Blockchain will reconstruct the information industry system

Recently, the “Beijing City’s Implementation Plan on Accelerating the Construction of a Global Digital Economy Benchmark City” was released. The plan pointed out that it is necessary to advance the deployment of a generation of digital technology innovations and advance the deployment of the blockchain.

In June, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Central Cyberspace Administration jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Application of Blockchain Technology and Industrial Development.” At present, Beijing has advanced the layout of the blockchain, and the country is accelerating the application of blockchain technology and industrial development. How should we understand the application of blockchain technology?

Blockchain is an important part of the new generation of information technology. It is a new type of database software integrated with a variety of technologies such as distributed networks, encryption technology, and smart contracts. It is expected to solve the trust and Security issues promote the transformation of the Internet from transmitting information to transmitting value, and reconstruct the information industry system.

Fang Xiaoxi, a professor at Renmin University of China and a blockchain financial research expert, said that blockchain technology can be combined with many industries, namely “blockchain+”; in “blockchain+”, blockchain has greater significance The above is to play a role as a new type of network protocol and a new type of database.

Encryption currency can be said to be the application scenario where blockchain technology really landed, but the application of blockchain technology is definitely not just speculation. Regarding the digital renminbi that the people are currently paying attention to, Fang Xiaoxi said that the central bank will issue digital currencies to improve payment efficiency, prepare for future changes in payment patterns, and at the same time strengthen government supervision of finance. In addition, the cross-border flow of digital currency is convenient, which can effectively avoid economic sanctions and blockades from other countries in the process of foreign trade.

The most anticipated is the application of blockchain technology in the disclosure of government information. The application scenarios of the “blockchain + government service” model mainly include resident identity authentication, electronic certificates, social integrity management, and government information disclosure. In terms of social integrity management, blockchain can simultaneously disclose personal integrity information contained in bank credit reporting systems and other credit management systems, enabling accurate inquiries and efficient approvals when handling loans, repayments, and commercial matters.

Fang Xiaoxi pointed out that the decentralization and openness of the blockchain are very suitable for application in the disclosure of government big data, which can make the government’s decision-making more transparent and make the government’s administrative decision-making more traceable.

“Currently, there are too many problems in the logistics industry, and there is an urgent need to link the track with the block.” Fang Xiaoxi believes. It is understood that currently Tmall successfully uses blockchain technology for logistics data analysis, and FedEx is testing the application of blockchain technology.

For the combination of blockchain and the Internet of Things, Fang Xiaoxi believes that the most critical point is that the blockchain can help process and store the massive amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things. He pointed out that the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain are all emerging technologies in today’s business world. These technologies may fundamentally change the way organizations operate in the future.

The data and transaction history in the blockchain can be traced, and each participant can see the historical events of the entire transaction. Fang Xiaoxi pointed out that the combination of blockchain and big data has prominent advantages, that is, ensuring the credibility of data, making data sharing easier, preventing data loss, predicting and insight into market conditions, etc., such as central enterprises, banks, etc. can directly through data insights Market trends.

Regarding the changes brought about by the combination of blockchain and big data, Fang Xiaoxi summarized the following aspects: improving data quality through structured collection of data, improving data security through distributed networks, protecting data privacy through cryptography, Simplify data access, prevent fraudulent activities through algorithm verification, and achieve reliable real-time data insights.

The advantages of blockchain security are mainly reflected in three aspects: “privacy protection, crash recovery, and prevention of data manipulation.” Fang Xiaoxi predicts that as blockchain technology matures, blockchain innovations in various industries and business models will be seen.

Fang Xiaoxi is very optimistic about blockchain empowering industry economy. For example, cross-border remittances are currently time-consuming and costly, but if the blockchain network is connected to a bank, all compliance and ID checks will be automatically completed and identity verification through encrypted signatures. The transaction usually takes only a few seconds to settle; at the same time; Transaction records are transparent and can be checked, and currently have applications.

Blockchain technology is expected to save the outdated supply chain. Fang Xiaoxi emphasized that every stage of the product, from manufacturing to packaging, will be recorded and provided to all stakeholders, which avoids cutting corners, falsifying information, etc. .

Fang Xiaoxi believes that blockchain technology will usher in the 2.0 era of the sharing economy. Blockchain services allow individuals to directly interconnect, share, and trade, realizing true peer-to-peer transactions and “sharing economy”. (Reporter He Cuiyun)


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