Biteye Anniversary Guest Golden Sentence Collection Invites You to Fall into the Web3 “Rabbit Hole”

Since August 9, Web3 learning community Biteye has launched a five-week “Anniversary & Brand Upgrade” theme activity, focusing on the five areas of DeFi, public chain, Web3, NFT and DAO, and working with high-quality project parties, front-line VCs and senior KOLs to carry out exciting activities including Twitter space, on-chain interaction, content creation and other exciting activities every week.

The anniversary is co-hosted by Winkrypto, sponsored by Mask, iZUMi, Algorand, ONCHAINMONKEY, and media supported by PANews, CointelegraphCN, BlockBeats, Foresight News, and Chain Catcher.

The year-long anniversary celebration issued a total of 15,783 OATs, Space listened to 4,623 times, gave out tens of thousands of dollars in rewards, and a total of 15 project parties participated in the celebration.

In this anniversary event, more than 30 big names in the Web3 field such as head investment institutions, well-known project founders, NFT artists, and DAO community founders shared their views.

“Ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, easy to come by, in-depth and simple, side by side, simplification, unique, interesting, sitting through Web3 Ren Dou Ermai.” 」

In the eyes of these forerunners, where should Web3’s sweeping narrative begin? We’ve excerpted the highlights of our guests at this anniversary event and invite you to “Fall Down the Rabbit Hole” with Web3. (in alphabetical order by guest name)


DeFi Week – The current state and trends of DeFi

Biteye Anniversary Guest Golden Sentence Collection Invites You to Fall into the Web3 "Rabbit Hole"

DeFi100, KOL

Liquid mining is a sign of the launch of the blockchain in the financial field, investors are no longer limited to buying coins and selling coins, but can use the investment methods in real finance to evaluate, participate in projects, and obtain higher returns.

Jimmy, founder of iZUMi Finance

DeFi’s transparency I personally think comes first, and decentralization may come second. Transparency is the biggest difference between a DeFi protocol and traditional finance. DeFi must have its own product improvement, serve more Web3 use cases, and then move towards a broader traditional world.

Liu Feng, former editor-in-chief of Chain News

There are a lot of asset securitization needs in real life, and blockchain can better facilitate transactions and ownership transfer under the premise of compliance, which is worth trying.

Rui, Hashkey

Next, the project has to develop real application scenarios to gain user recognition, rather than using financial means.

Teddy, Biteye Co-Founder

DeFi makes cross-border transfers simple, faster than traditional Swift; Make finance more transparent, users can query the whereabouts of assets; Provide more financial innovation and investment channels.

For more highlights from the Week1 AMA transcript:

Biteye One Anniversary Twitter Space Theme Week1: The State and Trends of DeFi


Public Chain Week – The current situation and trend of the public chain

Biteye Anniversary Guest Golden Sentence Collection Invites You to Fall into the Web3 "Rabbit Hole"

Ishanee Nagpurkar, IOSG Ventures

In the future, blockchain will be accepted by most Internet users, and Web3 applications may rely on some combination of centralized and decentralized technology stacks. Some things can be made centralized, but decentralized systems such as financial settlement, data, etc. will continue to be used to improve the efficiency and performance of applications.

James Qu, PlatON Network CTO

Ethereum has three advantages over other public chains, the first is the core community builder, the second is patient payment or self-reliance, the third is the vivid application scenarios, ecological hematopoietic function, the original ecological practical value of innovation, practical business innovation.

Mo Dong, Celer Network CEO

At present, various blockchains are playing with things that have been successfully run on Ethereum, the so-called gameplay that carries the overflow of Ethereum requirements. In the next wave, it is likely to see more of some differentiation in the ecology between blockchain and blockchain. Among them, the catalyst for differentiation may not necessarily be technology, but may be some ecology or community.

ZhiXiong Pan, Chainfeeds Founder

Ethereum is not only a performance problem, its account system and programming capabilities still have a lot of room for improvement, so the expansion plan should not only focus on the compatibility of evm, the future they develop things to make Ethereum’s comprehensive capabilities comprehensive and stronger.

The essence of the public chain is to contain many levels, in the past many public chains are actually developing in the direction of higher integration, and now the industry recognizes that each level can be structured and developed independently, so one of the more interesting trends is modular blockchain.

For more highlights from the Week2 AMA transcript:

“Public Chain Hot Discussion: New Public Chain, Layer2 and Ethereum Expansion – AMA Record of Biteye’s Anniversary Public Chain Week”


Biteye Anniversary Guest Golden Sentence Collection Invites You to Fall into the Web3 "Rabbit Hole"

Jackson,0xScope Founder

One of the best things about Web3 is that it’s compositive, where everyone shares the same identity layer. For example, all the applications above Ethereum can be combined with each other and can play a greater value in many scenarios, while the applications of Web 2 are isolated from each other.

Mike, GoPlus Founder

Personally, I’m bullish on Web3 security on this track. At present, only one in a thousand people may have access to safe resources, but the remaining nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand people are basically running naked. This mismatch between the supply and demand sides, or the structural inefficiency, leads to the fact that the security resources of Web3 itself are now few and the use efficiency is still low.

Sharqwy, Cat Summer Preparation Group

Dali Web3 conference is basically to rely on a group of people to use love to generate electricity, gather resources, take the initiative to spread, and then make the big conference in a very decentralized way to organize, I think this is also very in line with the spirit of Web3, that is, when you put the right people into the right form of content, everyone will naturally push this matter forward in their favorite way.

