Bloomberg: Meta (Facebook)’s biggest rival or Tencent in the meta universe

 The concept of “meta universe” that has become popular is actually not very remote or tall. In fact, its earliest origin is from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” published in 1992. We can Entering the virtual three-dimensional world built by computers through some head-mounted display devices is actually an application form in the era of the Internet of Things according to the future. Just recently, Mark Zuckerberg officially changed his company’s name to Meta Platforms Inc., ready to make a big splash in the immersive digital field. However, Facebook is not the only social media giant planning the future in the meta universe…In China, the BAT giants have begun to deploy, and Tencent has been preparing for the same idea a long time ago.


Tencent is the local publisher of Roblox , a gaming platform on which users can create their own virtual worlds. At this stage, Tencent is actively recruiting, and the recruitment target is future immersive game developers. Not only that, the company has even registered Metaverse-related trademarks in China for its social and music applications.

Although Tencent has not divorced from its main operating body-perhaps never-but to be honest, this Chinese company may have an advantage over Meta in terms of turning the Internet’s 3D science fiction concept into reality.

In addition to focusing on social networks, Tencent also runs a huge business empire, covering everything from games to mobile payments to virtual offices. Tencent’s super app, WeChat, doesn’t need to be introduced. People use it to chat, shop, watch videos, order food, call taxis, etc. It is already indispensable to one billion Chinese people. NS.

The following depicts the meta-universe scene surrounding Tencent:

You first design your own 3D avatar on QQ, and then you can use this avatar when you connect live with your colleagues through the Tencent meeting. Immediately after get off work, you used this avatar to play the PUBG mobile game and won the ticket to the Kugou music virtual concert. However, due to time conflicts, you have to sell the ticket on WeChat and use this income to change your profile picture for a new hairstyle, and you will be able to show you in a new image early the next morning. Scenes like this will appear in various fields such as video streaming, games, social networks, e-commerce, and money transactions-and all of these can be made possible through Tencent.

Although Tencent has prepared the technical infrastructure for Metaverse, Beijing’s strict censorship of online content and data security has made things more complicated. We first saw that Roblox’s platform in China cannot interoperate with the global version, and the global version is part of two parallel universes on the Internet today, and is built to cater to China and other parts of the world. Just before Zuckerberg’s 180-degree change in Beijing’s attitude, Facebook has been trying to break into China, the world’s largest smartphone market, for many years, but in vain. But now that if it wants to develop in China’s meta-universe field, Meta may have to face a strong local competitor like Tencent.

So, will China give Tencent more leeway to build something that can compete with Meta on the global stage? This may exist. Just last weekend, a think tank published a paper calling on regulators to strengthen the review of Metaverse for national security considerations. This article believes that China should be prepared to establish technical and ethical standards for Metaverse, and respond to the challenges it poses in areas such as anti-money laundering and intellectual property protection, and Tencent can be the leader of this work.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to Tencent, other Chinese Internet giants are also exploring the meta universe. For example, Baidu invested in the American holographic technology company in 2017, and Alibaba reportedly invested in the AR unicorn company Magic Leap in 2016. , ByteDance spent US$1.5 billion to acquire Pixsoul, a VR software and hardware company. The tech giants have proven the value of Metaverse with actions. It also proves that the concept will not end after hype, because Metaverse is the ultimate vision of complete digitization. Perhaps what we have to do now is to wait for the concept to land and let more companies turn this concept into reality.

But in the final analysis, Metaverse is not just a company’s business, but a physical and digital world created by the integration of thousands of competing companies and creators. No matter who builds it, the meta-universe world is still far away.

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