Blockchain is the “hydropower” of the virtual world. Ant and Huawei call for a joint ecosystem

Si Xueming, director of the Blockchain Committee of the China Computer Society, pointed out in his speech: “As far as the blockchain industry is concerned, TO G (government) projects now account for the majority. TO B (enterprise) is relatively speaking. Relatively few, TO C (individual) is still being explored, but there are basically no successful cases.”

At the “2021 World Blockchain Conference Hangzhou” forum hosted by Babbitt on July 24, issues such as how to implement the application of the blockchain industry and the challenges that the industry currently faces have become the focus of attention of all parties.

Li Daokui, Dean of the Chinese Institute of Economic Thought and Practice of Tsinghua University, believes that the fourth industry will explore the virtual world. Blockchain technology is a foundation for future information exchanges in the virtual world. It will become the “water” and “electricity” of the fourth industry. “. Internet companies such as Ant and Huawei have proposed to build a blockchain industry ecosystem.

Blockchain needs TO C application products

Si Xueming, director of the Blockchain Committee of the China Computer Society, pointed out in his speech: “As far as the blockchain industry is concerned, TO G (government) projects now account for the majority. TO B (enterprise) is relatively speaking. Relatively few, TO C (individual) is still being explored, but there are basically no successful cases.”

The “Future Blockchain Industry Development Report 2021” released on platforms such as Babbitt and Enterprise Chacha shows that the current blockchain industry’s main application directions are concentrated in government affairs (including people’s livelihood), finance, justice, real economy and other fields.

In his suggestions for the development of the blockchain industry, Si Xueming put forward: “To build a TO C blockchain application service platform.”

Li Daokui, Dean of the Chinese Institute of Economic Thought and Practice at Tsinghua University, believes that mankind will develop the fourth industry—information service industry, and there is a need to create a new virtual world.

Li Daokui said: “Why is the information service industry important? My point is that when you and I have met the basic food and clothing, and the basic needs in this world, we will enter a virtual world. This virtual world is related to Our real world has a certain degree of separation.” “I personally think that blockchain technology is a basis for future information exchanges in the virtual world, because in the virtual world, you can’t see people, how to verify your identity? How to verify key information? No blockchain technology.”

At present, the digital renminbi may be the most blockchain-related application for ordinary users.

According to the “White Paper on China’s Digital Renminbi Research and Development Progress”, as of June 30, 2021, there have been more than 1.32 million digital yuan pilot scenarios, covering life payment, catering services, transportation, shopping and consumption, government services and other fields. More than 20.87 million personal wallets and 3.51 million public wallets were opened. The total number of transactions was 70.75 million, with an amount of approximately 34.5 billion yuan.

Babbitt CEO Wang Lei said: “This number is very staggering, and the digital renminbi contains many business opportunities.”

Industrial scale has not yet appeared

According to the “Future Blockchain Industry Development Report 2021”, there are currently 75,121 blockchain-related enterprises in China. Beginning in 2018, China’s blockchain startups have shown explosive growth, especially in the past two years. The establishment of blockchain startups has been particularly remarkable. From July 2020 to June 2021, new domestic blockchains have been established. 36862 enterprises.

The number of blockchain companies has achieved explosive growth, but the industrial effect of scale seems to have not yet appeared. Public information shows that there are still no listed companies in the domestic blockchain industry.

Jin Ge, vice president of Ant Group’s intelligent technology business group, said: “I haven’t seen the process of full scale.”

“I want to pour cold water on everyone. In the past year, I have come into contact with a large number of blockchain innovative companies. Frankly speaking, they are not living very well, and the scale is about dozens of people.” Jin Ge Said in the speech.

Si Xueming believes that in terms of the landing benefits of blockchain applications, economic and social benefits need to be improved, and there are still few heavyweight applications. In terms of the scale of landing, the scale of nodes and the scope of application are relatively small.

