support can look at 31.5 nearby. DOGE support can be concerned about 0.229, resistance can be temporarily concerned about 0.255. SHIB support can be concerned about 0.00000798, resistance concern 0.00000885.

According to CoinGecko data, an international third-party statistical agency, the 24-hour contract trading volume of the OEOKEx platform was $14.6 billion.

Huobi Exchange.

BTC continues to trade sideways

According to Huobi Global Station data, BTC first fell slightly last night to a low of 34,000 USDDT, then recovered slightly and is currently oscillating around 35,000 USDDT with relatively depressed volume. From the daily level, BTC yesterday charged a negative line, K-line entity is long, the market bearish strength; currently a short positive line, the price is slightly rebounded.

Four-hour level, the K line in the evening in order to penetrate the EMA line, and EMA5 and EMA10 form a dead cross, followed by a rapid decline in prices; early morning K line and briefly back above the EMA, EMA5 and MA10 tend to overlap, the three EMAs tend to flatten. From the Bollinger band, the K-line in the middle rail near the oscillation, Bollinger band opening continues to narrow, the future of the short and medium-term market trend is unknown, or horizontal finishing for a period of time; DIF continues to be located below DEA, both positive; MACD Bar from positive to negative, indicating that the previous upward momentum is insufficient, the market may have a trend shift. In the afternoon, we will continue to pay attention to the change of volume and the breakthrough of 35500USDT above and the support of 34000USDT below.

According to Huobi Global Station data, ETH and BTC are forming a certain divergence. ETH continued to rise last night, up to 2287.64 USDT, at a new high in the near future, and is currently oscillating around the 2250 USDT line with no significant volume amplification. From the daily level, ETH is now a long solid positive line, with multiple parties dominating. At the four-hour level, the K-line continues to be above the EMA20, and is above the EMA5 and EMA10 after crossing them in the early morning, with the three EMA lines moving up. The K-line is located between the middle rail and the upper rail, and the middle and lower rails continue to move up, showing that the long side is dominant; however, the opening of the Bollinger band has a tendency to narrow. In the afternoon, we will continue to pay attention to the continuation of the rising market and the breakthrough of 2300USDT above and the support of 2200USDT below.

On the contract side, Huobi contract big data shows that the BTC contract position is basically stable, the volume of transactions fell slightly, the contract market is not active. The basis difference of the delivery contract increased slightly.

ETH contract positions rose slightly, volume dropped slightly, the contract market is not active. Spreads on delivery contracts increased slightly. exchange. perpetual contract trading data: BTC bottomed out overnight, $35,000 still a key intraday point

According to contract trading data, as of 10:10 on July 01, the BTC/USDT perpetual contract was quoted at $34,650.10 and the spot price was quoted at $34,639.12, with the perpetual contract price declining compared to yesterday, by -3.06%. The BTC/USDT perpetual contract funding rate (8-hourly settlement only) was (0.0001) at 08:00 and (0.0001) at 00:00 of the previous session.

The BTC/USDT perpetual contract 30-minute long/short ratio is 42.25%:57.75%, in terms of positions and transactions, the total positions reached 24,041,467 USDT, and the volume rose to 553,236,983 USDT in the last 24 hours. After falling through the lower Bollinger support line, the K-line continued to run along its lower edge before rebounding slightly in the early morning hours, but is still below the $35,000 mark. The rebound overnight makes the MACD indicator double line continues to run upward, DIF and DEA are above the zero axis line, and the BAR energy column is enhanced for a short time, which means that in the short term the market ushered in another wave of strong period, or can drive the market again on top of the resistance barrier, if the market can break through the effective stand above $ 35,000, there is hope to continue the rebound But overall, the volume is relatively sluggish, and the willingness of the long and short sides to fight is not strong, and the market is more likely to shake and consolidate, the recent market volatility, please pay attention to control the risk of operation. perpetual contract quotes (up or down to 24H system display)

BTC: $34650.10 (-3.06%); rate (0.0001)

ETH: $2234.60 (+3.55%); rate (0.0001)

DOT: $15.9992 (-2.18%); rate (-0.000103)

ETC: $56.773 (-4.14%); rate (0.0001)

DOGE: $0.2479 (-4.08%); rate (-0.000003)

Exchange volume, positions.

BTC continues to consolidate sideways, ETH bulls gain the upper hand
BTC continues to consolidate sideways, ETH bulls gain the upper hand

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