Bitcoin Term Spreads at 7.70% Today

Bitcoin term spreads are at 7.70% today, up 0.01% from the previous day, and market sentiment is “optimistic”, according to the data.

Bitcoin Term Spreads at 7.70% Today

June 4 (Bloomberg) — The mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market are down today. As of writing, BTC is at $37,510.04, down 2.77%, ETH is at $2689.663, down 3.71%, LTC is at $180.719, down 4.29%, and OKB is at $16.120, down 8.26%.

BTC contract positions today totaled $1.395 billion, the number of long and short positions is 1.36, active buying exceeded active selling volume of $63.88 million; elite positions, long accounts 49%, short accounts 46%, the average elite long and short positions were 20.48% and 12.31%. deFi tokens fell, OKEx platform top three gains were: RIO (+12.60%), JFI (+7.24%), MOF (+4.70%).

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[Data] Bitcoin Term Spreads at 7.70% Today

According to companion data, the annualized term spread for bitcoin was 7.70% on June 04, up 0.01% from the previous day, and the market sentiment index was “optimistic”. Index reference: >20 % extreme bull market; 10%~20% bull market; 5%~10% optimistic; 2%~5% cautiously optimistic; 0~2% cautious; -5%~0 cautiously pessimistic; -10%~-5% pessimistic; -20%~-10% bear market; <-20%: extreme bear market.

【Industry】Wildfire Dao signed up to run for ZT DAO decentralized community organization

According to official news, ZT Foundation has launched the ZT DAO Decentralized Community Organization and launched the registration campaign between June 1 and June 30. The campaign has attracted the participation of many blockchain communities and blockchain enthusiasts in the circle, such as Wildfire Dao who has successfully registered and locked 10,000 ZTBs. ZT DAO is a blockchain community formed by people in the blockchain industry and blockchain enthusiasts, and is a decentralized community organization under the ZT Foundation, aiming to enrich and improve ZT with blockchain technology as the application substrate The purpose is to enrich and improve the ZT ecosystem with blockchain technology as the application base. At the same time, ZT Foundation will take out 10 million ZTBs to reward all ZT DAO participants and contributors.

[Industry] Swarm Foundation: Bee mainnet soft launch will take place on June 13

It’s official, the Swarm Foundation, an ethereum decentralized storage network, announced that it will soft-launch the Bee mainnet on June 13, 2021. swarm said that the Bee client has been running for a while now, and Fairdrive, Waggle,, Beefree, Ready Swarm Network has been adopted by projects such as Fighter One and Atelier Ludensis for their DApps, and the network is now ready for a full mainnet launch, as well as BZZ token deployment and distribution.

[Industry] Coinbase has gone live with Dogcoin

As of today, Coinbase supports Dogcoin (DOGE) on the Coinbase website and the Coinbase Android and iOS apps, according to an official announcement. coinbase customers can now buy, sell, convert, send, receive or store DOGE in all Coinbase supported regions. in previous news, the Coinbase Pro, Coinbase’s professional trading platform, is now open for DOGE trading.

[Industry] Sun Yuchen: Will Buy All Bitcoins Sold by Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Cryptocurrency platform Tron founder Yuchen Sun says he will buy all the bitcoins sold by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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