Brief Analysis: Find the next phase of potential coins, press in one, and live up to the bull market

FOMO emotion and bull market is inherent, panic is not only for yourself, but a large group of people.

Brief Analysis: Find the next phase of potential coins, press in one, and live up to the bull market

Even though the cryptocurrency market experienced mainstream coin rotation and herding in the first half of the year, most investors remained optimistic that the current round of bull market could reach the longest in history and also had absolute expectations for the bullish end of the madness. The price of Bitcoin leading the show this year broke through the limit of many people’s understanding, but on the other hand, it did not meet the expectations of many old leeks; the entry of institutions made retail hot money in the market increased and concentrated; DeFi, which has been on fire since last year, brought the climax of decentralized investment, and the various fields in this windfall have not been fully developed, bringing more imagination and opportunities to investors.

FOMO emotion and bull market is inherent, panic is not only for yourself, but a large group of people, even if you hold coins in your hands, and multiple coins, but you can not get rid of the private comparison, especially when watching other assets grow like crazy. The best way to avoid anxiety and panic in the industry is not only self-regulation, but the sufficient external condition is to hold cryptocurrency assets that can convince you that you can make money lying down and sitting down. Therefore, a more friendly analysis of the project, at least on a broad level, is not too flawed, and the rest is left to the bullish vehicles. Here is an analysis of some mainstream investment cryptocurrencies. — “Of course pure hype of demon coins is not evaluated”

At least a little bit of bitcoin and ethereum
The reasoning is understood, now advise everyone to have a little bit of bitcoin and ethereum like a fart at all times. Bitcoin 10,000 knives feel just beginning, 20,000 knives feel a little surprise, 30,000 knives incredible, 50,000 knives can not help but wonder what this is. In fact, many people who went to buy bitcoin at $10,000 also felt it was too expensive, but staying with it is now commonplace. Buying or keeping a little bit of bitcoin is a great way to deepen your sense of presence and involvement as an investor, no matter what time of day you are on the crypto asset train, not to prove anything but that you were here. No matter how high the market goes or how complex the ecology progresses, the basis of consensus is provided by Bitcoin based on blockchain technology.

Ether has proven to be one of the best quality investment coins, and like Bitcoin, it has a large number of high-quality clusters of followers. From the ICO war in 2017 to the DeFi battle this year, no matter how persuasive a public chain is born, Ether is also the absolute king that stands out.

Although the return of investing in Ether is not necessarily as high as many other projects, it is undeniable that Ether is the testing ground of blockchain concept, and almost all the blockchain windfall fields are based on its smart contracts. If you don’t take a long position in Ether, it’s a good choice to stay a little bit. If you stay a little bit of Bitcoin because of the consensus and belief, then staying a little bit of Ether is the beginning of progress for investors, and it takes capital to taste and risk, and it is.

Fork coin representative “Prince” BCH
The development of BCH and BTC can not be said to be unrelated, but only to be inextricably linked. There are different development paths between the two, different community communities, and different ecological layouts.

BCH has had many “bloodsucking” quotes, the highest historical price of BCH broke 4,000 knives, and now the price is stable at more than 1,400 knives, compared with many other mainstream coins, BCH is not a big increase, and the highest wave of increase also appeared in the recent past, but BCH is the ace of many investors’ hearts to make up for the increase, after four years of The BCH market has recently outperformed, but it is a long way from a new high and has a large upside. Recently, the sidechain project Smart Bch is about to go online, the community’s expectations and enthusiasm are unprecedented, Wright and Ether are breaking new highs, BCH quickly rise.

Anonymous Coin Millennium old DASH
Privacy coin is the enduring field, as the representative of anonymous coin dash is favored by many investors, the highest price broke $1500, the current price is stable at more than $400.

Compared to the rise of the last bull market, dash looks a bit weak this time, after all, the community saw at least $500 in this recent wave, and ETC, EOS, and anonymous coin big brother XMR contrasted with low profile too much. Dash is also one of the few mainstream coins where the monthly line is not up, and the expectations brought about by the production cut are not fully played out. But as a representative of the anonymous coin sector, production cuts, old mainstream assets and other aura of support, it is worth ambushing the medium and long term, and also look forward to dash in the product or technology and other ecological surprise to investors. But also need to pay attention to the downgrade risk, Bittrex had downgraded XMR, dash, zcash anonymous coins, for regulatory purposes, anonymous coins will indeed encounter unfavorable.

Domestic public chain representative WICC
The founder is also an early blockchain industry evangelist and beneficiary. He was the godfather of the first generation of dogcoin and united with the community to save dogcoin, and has been preaching dogcoin for three years in China. He has a “sensitive” vision of secondary market investment strategy, and has accumulated a large number of community followers because of his straightforwardness, openness, and precise market judgment. Today, the wiki chain DeFi ecology has matured and perfected, it combines blockchain with commercial applications, taking into account products such as stable coins, collateralized lending, decentralized exchanges, derivatives synthetic assets, NFT, etc.

