Blockchain era, Wuji Lab makes technology “for good” development

With its self-developed “horoscope” system, Wuji Lab has repeatedly conducted professional graphical and correlation analysis of on-chain data for the police, which has greatly accelerated the investigation process of blockchain crime cases.

In recent years, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies have been constantly updated and iterated to improve the service level and efficiency of various industries at an extraordinary speed, and also bring great convenience to people’s daily life.

However, the “neutral” position of technology inevitably makes it easy to become a new type of trigger and means for a series of illegal and criminal acts. Fortunately, more and more enterprises are now aware of the problem, and the concept of “technology for good” is gradually becoming the consensus of the industry and society.

In the field of blockchain, with the further expansion of the global digital currency market, crime in the traditional financial world has also “evolved with the times” because of the emergence of this new technology. In this context, Wuji Lab’s Star of Fortune and Chainalysis Reactor of the United States were born and have played an important role in the process of fighting and combating blockchain crimes by the global public prosecution and law enforcement agencies.

Three years to sharpen a sword, Wuji Lab is now due to “astrology”

On June 3, 2021, Z-Labs was officially established. Before the establishment of Z-Labs, many people may not know that this low-key blockchain security technology team has used its self-developed “Star Atlas” system to provide data analysis, evidence collection and fund tracking for blockchain cases involving currency fraud, money laundering and pyramid schemes for police in 30 provinces and cities across China. We have assisted more than 100 times.

Wuji Lab is composed of experts in various fields such as security, risk control and compliance, focusing on on-chain intelligence analysis, security attack and defense confrontation and risk control strategy research to combat on-chain malpractice and help blockchain network security governance. In fact, as early as July 2018, the security technology team of Wuji Lab officially launched the independent research and development of the on-chain analysis system – “Ascendant”, which started to be open for use in some fields in September 2019.

Blockchain era, Wuji Lab makes technology "for good" development

(Photo: Ascendant helps locate a fraudulent group)

As the main carrier of Wuji Lab’s security technology capability, the “Ascendant” system has accumulated more than 1 billion pieces of on-chain data, security intelligence data and event analysis data, and the number of identifiable addresses exceeds 150 million, of which more than 250,000 malicious addresses have been tracked and marked in the lab, covering various dimensions such as mongrel, dark web, money disk, kill disk and other dimensions. Compare this to Chainalysis, a blockchain data analytics company founded in 2014, whose data volume is not far behind.

Chainalysis is a well-known company focused on blockchain big data and security services, and its clients include not only cryptocurrency exchanges, but also government law enforcement agencies such as Homeland Security Investigations, the FBI, the IRS, the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms, the DEA, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Secret Service, and the CIA. on March 26, 2021 Chainalysis announced a $100 million Series D round of funding led by top-tier capital Paradigm, resulting in a post-investment valuation of over $2 billion.

It is such a specialized company that is attracting global capital competition, they have hundreds of millions of tagged addresses, and the number of similar addresses held by Wuji Lab exceeds 150 million. With reference to Chainalysis, Wuji Lab’s data reserve and technical strength in the field of blockchain big data and security are undoubtedly in the global leading position, and its social value has been well reflected in many actual cases.

The “horoscope” helps police, Xiaogan police cross-country to break up a major wire fraud gang

The “Astrology” system can visualize the long-term rich experience of Wuji Lab team members in confrontation analysis into various advanced analysis and screening functions, forming a set of highly automated and intelligent on-chain tracking and analysis system, and can effectively assist front-line authorities to quickly complete the tracking and positioning of assets on the chain and confirm the flow of assets. .

On March 27, 2019, a telecom fraud case occurred in Yingcheng City, Hubei Province, in which a citizen was cheated out of millions of yuan by a telecom fraud gang in the name of buying lottery tickets. After investigation, local police initially determined that the fraud ring was located in the Philippines. That year, the Ministry of Public Security agreed to form a working group of police from many parts of the country to focus on the Philippines, and the Xiaogan Public Security Bureau also sent members to participate. Subsequently, the suspect of the Yingcheng fraud case suddenly returned to China and was captured by the police.

Thereafter, the Xiaogan police working group stayed in the Philippines to continue the case expansion and other preliminary investigation of clues. During this period, assigned by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry, the Hubei police took over a tip reporting a wire fraud den in Quezon. According to the content provided by the informant, the police initially grasped a “piggy bank” fraud den under the guise of stock and virtual currency investment, involving hundreds of people.

The group took in a lot of cross-border people under the pretext of recruiting for foreign trade companies, and then by purchasing the personal information of some stockholders, and by means of coercion and duress, asked cross-border people to brainwash in various ways to lure other victims into the company’s commodity trading platform to do virtual currency trading and implement the “piggy bank” scam.

Since the case also involved virtual currency trading, the police invited the Wuji Lab security technology team to provide technical assistance during the investigation of the case. During the collaboration, Wuji Lab team members used “horoscope” to analyze the initial clues provided by the police and came up with multiple addresses, while further tracing more than a hundred associated addresses, and then through repeated verification and tracing, the Wuji Lab team finally identified the main addresses used by the suspects to realize the transfer of assets on the chain, helping The police identified the upstream and downstream relationships and successfully locked the suspects.

Blockchain era, Wuji Lab makes technology "for good" development

(Photo: “Ascendant” analysis based on the clues provided by the police)

On December 19, 2019, under the command of the Ministry of Public Security, the Xiaogan Public Security Bureau went to the Philippines to combat new telecommunication network crime working group in conjunction with Hubei Huanggang, Shaanxi Xianyang, Jiangsu Nanjing and other local public security organs, with the assistance of the Philippine Presidency, the Department of Justice, the Bureau of Immigration, the Police Department, the Gaming Commission and other departments, successfully in the Philippines, Metro Manila, Quezon City, Bagobantai North Edessa 1024 Global The police arrested 342 suspects at the Global Trade Center Building, 1024 Bagobantay North Edessa, Metro Manila, Philippines, in a major “piggy bank” scam involving virtual currency investments.


Technology is a “double-edged sword”. In the wave of rapid development of the times, the continuous emergence of new technologies will inevitably bring some new crime patterns, which not only brings adverse effects to our social life, but also brings great challenges to the front-line authorities in the governance of illegal and criminal behavior.

At this stage, a series of scams derived from the concept of “blockchain” are becoming a new financial crime trend. In this regard, Wuji Lab has repeatedly conducted professional graphical and correlation analysis of on-chain data for the police with its self-developed “horoscope” system, which has greatly accelerated the investigation process of blockchain crime cases.

In the foreseeable future, perhaps more blockchain security technology teams and professional enterprises like Wuji Lab will take the initiative to take up the social responsibility with the concept of “technology for good” and do their best to create a more suitable soil for the growth of blockchain technology and this new industry. Let the fruits of technological progress benefit thousands of households and truly empower society and the development of the times.

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