Jin Ge said that only when it is combined with the economy to produce a rolling effect, the continuous development of economic income, the continuous development of company income, and the continuous development of scale can this industry be done.

However, according to the “Future Blockchain Industry Development Report 2021”, in the financing rounds of blockchain companies, the proportion of seed rounds has gradually decreased, and the proportion of PreA/A/A+ and strategic investment/M&A rounds has gradually increased.

The report sorted out the TOP10 financing events of China’s blockchain companies from May 2020 to June 2021, and the single financing exceeded tens of millions of yuan.

“Since 16 years, traditional companies have begun to enter the market, including some large companies that have begun to deploy in the blockchain industry. Especially in recent years, there have been many large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and unicorn companies have begun to appear.” CEO of Babbitt Wang Lei introduced.

Relying on blockchain technology alone cannot complete large-scale parallel application scenarios. Therefore, the integration of multiple technologies has now become a consensus in the industry.

Zhang Xiaojun, chief strategy officer of Huawei’s blockchain, said that from a single technology perspective, blockchain is not enough to meet the current credibility requirements based on data elements. Therefore, how the blockchain cooperates with peripheral technologies and the network becomes the key.

Jin Ge said: “We have come to a conclusion that the blockchain is not a panacea. We really want to apply the blockchain to the scene to solve customer problems. It is necessary to integrate multiple technologies, which requires both large-scale network underlying technologies. , To improve the efficiency of consensus. Technology such as privacy computing is also needed to solve the shortcomings of blockchain in large-scale data joint modeling and data federation learning. We also need to be similar to AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things). ) This kind of technology solves the link between the physical world and the digital world.”

“Before the arrival of large-scale industrial applications, the integration of multiple technologies is an inevitable development trend.” Jin Ge said.

Dachang focuses on ecological construction

On July 15, IDC China released its first BaaS (blockchain as a service) market share report. The report shows that AntChain ranked first with a market share of 31.7%, and Huawei (12.6%) and Inspur (11.7%) ranked second and third.

Internet giants such as Ant and Huawei have proposed to build a blockchain ecosystem.

On July 16, online audio platform Litchi FM announced that it had joined the AntChain. At present, ByteDance, Visual China, Rococo, Bug Music, Xinhua Zhiyun and other partners have joined the AntChain copyright service platform.

Jin Ge said that the strength of AntChain lies in solving technical problems, and the combination of scenarios requires more ecological partners to join. He believes that ” all our manufacturers must unite to form a huge ecosystem to promote the development of the entire industry, so that we will have a common and better vision.”

Zhang Xiaojun said: “At present, in the case of a single chain, the blockchain cannot be used on a large scale.” “Because the blockchain itself is not like the Internet for big data transmission, it must be a consortium, not a consortium. Therefore, the blockchain will inevitably be restrained in the future development.”

Zhang Xiaojun revealed that in September this year, Huawei expects to release an autonomous, controllable, safe and efficient blockchain network with software and hardware coordination. The network can reach 1,000 network planes, and the TPS can reach performance requirements between 50,000 and 80,000. Huawei will let go of the upper-end applications and unite all partners to jointly create a blockchain ecosystem.

At present, domestic major Internet companies such as Ant, Huawei, Baidu,, and Tencent have all developed their own blockchain ecosystems. The major overseas technology giants are also rapidly expanding their blockchain layout.

On July 8, Samsung announced the launch of a “paperless” service on its website. Samsung SDS encrypts and stores data such as large-capacity documents and sensitive personal information on a separate server, and only uses hash values ​​for documents or data. , Solve the problem of forgery and tampering of documents through blockchain technology. Prior to this, Samsung has completed the layout of ASIC chips, hardware wallets, development tool libraries, enterprise blockchain platforms, investment and financing in the blockchain industry.

IBM blockchain now has 500+ effective blockchain directions in operation, covering multiple industry sectors such as trade finance, supply chain and identity authentication services.

In addition, giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook have already entered the track.

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