Blockchain is entering the era of derivatives

In the past, when it comes to blockchain, we usually associate it with digital currency for granted. It seems that digital currency must be the only destination of the blockchain. However, any practice of talking about the blockchain without digital currency is outrageous. Now, however, such an outrageous scene is becoming a mainstream. The blockchain is the blockchain, and the digital currency is the phenomenon of digital currency, which is happening more and more around us.

Whether it is the Metaverse or NFT, we can actually classify them as blockchains. The blockchain has entered a derivative era dominated by diversified development from the era of single digital currency as the ultimate destination. It has to be said that this is the main sign of the maturity of the blockchain. Because it is the continuous emergence of blockchain “derivatives” that allows us to learn more about what a blockchain is and what it can do.

Therefore, it is a good thing that the blockchain has entered the era of “derivatives”. However, what we need to pay attention to is that we should look at the blockchain’s entry into the era of “derivatives” from a new perspective, not just the era of “derivatives” of blockchain as a +” era similar existence.

Blockchain “derivatives” are not equivalent to “Internet +”

In the current blockchain market, we see two factions. The first faction is to regard the blockchain as a technology, and constantly develop the technology of the blockchain, trying to find more new ways of applying the blockchain with technological breakthroughs; the second faction is to use The blockchain is regarded as an application. They do not do the research and development of blockchain technology, but just blindly find the implementation and application of the blockchain. It is worth noting that the huge investment required in the research and development of blockchain technology has finally caused more and more blockchain players to fall to the second faction.

At first glance, this appears to be no problem. However, if we analyze it carefully, we will find that the so-called players who are dominated by the application of blockchain are actually caught in a vicious circle similar to “Internet +”. Bringing it into a new stage of development will even bring the development of the blockchain to a dead end. The reason is that blockchain “derivatives” are not equivalent to “Internet +”.

  • The maturity of the blockchain is far from the level of the Internet.

Although after several baptisms, people’s understanding of the blockchain has gradually become clear, but we still cannot deny that the blockchain is still a relatively immature and primitive reality. This is not just because the technology of the blockchain itself is still primitive. The deeper reason is that the environment in which the blockchain exists is not yet fully complete, which is also a major reason.

For the blockchain to achieve real maturity, it needs the advent of the digital age. In such a digital age, both the Internet economy and the real economy can be presented in the form of numbers and data. At this time, the function and role of blockchain in data transmission can be brought into full play. However, what state of development are we currently experiencing? It can be said that even the most basic digital economy era has not been completed and realized.

At such a time when it is in the ascendant, it can be said that it is too early for us to talk about the maturity of the blockchain. When the blockchain is still so primitive and immature, we do not study the technology of the blockchain in-depth, and seek development opportunities with technological breakthroughs, but just regard the blockchain as a gimmick and concept, and blindly carry out ” Blockchain+”. On the surface, it is engaged in the blockchain, in essence, it is doing the Internet. In the long run, not only will the blockchain lose good development opportunities, but it will even bring the development of the blockchain to a dead end.

  • The status of the blockchain is not as good as that of the Internet.

One of the important reasons why the Internet can affect and change people’s production and imbalances so deeply is that the establishment of the Internet’s dominant position, especially the status of the Internet as a basic existence that is accepted by most people. establish. Different from the widespread recognition of the Internet, the blockchain is still a niche existence, and even in some cases, the blockchain has not been truly recognized by everyone.

When the status of the blockchain has not been recognized, what we see is that many people, even many blockchain players, still regard the blockchain as a similar existence to other types of new technologies. In many cases, the blockchain we see emerges at the same time as new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. The blockchain appeared together with them. On the one hand, what we see is that people’s understanding of the blockchain is not clear; on the other hand, what we see is that the status of the blockchain has not yet been truly established.

The author believes that when the status of the blockchain is not as recognized and respected as the Internet. We blindly use the blockchain to deeply integrate with other external industries, not only can we not maximize the function and role of the blockchain, but also the functions and roles of the new technologies that appear with the blockchain. Unable to get maximum performance. From this point of view, it is also inappropriate to simply regard the blockchain as an existence similar to “Internet +”.

  • The integrity of the blockchain is not as good as the Internet.

The advent of any era, or in other words, any era, must be the achievement and realization of a complete and widely recognized ecology. In the age of the Internet, that is the case. One of the important reasons why we call the Internet era the Internet era is that the Internet has formed a relatively complete and diverse ecology, and under such an ecology, every aspect of people’s production and life is One aspect can be included.

As mentioned above, blockchain is still a relatively niche existence. To put it more exaggeratedly, it is not as good as the Internet 20 years ago. When the blockchain cannot form a complete and diverse ecosystem, if we are still simply comparing the blockchain with the Internet, or even using the thinking and logic of “Internet +” to develop the blockchain, not only The normal development of the blockchain cannot be promoted, and it will even completely bring the blockchain into a dead end of concepts and marketing gimmicks.

