Boca Weekly : Kusama’s first auction results to be announced

Kusama’s first slot auction starts this week on June 15 at 7pm! Please note that Polkadot-JS will automatically show the winner of crowdloan as “bid” in the auction.


Kusama’s first slot auction starts this week on June 15 at 7pm! Please note that Polkadot-JS will automatically show the crowdloan winner as a “bid” in the auction.

An interesting milestone occurs on June 16 – the total cap on crowdloan for all projects is greater than the number of available KSMs. Please note that the cap is set by the candidate teams themselves, and it is not necessary to reach the cap to actually participate in the auction.

On June 17 at 4pm, Kusama starts the random end period of the first slot auction. The auction can end at any time after the end period begins, but the exact end date can only be retroactively determined on June 22 after the auction ends. Learn more about “How do I bid on the Boka Parallel Chain?” here

As of June 17, there have been 81 requests for parallel chain IDs. This can be checked by the chain status of registrar.nextParaId and subtracting 2000 (non-system, non-benefit chain IDs start at 2000). /

Out of these 81 registered IDs, 13 parallel threads have been registered, 12 of which launch crowdloan on Kusama. parachains/parathreads

If you can’t understand all the parameters on the crowdloan page, see this page, where they are briefly explained. crowdloan-page-on-polkadot-js-explained

If you want to go deeper into the crowdloan mechanism, you can check out the code here. common/src/

The parallel chain themed KusaMEME has begun! It’s an emoji contest where you can win various prizes by making Kusama Memes or similar tasks. edititon/

Boca Weekly : Kusama's first auction results to be announced

Hypercube has completed two video commentary series, funded by the Kusama treasury. If you’d like to contribute to Kusama, make videos, etc., please apply to the Kusama treasury!

SubQuery and Fearless are seeking feedback from the Kusama Board on their motion to focus on the GraphQL API for dApp.

Polkashots, which stores snapshots of the Kusama and Polkadot databases, is applying for a Kusama Repository to integrate IPFS and cover operational costs, and is waiting for feedback from the Kusama Board! 643

Deadline for posting.

The end of the first auction is 2 days away. It is expected to end on June 22nd, around 4pm.

A total of 12 projects have been launched on Kusama

727,305 KSM (6.5% of all KSM) have been locked in crowdloan

The current crowdloan campaign with the most support is Karura (collecting nearly 500,000 KSM from 14,000 accounts)

Staking rate for the Kusama network has dropped to 47%


Premiurly released a motion to apply for treasury, which includes hosting and maintaining Polkassembly, and is currently awaiting feedback from the Polkadot Board.

In this week’s Substrate Seminar, Kian discusses try-runtime. Check back at:

If you are interested in Polkadot governance, you should join the channel. In addition to a more formal proposal for governance changes, Wei Tang outlined a proposal to increase the number of Polkadot board members to 17. Wei Tang’s governance improvement proposal has been moved to Polkassembly for discussion. post/478

The Polkadot Council adopted Figment’s treasury proposal to use DOT as an incentive for the Figment Learn program.

The Polka Ecology Institute is applying for Polkadot treasury funds to export Polka-related Chinese content, and is waiting for feedback from the Polkadot Council!

If you are interested in building a parallel chain, infrastructure or application for Polkadot, you can check out and apply to join the Substrate Builders Program initiated by Parity.


Please note that Polkadot-JS shows the highest bid for the current crowdloan directly as a bid in the Auctions option. However, this bid is “virtual” because the crowdloan bids are actually made automatically at the beginning of the random end period.

Parity Tech is looking for a Lead JavaScript Engineer to join the PolkadotJS team. If you have led a large JavaScript/TypeScript project and have worked at OSS in the past, we look forward to receiving your resume:

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