Blockchain game GoldFever takes a step forward in experience and money making

Recently meta-universe is hot and many people are playing it, blockchain games are slowly starting to enter everyone’s mind.

Recently meta-universe is very hot, quite a few people are playing it, and blockchain games are slowly starting to come into everyone’s view.

The tokens of Axie Infinity game have gone up a hundred times from the lowest point at the beginning of the year to the highest point, which is a great return. The game and NFT are also being closely combined to come up with more ways to play, and there is no need to say much about NFT, which you hear about in the market from time to time.

With the upgrade of the Etherchain, the development of side chains and 2 layers, and the improvement of the performance of public chains, giving games an increasingly large stage to show their skills, many interesting games will be born. Just like cell phones from 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, it seems a simple upgrade of internet speed, but how many life-changing applications have been born.

Blockchain games, too, have evolved all the way from simple card collection games of crypto cats to card collection + battle breeding and other contents of axie.

Today, we introduce a multiplayer online role-playing game, Gold Fever.

I. What is Gold Fever?

At its core, Gold Fever is an online multiplayer role-playing game that allows players to actually own rare in-game items such as characters, weapons, and artifacts. The top endgame developed by Unreal IV is probably the best blockchain game with the best graphics available.

Blockchain game GoldFever takes a step forward in experience and money making

Gold Fever creates a decentralized structured game economy by leveraging NFT to achieve digital scarcity, creating a new source of income for players and expanding the development of a strong in-game economy.

Gold Fever games are set in the context of the 18th-19th century gold rush, with tribes and adventures pitted against each other for more treasure.

Gold Fever adds tokens and NFTs to the game, and gamers with mining certificates NFTs can acquire more mining rights. It also increases access to more game content through token locking and burning, thus creating a high quality GameFi.

II. Gold Fever Virtual World

Gold Fever is a huge virtual world consisting of a continental area and several surrounding islands. Players begin their journey in the city before setting out in search of gold.

Blockchain game GoldFever takes a step forward in experience and money making

In the Gold Fever world there are various functional infrastructures such as: donkey stables, boat docks, stores (survival supplies, tools, clothes, etc.), repair stores, banks, bars, restaurants and hotels, etc.

In the virtual world of Gold Fever, two camps are designed, each with different goals and challenges in the game.

There are also four types of tokens designed to keep the virtual world running, such as lending game tokens, renting or leasing in-game items, upgrading skills or items, selling and trading NFT, etc.

III. Gold Fever’s Characters

There are two camps in the game: the tribe and the adventurers.

Blockchain game GoldFever takes a step forward in experience and money making

Adventurers: Mine for gold, trade for props, and gain more abilities.

Tribal faction: stop adventurers, kill adventurers and destroy their facilities to get rewards from the gods.

The main goal of the adventurers is to extract as much gold as possible from the rivers and the surrounding mountains. The adventurers, on the other hand, are seen as invaders by the tribe, which wants to destroy anyone who invades their territory and will try to take the gold back in any case. Which camp will you choose?

Blockchain game GoldFever takes a step forward in experience and money making

In addition to adventurers and tribal factions, of course, there are two other important roles: capitalist and trader.

Capitalist: use NGL (game tokens) to buy mining license, but capitalist can’t mine gold alone, cooperate with adventurer to finish mining. After the cooperation is reached, the capitalist and the adventurer will divide the gold specified in the mining license in proportion to each other.

Merchant: earn money and become an item creator, lead a guild or invest in infrastructure to capitalize on the constant demand for services and items needed by adventurers.

Blockchain game GoldFever takes a step forward in experience and money making

IV. Gold Fever Token Model

1)Jul, the game’s internal unit of account, not considered cryptocurrency, can use fiat currency, cryptocurrency to buy JUL (can be understood as the entry gold channel coins).

2) Native Gold (NGL): represents the gold resources that players can find in the game river.

3) Julius’s Brain (JBR): Governance tokens that are airdropped to Gold Fever participants on a regular basis.

4) NFT tokens: Used to NFT characters, artifacts and other rare items in the game. For example, the player’s character is represented by an NFT, and the game character becomes part of what can be traded, and the experience and reputation the player gains through the game affects the value of the NFT. For example, weapons and equipment are NFTed, see below.

Blockchain game GoldFever takes a step forward in experience and money making

Among the four tokens, NGL is the base token in the game and the core token for Gold Fever’s entire project economy to function.

Total number of NGL tokens: 80 million, allocated as follows.

Blockchain game GoldFever takes a step forward in experience and money making

Fundraising amount: 1,250,000USD

Initial circulation: USD 502,400,000

Unlocking method: Unlocked in 5 times, TGE unlocked 20%, remaining 20% every quarter

Gold Fever game is expanding into new content and formats compared to for blockchain games. For the game, Gold Fever introduces token economy and NFT in the game, so that players can generate income in multiple ways in the game, expanding the economic system of the game, thus attracting more game players.

If one is bullish on blockchain games, then projects like Gold Fever and others that are early explorers are worth watching. While it may fail, if it succeeds it will bring very rich rewards, such as Axie giving 100x returns to early participants.

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