Earlier, the author once had a point of view that the blockchain only builds a huge ecosystem, and in such an ecosystem, we can see traces of the blockchain anytime, anywhere. Only then can we use “blockchain+” to do the “Internet+” work we have done in the past. If the blockchain is still just sporadic and isolated applications without forming a huge, complete and collaborative system, then we just use the “Internet +” thinking to implement the blockchain, only Blockchain leads to a dead end.

When the blockchain cannot compete with the Internet in so many aspects, then, at this time, the so-called blockchain we see is entering the era of derivatives, which will only bring the development of the blockchain to a dead end. inside. In the long run, the blockchain will not only fail to achieve long-term development, but will even become a concept and a gimmick. Therefore, we need to use new ways and methods to prevent the blockchain from entering the era of derivatives.

In the era of “derivatives” of blockchain, technology is still the driving force

The author believes that the era of “Internet +” is actually an era driven by concepts and gimmicks. In such an era, as long as you can come up with enough novel ideas, you can get capital and attention, and you can get traffic. In essence, “Internet +” is an era with marketing as its internal driving force. It is worth noting that this appeared in the context of the mature Internet industry. From the perspective of the development status of the blockchain, we still have to use technology as the driving force to find the “derivatives” of the blockchain. , in order to obtain long-term development.

  • The “soil” of the blockchain is not really mature.

The author believes that there is still a huge space for development of blockchain technology. One of the important reasons is that its soil is not really mature and perfect. When the “soil” of the blockchain is not really mature, there is a certain possibility of evolution in the development of the blockchain. As mentioned above, the maturity of the blockchain requires the advent of the digital economy era. However, the current digital economy has not yet reached the level of maturity.

When the digital economy is still immature, then the blockchain technology it breeds is also immature and primitive. In the future, with the continuous development and improvement of the digital economy, we will also see the continuous improvement and improvement of blockchain technology, and with the improvement and evolution of blockchain technology, we will also see more related derivatives. The emergence of a new species of blockchain.

To put it simply, the continuous evolution of blockchain technology has resulted in the emergence of different applications of blockchain. As long as the technology of the blockchain continues to evolve, the derivatives of the blockchain will continue to evolve. From this point of view, we still need to regard the iteration and update of technology as the core of the blockchain “derivatives” era.

  • The “status” of blockchain has not really been established.

As mentioned above, when we talk about blockchain now, we usually look at it on a par with other new technologies. In fact, is blockchain like this? Obviously not. A mature blockchain in the true sense should be above other new technologies, and can connect other new technologies in series, or even integrate other new technologies.

When people look at the blockchain, they uphold the same thinking as other new technologies, it can only show that the blockchain technology still has room for development, it still does not let people see the difference between it and other new technologies, more It does not take on the function and role of integrating other new technologies and connecting other new technologies. On the other hand, blockchain technology still has a lot of room for development.

It is precisely because of this that we will say that when the blockchain enters the era of “derivatives”, it is still an era that requires technology as the internal driving force. Only by constantly improving the blockchain technology and establishing its “leadership” status, can the development of the blockchain be brought to a new stage of development. Of course, in such a process, we still need to take the development and evolution of technology as the basic driving force.

  • The “ecology” of the blockchain is not connected in series.

A mature ecosystem is very important for any technology. This is not only used on the blockchain, but also on the Internet.Just imagine, if the ecology of the Internet has not been formed, can we see the current Internet players building one large platform after another? Can they gather all this and that traffic on their own platform? Obviously, it can’t.

Therefore, the maturity and completeness of the ecology has led to the maturity of Internet technology, and has truly achieved the advent of the Internet era. The same is true for blockchain. Although we have seen that the blockchain industry has been implemented and applied in many scenarios, and in many scenarios, the blockchain has brought us a different experience. However, most of these applications of blockchain are isolated, fragmented, and not connected into a network. How to solve? The author believes that it is still necessary to start with technology, and to achieve ecological achievement through continuous improvement and development of blockchain technology, and truly connect the application of blockchain in different scenarios.

From this point of view, the advent of the era of blockchain “derivatives” still needs to be realized from the perspective of technology. Without the driving force of blockchain technology, there will be no ecological achievement, and the lack of ecology will seriously affect and change the future development and trend of blockchain to a certain extent.


On the surface, what we see is the separation of blockchain and digital currency. Under such a big background, the implementation and application of blockchain began to develop vigorously. Obviously, an era of “blockchain+” similar to “Internet+” is coming. In my opinion, this is not a good thing for the blockchain, on the contrary, it will bring the development of the blockchain to a dead end. Based on technology, with technology as the internal driving force, it may be the right way to open a new era of blockchain “derivatives”.

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