Blockchain ’s disruptive wealth redistribution cryptography DEP DAO

Dep-DAO is based on the DAO organization ecology initiated by the underlying public chain of DREP. It aims to create a decentralized organization and implement community co-construction of ecological collaborative autonomy. On this basis, DEP emerges as the times require. It is equipped with web3.0 technology and integrates DeFi2.0 A multifunctional ecological platform integrating DEP, swap and DAO, with basic technology as the underlying infrastructure layer: the basic technology layer includes all the infrastructure that supports DEP DAO and its derivative applications, including basic Internet protocols, blockchain technology, large Data measurement, etc., with intelligent management as the main governance method.


The governance of DEP DAO is a kind of intelligent autonomy. According to the nature and goals of the organization, a series of open, fair and consensus systems are coded through smart contracts, starting from digitization, guaranteed by artificial intelligence technology, and coordinated on-chain and off-chain. Governance means, as well as the value creation of borderless groups, realize the self-governance and self-evolution of the organization. Due to the limitations of current technology, DEP DAO governance adopts the model of “minority on-chain governance + main off-chain governance”. As the technology matures, it is gradually shifting to on-chain governance.


DEP DAO’s blockchain-based token economy is the main incentive method: Token is a tradable digital asset and proof of rights and interests. Token integrates equity attributes (value-added, with long-term benefits), real rights and currency attributes (in can be circulated within a certain range) in one.

The initiators, developers and other stakeholders of DEP DAO have system property rights in the form of sharing, and the main organizational form is mixed order and three-dimensional: the organization has abandoned the traditional single-line competition and linear thinking in the process of evolution, and is no longer limited It is based on the internal and bureaucratic management system, and breaks the mechanical model of separation of value activities. DEP DAO based on the value network is a multi-center ecological three-dimensional network organizational structure that is mixed, flat, parallel (virtual and real), and human-machine integration. It breaks the functional organizational structure based on division of labor and realizes the vertical Synergy to parallel synergy, from orderly to mixed, from the pursuit of stability and solidification to the pursuit of relative stability and dynamic balance, from a relatively single form to a transformation of diversified forms. Diverse forms of expression: DEP DAO has various forms of expression. It is not only a digital currency, but also a DEP DAO logo, and it is a voting ticket to promote its organization. As this increasingly diverse landscape demonstrates, the DEP DAO strives to be the organizational primitive of Web3, reshaping governance, investing, working, creating, and giving. 2022 will see the category, and quality of DEP DAOs change dramatically in the future.


DEP DAO originated from the chain circle, and on-chain governance is the main decision-making method of DEP DAO. Its core point is Decentralize, that is, decentralization. For each individual participating in DEP DAO, the significance of DAO lies in consensus. The first phase will rely on the governance of the token-anchored voting rights. In the future, decentralized identities such as POH/BrightID at the governance level + time voting rights will be used to achieve relatively fair governance.

At a reasonable incentive level, the incentives for DEP DAO Foundation members and proposals will develop in the direction of tokenization. The stability of the governance layer is further stabilized through the voting of foundation members and the entire network. The DEP token itself is a value The embodiment of DEP will make DEP more cohesive when creating its value. At the same time, in order to avoid the more loose structure of DEP DAO compared with traditional companies, it will open up different incentive policies and future decision-making rights of the foundation.


The emergence of Web 3 and the rise of the concept of Metaverse have allowed people to spontaneously establish countless extended group spaces. People will discuss and make decisions together on a purpose, and finally achieve the goal, the participation of the DEP DAO organization will reach an unprecedented level.

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