World Cup as the entry point and reached the climax of the wicc, the next breakout point is likely to be in the World Cup as well, after all, when this project during that period the concept and gimmick deep community, and there may be a chain reaction, wiki chain ecology of coins have the hope of breaking out. For such projects, short-term look at the general market to follow up, but also according to their own situation moderate amount of money fixed investment, medium and long-term position. The founder is good at marketing and the team moves constantly, whether it will eventually be reflected in the coin price is only owed to an east wind.

The Forgotten Actor NU
Coinbase, in the eyes of the vast majority of investors, is indeed a premium asset on line and has made an example to all centralized exchanges by ringing the bell and listing this year. Known as the “wizard” of blockchain keys, NU comes with its own aura in Coinbase online, and strangely enough, when the mainstream rotation and demons are dancing around recently, it is a stable group, and a few days ago, Firecoin online NU did not bring any volatility to it, and even fell down, investors who had expectations for it sighed.

Of course Coinbase’s effect on coins has also affected the chain reaction of many exchanges, creating a blessing myth and traffic king of Coinan is not yet online NU, perhaps this is NU’s last chance, or perhaps the beginning of the opportunity to enter the game with small funds.

Chia is too hot, has been pushed by the market, but to a certain extent, it is enjoying the residual benefits of IPFS. FIL and CRU have done so in a mechanism that can be described as very rigorous, as a spoiler Chia gave up the pledge link, the purpose is to allow more people to participate, so that the idle resources reactivate, but this game must not escape the fate of being held hostage by capital.

On the one hand, it is a race against time for the deployment of miners, and on the other hand, it is faced with unstable secondary market prices. But there is no denying that Chia is currently the fastest return on investment in the field of POC, if there are conditions, you can cooperate with relatively mature data companies, really let the enterprise content idle resources turn up, for the mine to engage in POC computing power is also good, at least in terms of arithmetic power, power supply, hardware support, technical maintenance, etc. have advantages. Therefore, the most advantageous to participate in Chia is mining, to maintain a sense of reverence for the secondary market, do not blindly take over.

Swarm with baggage and strength
Swarm is an official part of the Ether project, mainly developed by the Foundation, allowing mining pools storage, bandwidth and arithmetic resources to support applications based on the Ether network, which started in 2015 and has been studied in depth for more than five years.

Undoubtedly, Swarm is a star project by birth and has itself received the backing of many well-known capitals. At present, some teams engaged in IPFS and Chia have already started to lay out their research on Swarm, and there are also teams that give up the fierce competition of Chia to compete directly with Swarm. However, the relative threshold of Swarm is high, requiring the deployment of nodes to receive airdrops, and even the test coin of the tap at that time has become the meat and potatoes. The official airdrop of BZZ tokens, after which you can focus on its price.

Currently still the darling EOS
Judging from the history of urls, EOS is still the meat and potatoes at least until BM gets a new project. After the protocol upgrade to increase pledge rewards, EOS has doubled, and the rise in the last 2 days is excellent, but it is still far from a new high. Although the big rise in support of a wave, but EOS front is not how to move, this time the market is also more mainstream asset rotation performance., the parent company of EOS, is very rich, and the previously released data shows that the company has about 240,000 bitcoins, not counting other assets. If you really don’t want EOS to get rid of the reputation of a few lumps of shi in the cryptocurrency circle, pulling the disk is the best PR, so the hedged disk can take a bit and build a position before breaking new highs, expecting EOS can continue to hit the three waves of the market.

Waiting for a hundred flowers to bloom Coin NFT
Mainstream coin assets are so eye-catching that the wildly hyped NFT has lowered its profile, but still can’t completely hide the sharpness, starting with DeFi in August last year, decentralized finance, DEX, cross-chain, collateralized lending, etc., and then this year’s NFT are not new concepts, but in front of capital and hype, lining up performance, this time it’s NFT’s turn. SLP, GHST, AXS, etc. all have The popular concept coin cycle is short and volatile, few people can hold long term, short term suitable for small capital game, large capital can also be, provided that there is no shortage of money, if the pressure in the case, doubling a 10 times is normal. The main stream this wave past, NFT overturned the clouds.

Escaping the top is an art, but only for themselves, each investor seeks different returns, can reach or try to reach their own reasonable expectations, it is not negative bull market, but also the lack of sleep due to stare at the plate. In addition, if you do not have enough mental capacity do not touch the contract, especially if you meet the extreme market, no one can safely leave the gambling table.

I can’t read K-line, I can’t analyze data, and there are too many coins, so next time the author will continue to share in understandable and “friendly vernacular”. The above only represents the author’s personal views, does not constitute any investment advice, if there are mistakes, I hope you also a laugh.

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