Usagi,RSS3 Co-Founder

I have contacted a lot of developers and terminal creators, in addition to the limited economic value, their Web3 experience as a whole is bad, how to really do a good job of the creator’s experience, I think this is a problem that the entire Web3 practitioners now need to think more about.

Wilson, Cyberconnect CEO

The first problem Web3 solves is the underlying ownership, where users can own the same assets on the Internet through blockchain technology. Although it is only a virtual asset, it is no less important than a physical asset, because many things in the real world are also virtual and also have intellectual property. The second point is to facilitate collaboration between people and people, and then there is easier mutual trust between institutions and institutions, and all kinds of cooperation.

Yisi Liu, Mask Network CTO

Web3 or dweb is good, personally feel more like this slogan noun, in fact, all these activities are to want users to have a better experience when using the Internet. Web3 itself can be counted in the category of dweb, but it represents a different group of people. Most of dWeb’s projects don’t actually have an economic system, but more like the open source community on Github.

For more highlights from the Week3 AMA transcript:

“Dali Web3 Review, DWeb and Web3 Relationship, Web3 New Track Concern – Biteye Anniversary Web3 Week AMA Transcript”


NFT Week – The present and future of NFT

Biteye Anniversary Guest Golden Sentence Collection Invites You to Fall into the Web3 "Rabbit Hole"

Bowei, NFTGO runs Lead

NFTs will bring new forms of sustainable organization to DAOs, as well as new economic systems for the content and gaming industries.

Rick, Zecrey runs Lead

NFT can help the blockchain or Web3 to better out of the circle, there are three main points: the first NFT can help Web3 further expand sovereignty, through its characteristics of cultural embodiment, so that users can more easily accept his value; The second point NFT is a new trend and a new form of wealth; The third point NFT will improve the playability and revenue of the chain game, attracting more users to Web3.

Ruby, CryptoNatty runs Lead

The future of NFT will be more focused on social attributes, with specific applications including gaming, music, art and video industries.

Shawn,Jinqiu Capital

From crypto artwork to PFP to gaming, NFT’s user base is growing, and Web3 applications have the opportunity to capture business value as users grow.

Tang Han, founder of SeeDAO

It was only after the advent of NFT that the creator economy received attention and discussion. SBT will also mean more and more to DAO, it will represent your social relationship, and this relationship will also bring you the corresponding value.

TP, X2Y2 Founder

The liquidity problem of NFTs still needs to be solved by financial means. When the market starts to bearish, how to release liquidity will be the most critical point.

For more highlights from the Week4 AMA transcript:

“NFT New Track, Should Royalties Be Cancelled, How Newcomers Can Start NFT – Biteye Anniversary NFT Week AMA Transcript”


DAO Week – The current state and trends of DAO

Biteye Anniversary Guest Golden Sentence Collection Invites You to Fall into the Web3 "Rabbit Hole"

Chris, SeeDAO diplomat

Contributing within a DAO can bring significant emotional value and self-actualization, which can be more valuable than a salary. DAO as a whole is decentralized, but it can form a small, more centralized team when doing specific things, which may be a way to achieve a balance between efficiency and decentralization.

Grit, Head of Web3 Fund, Huaying Capital

A good DAO governance model should contain three points. The first is to have a very good community leader, the second is to have a very advanced smart contract-based organizational management system, and the third point is to be able to achieve a self-revolution for the first two points. Because of the first two points, the leadership talent is too centralized, the smart contract is not flexible enough, and an organization needs to iterate and gradually decentralize with the changes of the entire radiation population.

Mindao, dForce Founder

DAO tools or demand-driven, with the integration of the overall system thinking to engage in governance tools may not be able to go on, the future governance tools may be modular combinations, rather than a project party to engage in a very comprehensive thing.

Niels, Promoter of BuidlerDao

In order to better drive the value of DAO, the first point is to achieve incentive integration, that is, the user’s behavior in the DAO is positively related to the interests of the entire DAO; The second point is to separate rights and interests, separate the right to propose from the right to vote, not democracy for the sake of democracy, and the key matters are decided by those who have the ability to judge and stakeholders.

Typto, initiator of DAOSquare

For the successful application of DAO, I am more concerned about the sustainability of DAO and the network value it can generate, especially those that have been quietly working for a long time, are not oriented to commercial purposes, and prefer social DAOs.

Vicky, Head of Global Markets, .bit

The decentralized cornerstone of DAO is the decentralized tool on the chain, such as voting and multi-signing. The cornerstone of DAO’s efficiency is the DAO’s leader. Decentralized and representing no hierarchy, this overemphasis on the equality of all things can lead to greater inequality and inequality.

For more highlights from the Week5 AMA transcript:

How DAOs Work and Deliver Value, Whether There Is a Bubble, and the Balance Between Efficiency and Decentralized – AMA Transcript of Biteye Anniversary DAO Week

Web3 is not an end, but a way to provide a better Internet. Web3 is based on the concept of decentralized network and blockchain technology, aiming to solve Web2’s pain points, allow users to regain privacy and ownership, and build a trustworthy Internet of Value at the lowest cost.

Every active participant in Web3 drives Web3 on its path of growth. The open-source, composable nature makes Web3 have unmatched development conditions, and the open, transparent, and free organization stimulates the enthusiasm of participants for innovation.

Web3 will bring unexpected new products and make our lives better than most people expect.

In the Biteye community, a group of people can go faster and farther than one person, so let’s stay on the ground and work together!


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