Ordered to Remove Bitcoin Whitepaper Because of This!

What led Craig Wright to win the lawsuit?

The long-lost BSV made big news yesterday when its backer Craig Wright won a lawsuit in which the High Court in London ruled that’s hosting of the Bitcoin Whitepaper infringed on copyright.

This means that must now remove the Bitcoin whitepaper, plus its administrator Cøbra (Cobra) will have to pay at least £35,000 ($48,600) to cover Wright’s legal costs.

Cøbra himself responded to the ruling on Twitter. Ordered to Remove Bitcoin Whitepaper Because of This!

“All fiat-based assets are ultimately protected by the same legal system, and today my escrow bitcoin white paper was ruled illegal because the infamous con man swore in front of a judge that he was Satoshi Nakamoto and that ‘justice’ depended on who had the bigger wallet.
I don’t think there could be a better advertisement about why Bitcoin is necessary than what happened today. Rules enforced through cryptography are far superior to rules based on who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in court.”
Meanwhile, Wright’s legal representatives, Onter LLP, celebrated the victory, with Simon Cohen, a senior associate at the firm, writing.

“Dr. Wright does not want to restrict access to his white paper, but he disagrees with proponents and developers of alternative assets such as Bitcoin Core using it to promote or otherwise misrepresent those assets as Bitcoin because they do not support or conform to his vision of Bitcoin as set forth in the white paper.”
So, what exactly led Craig Wright to win this legal battle?

In January, Wright reportedly sent letters to,, and demanding that they remove copies of the bitcoin whitepaper from their websites, claiming that they were infringing on his intellectual property.

And at the end of April, a British court asked the operator to respond within a 22-day period.

And last month, Cøbra tweeted that he had missed the deadline, with some speculating that Cøbra missed the deadline because he wanted to remain anonymous, while he himself gave the following explanation

“No, the reason I didn’t show up was that it was a waste of time to respond to nonsense.”
And it was Cøbra’s own failure to appear in court to defend himself that led the British court to acquiesce in Wright’s side.

Craig Wright and his team of lawyers chose to fight the case in the English courts because Cøbra would not appear in court, which is the legal procedure in England, where a defendant can be tried in absentia without a trial if the defendant does not file a plea or answer.

Obviously, this news does not prove that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, but rather that Cøbra does not know English law.

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