Bitcoin rises as planned, the highs of the month suppressed one step away

In the day, mainstream currencies have risen by more than 5%, and some of them have even reached nearly 12%.

Today, the market has risen again. The mainstream currencies have risen by more than 5% during the day, and some of them have increased by nearly 12%, which is fully in line with the expected ideas in yesterday’s article. There is no need to say too much here. . As explained in the live broadcast yesterday, the overall market situation at this stage tends to fluctuate upwards within the month. The reason is simple. First, based on the repeated bottoming in the K-line, and the price line repeatedly gaining strong support at the bottom position, it shows that In fact, the market at this stage is still biased towards waiting for a low-volume situation. Another point is based on the gradual disappearance of bad news off the market at this stage.

Although it was said that it was bad for regulatory and other factors before, the market will increase tolerance over time and repeat the same news. To put it bluntly, it will not react too much to such news. Up. Therefore, in this node, what should be said and said has been said very clearly, patiently hold the bargaining chip on hand, and the idea of ​​holding the currency to rise is just fine.

Currency analysis


Bitcoin rises as planned, the highs of the month suppressed one step away

Bitcoin yesterday explained that the inherent mid-line thinking remains unchanged, and short-term arbitrage can be arbitrage back and forth from the range. So today’s market has been seen, and it has returned to the nearly 35,000 line again. The game is oscillating around this position. In the day, the focus will be on whether this position can stabilize and break, and just make a new round of long and short choices. Pay attention, the spot center line is less than 38000-40000 and it is not easy to lighten up the position.

Short-term operation suggestions:

For long orders, 33000-33300 is preferred, the stop loss is controlled at a price difference of 300, and the profit is well tracked year-on-year.

The short order will give priority to the 36500-36800 line, and take profit with a price difference of more than 500 to track it. The stop loss broke through at 37000 and went up to the 37150 line.


Ethereum stated yesterday that it is concerned about the first-line support of 2000, and it can be short-term long and short according to the support. So yesterday, the lowest was the first line of 2018, and it happened to be the point we had scheduled. The long-term and mid-term rounds are profitable, so there is no need to say anything here. Continue to keep the attention of the 2200 line. Just step on the stabilized situation.

Short-term operation suggestions:

Long order selection is at the line of 2000, stop loss 1925, take profit 2100-2200

The short order is selected at the 2270 line, with a stop loss of 2320 and a stop profit near 2100-2170.


The prince has climbed to the 500 line within a day. There is not much to say about our planned arrangements, because they are already in our layout. Here we pay attention to the 500 support and the top 570 line pressure, and we are doing a new round of short-term. Empty selection is fine.

Short-term operation suggestions:

Prince only pays attention to the 450 line, the 430 line breaks the stop loss, and the take profit is within 480-500.

The short order is at 570, the stop loss is 600, and the take profit is at 520.

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