Broad DAPPs May Shine in the Future

Blockchain kicks off the prologue of Web3, and broad DAPPs may make a splash in the future.

Broad DAPPs May Shine in the Future

According to Coingecko data, Bitcoin’s market value in the total market value of cryptocurrencies has fallen to another record low of 42.9%, and ETH accounts for 18%.

The essence of blockchain is the recognition that selfishness is written in the human gene, and that personal private property and personal privacy are the business of the individual himself, while the decentralized network is an algorithm that associates selfish individuals. This is also the essence of Web3, and blockchain has opened the prologue of Web3.

The evolution of the world.


Ether + Dogcoin

Uniswap (application class)

Web3 Infrastructure:DFINITY/Poca/IPFS (filcoin)

Web3 Broad Application Class

DAPP is not only a technical term, but also changes the whole ecology, especially the mode of capital gathering, from VC-driven to community-driven, and through DAPP mining, it becomes the project side to find their angel investors through liquidity mining, only this angel doesn’t need to invest in cash, but in cash occupation time. Instead of cash, angels invest their own interest, and the return is in the form of tokens given by the DAPP. So the best project is the “super angel interest”, because the super angel has super influence, his time of occupancy can influence more others, so that the mining users expand like fission.

I was not optimistic about DFINITY before, but now I feel that this may be very bullish and may be the most important foundation platform for future decentralized applications. Its future may far exceed the amount of users of boca.

His bull? From coinbase, you can see that the main network launched ICP tokens immediately on the shelves. coinbase announced that it will go live with the DFINITY token ICP on May 10. coinbase said it will open transactions at the first time the ICP is circulated.

A lot of people are worried that this coin will suck the blood out of the cryptocurrency circle, and the infrastructure category is such that the money sucked is all from the cryptocurrency circle because people outside the circle are more unintelligible. But the trend of technological evolution is in, and it is good that it gathers funds to last. Although dog coin is very speculative, it has a benefit for the cryptocurrency circle in that it is “out of the circle”, attracting funds outside the circle and expanding blockchain users, both of which are good.

Zhao Changpeng once said recently: I can’t understand dogcoin, but I accept that it is an interesting cryptocurrency. It is actually an abandoned project due to the founder’s abandonment, so dogcoin will actually be more decentralized than ethereum or bitcoin.

Dogcoin is the crypto-spiritual totem, the crypto-religion, the emotional consensus!

Bitcoin represents the original value and is the root of all cryptocurrencies (of course not to say that there will not be digital currencies that exceed the market value of Bitcoin in the future); Ether is the evolution of Bitcoin and is the trunk of the tree that can grow the leaves of ecological applications, and this trunk is the trunk of the whole blockchain.

This year’s hot dog coin and hardware mining coin are very crazy, while the DEFI application representing the evolutionary trend of blockchain is stagnant, which shows that the bull market is a period of great marketing, the potential energy gathered in the previous bear market is released as soon as possible, and innovation, especially application innovation often starts from the initial value of zero (such as the earliest YFI), that is, there is no initial potential energy, and there is no leading big brother to lead if purely community-driven, in the The bull market will not be liked by the capital during the crazy period.

In today’s “Weekend Update” segment of Saturday Night Live, the cast repeatedly asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk what dogcoin was. Musk responded, “It’s the future of money. It’s an unstoppable financial instrument that’s going to take over the world.” He also added that dogcoins are as real as dollar bills.

Tesla was not actually founded by Musk either, but he is now recognized as the face of Tesla and he is the father of Tesla. Now in the cryptocurrency space he has trotted out the same tactic and become DogeFather, which is so brilliant that he has unwittingly become the new leader in cryptocurrency.

Musk has become the face of DogeFather and even the founder of DogeFather in the future. He can enter the crypto world very quickly with DogeFather and become the founder of TOP3 crypto projects by market cap. Just like Tesla’s earliest founding was not him either, but he was good at using his original advantage and turned into the founder of Tesla, which can now be said to be the future car of the future by being red all over the world, the Apple of the future.

Look at Warren Buffett and Bitcoin, look at Grayscale and Musk, look at the Church and Copernicus. The inherent interest gainers must stick to the inherent interest and oppose the birth of something new. Just like these three cartoons, the young monk may never become a master if he listens to the old monk. The world is moving forward, and the ancient tradition of Chinese people always thinks that the ancients are better and the old people are more reasonable, instead of the future is better, the youth is better and the children are more reasonable. Ether V God founded Ether at the age of 19, Newton created modern science at the age of 22, Einstein opened the magic box of world cognition at the age of 26, and the atomic bomb was more powerful than the sword and gun.

V God is actually a student who dropped out of college before reading much, Newton is also just an ordinary student, Einstein is even worse, the last in the class to graduate. Of course V cattle love the “mediocre”, does not mean they are stupid, but rather they super conventional. The old man is not likely to produce top enlightenment, most people so-called enlightenment is actually masturbation of the empty dream meaningless. Just like Warren Buffett himself is a beneficiary of the US dollar and is unlikely to like the anti-fiat bitcoin. The more knowledgeable the elders, the more top students in school, the less likely they are to have a top-level epiphany. Top enlightenment happens to young people.

Enlightenment does not occur in the elderly, it only occurs in the young. The entire history of the evolution of human civilization is the history of the struggle of young people to constantly wrest control from older people from all fields.

The SHIB held by V God’s address is already worth $9 billion (because the project owner gave V God’s address 50% of the coins at the beginning of the project, in order to use V God’s influence), V God’s own Ether is just over $1.1 billion, and now it’s directly to $10 billion, pulling up a lot of segments at once.

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