Bitcoin’s computing power continues to rise, miners’ daily income reaches the level of early February

Following the tide of mining machines going out to sea in June this year, Bitcoin’s computing power has continued to rise.

According to data, as of 15:00 on August 16, the average computing power of the past day was 143.12EH/s, the average computing power of the past three days was 127.81EH/s, and the average computing power of the past 7 days was 118.75EH/s. s. From the low point of 68.01EH/s on June 28 this year, it has rebounded by 110%. The rising trend of Bitcoin computing power is very obvious. Based on this, it is expected that the next Bitcoin mining difficulty will increase by 3.99% to 16.18T.


In addition, according to the Block data, the daily income of Bitcoin miners has risen to more than $44 million, reaching the level of early February.


At the same time, major changes have taken place in the share of mining pools. Foundry USA’s computing power continues to grow, and it currently ranks fourth. F2Pool, the once-ranked mining pool, is now ranked fifth.


According to a tweet from DCG CEO Barry Silbert, Foundry USA briefly occupied the first position in the mining pool’s computing power on August 15.


Foundry was launched by the US cryptocurrency industry giant DCG in August last year. In January of this year, Barry Silbert tweeted that Foundry would enter the top five mining pools in computing power, which made people feel exaggerated. Now that after various dramatic changes, the sales of overseas mining machines have increased sharply, and the once “absurdity” has become a matter of course.


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