British media: Bitcoin mining exposes first death

According to a report on the British “Daily Telegraph” website on July 22, Bitcoin mining is known as the gold rush of the digital world and the Klondike of the virtual world (located in northwestern Canada, famous for the gold rush of the late 19th century). ——Note on this website), which can make participants get rich overnight.

According to the report, although Bitcoin miners are sitting in front of computer terminals instead of digging in the ice and snow of Alaska, gold prospectors who are crazy about Bitcoin mining have also begun to realize that such activities may be equally dangerous.

According to reports, a bitcoin miner died in a computer explosion because he tried to increase the computing power of his computer to obtain more bitcoins. This may be the first death caused by bitcoin mining.

The report pointed out that the death of 26-year-old Thai Danai Mamei is the latest in a series of industrial accidents caused by unregulated Bitcoin mining activities.

According to the report, Bitcoin mining is a “crowdsourcing” process where hundreds of thousands of participants around the world verify Bitcoin transactions and ensure their legality. These so-called miners can obtain bitcoin rewards after completing a certain number of transaction verifications.

The report pointed out that the industry has attracted a large number of newcomers, some of whom claim to earn hundreds of dollars a day. However, because verification of transactions requires high computing power, many miners connect multiple computers to obtain more profits. This means that if these behaviors are not regulated, they will cause potential dangers and are harmful to the environment.

According to reports, Mamei was upset by the failure of several of her computer’s hard drives. He couldn’t wait for the maintenance staff to repair the equipment the next day, and tried to repair it himself, which caused an explosion and electrocuted himself.

His brother Abhiwa said that when he entered Mamei’s room with maintenance personnel on Wednesday morning, he was found dead. He fell on a computer, wearing only a pair of shorts.

Abhiwa said: “In order to improve the computing power, he modified this computer. I think it is not safe, but my brother modified his own computer for Bitcoin mining. He is very keen on mining. “

The local policeman Sandi Shusheu said: ” We judged that he wanted to repair the malfunctioning machine by himself, but he was electrocuted. “

The report pointed out that this accident will exacerbate people’s concerns about the lack of supervision of Bitcoin mining. Currently, most of the mining activities are carried out in Asia, because there are a large number of cheap skilled workers.

According to a study by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, the electricity consumed by global bitcoin mining activities each year exceeds the annual electricity consumption of Argentina.

According to reports, Bitcoin mining accidents occur from time to time. For example, near the city of Vladivostok in eastern Russia, a resident illegally connected his computer to the power supply system of an apartment building, causing a fire in the apartment building.

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