Blockchain’s ecological reconfiguration of the game industry

Blockchain is an open source distributed shared database (distributed storage and recording of data), a technical system and model that solves the problem of trustworthy and controllable multi-party transactions by using “decentralization”, “data reliability”, “collective maintenance” and “smart contracts”.

Blockchain's ecological reconfiguration of the game industry

Blockchain is an open source distributed shared database (distributed storage and recording of data), a technical system and model that uses “decentralization,” “data reliability,” “collective maintenance,” and other features to solve the problem of trustworthy and controlled multi-party transactions. “In March 2019, the Internet Information Office officially announced the first batch of recorded blockchain products and services, including two game-related blockchain products (“Hash World” and GGC platform). In April 2019, blockchain was recognized as a way to store evidence. In the same month, “Let’s Catch Demons” was launched, which is the first blockchain + AR + offline integration hand game in China, and it successfully topped the Appstore free list within 5 hours of its launch and broke into the top five of the IOS best-seller list on April 14.

Objectively speaking, from the perspective of games, on the one hand, blockchain games will drive the public’s awareness of blockchain upward, and on the other hand, the strong combination of blockchain and existing game types will continuously improve its playability, which will catalyze the wider application of blockchain in the game field, so as to realize the continuous iteration and positive cycle of blockchain games.

I. Blockchain and its value significance in the game industry

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain (Blockchain) has been proposed since 2008, and has gone through stage 1.0 (virtual currency represented by Bitcoin, such as transfer and remittance), stage 2.0 (smart contract application represented by super ledger, such as mortgage and property rights), and entered stage 3.0 (decentralized ecological solution beyond contract in pan-industry, such as application in (applications in culture, games, etc.).

On the one hand, the tamper-evident nature of blockchain fundamentally changes the way centralized credit is created and will enable society to move from personal trust and institutional trust to the era of machine trust.

On the other hand, the birth of blockchain is a reengineering of the underlying logic of the current world, and is a “universal infrastructure” and an empowering “linker” for building the future Internet of value (digital currency + digital assets + ecosystem), representing the future world view.

In addition, the smart contract of blockchain also allows users to interact with real-world assets, thus perfectly connecting the physical world and the virtual world, and some scholars even regard blockchain as the parallel world of the Internet.

  1. Value significance in game industry

From the initial PC online games to mobile games, China’s game industry has experienced a glorious decade and many iterations of business models, product models and user groups. The growth of the “game generation” has put forward higher requirements for the game industry, and many drawbacks of traditional games have been gradually exposed, such as the proliferation of plug-ins, opaque game data, gradually shortening life cycle, unregulated virtual goods trading, monopoly of division channels, low R&D and CP share, and silo effect of game economic system. From the theoretical level, as blockchain gradually enters the 3.0 application stage (optimization of smart contract and implantation of supervision system, etc.), the powerful combination of blockchain and game is expected to break the shackles of traditional game industry.

First of all, the data storage is open, transparent and credible. Since players will generate transactions in the game, there are higher requirements for the transparency of transaction data and so on. The blockchain game can use smart contracts to decentralize the setting of each system, and the algorithm of rare prop content, quantity and lottery probability will also be completely open, which will make the game data stored on the blockchain and will let players participate in it with confidence.

Secondly, the precipitation and circulability of the game assets. The digital assets (such as props, equipment, characters, skins, videos, etc.) in players’ games are stored on the blockchain using blockchain technology, instead of in the operator’s own database, which really makes the ownership of virtual goods belong to players, which can make players get rid of the shackles of centralization in the field of storage and ownership of game items and bring them a better game experience.

Again, it can break the traditional game silo economy. Using digital currency as the settlement method in blockchain games can not only greatly reduce transaction fees and transaction difficulties, but also enable players’ digital assets to circulate globally on the blockchain, which is expected to open up the multi-game ecology.

From the second, strong privacy protection of user information and strong security protection of virtual assets can be realized. The highly redundant distributed consensus based on blockchain technology will allow users to hold private keys and enable their data to be effectively protected.

Second, from speculation to transaction, the ecological reconstruction of blockchain to the game industry

  1. Anti-game hang-ups and anti-cheating

In the blockchain game, each player can be set so that each player has a unique virtual world identity. At the same time, all the participants of the game can join a smart contract and put a certain value of token inside the contract, and the real-time process of the game will be broadcasted to the client of every player who participates in the game, and if there are individual players with external hang-ups (such as perspective hang-ups, self-targeting hang-ups, defense hang-ups, acceleration hang-ups, etc.), their data abnormalities will be “witnessed by all people” and recorded in the blockchain game with an automatic anti-game cheating system. The data abnormality will be “witnessed by all” and recorded in the blockchain information storage file with auto-detection function. When a player loses trust, not only will he or she be unable to enter the game again, his or her smart contract will be invalidated, and his or her earlier token stored in the contract will be allocated to other users. In this way, by raising the consequence for open hang-ups, to reduce the rate of users’ open hang-ups, so as to establish a good set of safe and trustful user system.

  1. Cross-server and cross-game ecological trading system

In the blockchain game, players can realize the generation and consumption of digital assets through normal games, and each transaction can be completed by players and players independently, and all the “bookkeeping” is in the block chain. Through its relatively stable price, digital assets can realize the linkage of the trading ecology of each server, realize the balance of prices among servers, and prevent the unfairness of the game caused by the big difference of prices among servers. The digital assets are bound to players’ game accounts, and players can carry digital assets to exchange for equivalent game assets across games, which greatly enhances the protection of players’ rights and interests while providing a safe and controllable storage and trading method for digital assets.

  1. Innovative multi-role operation that breaks the next-generation wall

In blockchain games, players can use AR, holographic projection and other methods to allow users to show game characters or scenes in a panoramic view on mobile terminals. In this way, the interaction between the virtual world and real players will enhance the attractiveness of the game and capture a large number of players. And based on the characteristics of AR and other technologies that can connect online and offline, the game can enhance strong social attributes. Players can meet with their friends for offline trips, etc., and explore AR in the real world altogether, which not only helps players establish a strong emotional link with the game characters, but also achieves the purpose of healthy travel, and can also break through the psychological sub-wall of players, thus innovatively realizing the multi-role operation of blockchain games.

  1. Deep marketing helps business linkage develop rapidly

In blockchain games, players make use of the overlapping settings of the game system and real-world retail merchants to carry out a series of deep linkages through payment means such as WeChat and Alipay, and encourage players to come out of their homes to experience the game through generous offline benefits. In addition, blockchain games can also attract players’ attention to the greatest extent through a series of marketing activities before and after the launch, which can, on the one hand, arouse players’ interest through the intuitive communication of game play features and, on the other hand, enhance the game’s exposure and influence by means of the “leaving home declaration” event of stars and KOLs (Key Opinion Leader). To enhance the exposure and influence of the game. In addition, in the ecosystem, the application scenario can also be extended to IP trading, project crowdfunding and other fields.

To sum up, the successful combination of blockchain and game shows that blockchain has entered a brand new stage. The economic effect emerging from blockchain games and the sharing thinking provide a new possibility for the development of future games. It is believed that with the continuous progress of blockchain technology, it will be deeply combined with more games in the future and may lead a large number of blockchain games to cell phones, thus catalyzing more application scenarios and helping the high-quality development of the pan-entertainment industry, including game socialization.

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