Bitcoin is the key to open the Metaverse?

This past weekend, EDG won the championship not only on social media, but also aroused crowds of onlookers on university campuses and commercial venues across the country. Ten years ago, the national football team did not have such a big sensation when it entered the World Cup.

Obviously, it is only an online game. After projecting reality to the virtual, it also feeds back the huge excitement generated by the virtual world to the real world. Games originate from life, and life is like a game.

If there is a team like EDG in the meta universe in the future, representing China won the World Cup championship, and achieved a feat in the virtual world that cannot be achieved in the real world, what kind of scene will it be?

It should be said that the happiest group of EDG winning the championship is not necessarily those crazy young people, but may be VCs, because they have seen that the virtual world and the real world are breaking the boundaries, and the pleasure and glory obtained in the game can be passed on to The real world-through the most primitive group carnival.

Just a week before EDG won the championship, Facebook announced that it would change the company’s name to Meta, which was derived from the term “Metaverse”. Zuckerberg said that the meta-universe is the next frontier to connect people, just like when you just started using social networks.

Facebook’s name change and EDG’s win, seemingly two accidental events, are actually the same thing: the new generation of online world may not only be a link between online and offline, but also a fusion of virtual and reality.

The traditional online world is more like a tinkering to the real world. For example, Zhang San is a takeaway boy in the real world. The platform sends him orders and he delivers meals to users. Zhang San becomes a connection line and line. The next node. He is both a worker and a piece of code.

But in Metaverse, Wang Xing can also choose to be a takeaway rider. The platform will send him an order, and he will deliver food to Zhang San. In the end, what he earns is not the delivery fee, but Bitcoin . The box lunch that Zhang San got is His energy bar in the virtual world supported him to start an electric car company, then sell the battery car to Meituan in the meta universe, and finally earn more bitcoins. If one day Zhang San’s company can go public, the stock income can of course also be Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

In Metaverse, Wang Xing is no longer the boss, and Zhang San is no longer the younger brother. This is not a game, this is the reconstruction of social relations. Social ecology, business ecology, and financial ecology will all evolve themselves in a new world.

For a long time, the most criticized point of the cryptocurrency represented by Bitcoin is that it is useless. It has only investment properties and no currency properties. However, the emergence of the metaverse may allow cryptocurrencies to find a new social system. The previous virtual currencies such as Q coins are fundamentally different. The former is decentralized and does not have the problem of over-issuance, while the latter is centralized, with pricing power and issuance power completely in the hands of the platform. The most important point is how much value cryptocurrency has in the metaverse and how much value it has in the real world. They are the anchor of reality that distinguishes metaverse and traditional online games.

In traditional online games, all elements are virtual, and there is no medium connected with the real world. But Metaverse can integrate the real world into the virtual world through cryptocurrency, so that the two have a “common language”.

In fact, the current currency circle is a “meta universe” in the financial sense: various cryptocurrencies have no value in themselves, and their rise and fall are entirely dependent on the consensus of investors. The evolution of the entire ecosystem does not depend on any central bank or platform. , The more people buy, the more valuable it is. U.S. stocks also need to look at the Fed’s look. Although the liquidity of the US dollar will also affect the currency circle, the market foundation of the currency circle lies in the participation and co-construction of everyone, not from centralized control.

A general prerequisite for the evolution of human society is that the total amount of natural resources is capped. It cannot be said that the oil reserves in agricultural society are N, but in industrial society it is 2xN; it is precisely because the total amount of resources has an upper limit that the entire process of human history is not controlled by “God”. Cryptocurrency is the “natural resource” of the meta universe. The total amount is limited and is not controlled by a centralized platform. It is closer to the natural evolution logic of human beings.

In a sense, traditional online games are more like “Trumen’s World”, everything is controlled by a visible hand, and if the developer randomly changes a parameter, the bronze may become the king, and vice versa. The person is random, but the rules are fixed.

But what the meta-universe pursues is decentralization. Not only is the human set random, but the rules can be redefined. The institutional changes of human society also apply to the meta-universe. In physics, there is the hypothesis of parallel universes, that is, when a person travels back to the past, at that moment the direction of history will not proceed in the inherent direction, but will go to another branch.

The meta universe is a parallel testing ground for the real world of mankind: what would happen to the United States when Trump was re-elected? Cristiano Ronaldo did not go to Manchester United but went to Manchester City. What will happen to the Premier League? What will happen to clean energy completely replacing fossil energy in the future?

All these answers may only be known by Schrodinger’s cat. From this perspective, the meta universe is not the origin of the universe, but a restart. The past you have experienced in the real world will be staged in another version in the meta-universe.

As early as 2014, Facebook acquired the VR hardware company Occulus, but if Metaverse is just hardware + content, it is essentially no different from e-sports Internet cafes. So, in 2019, Facebook finally completed the most important puzzle and issued its own cryptocurrency Libra . Hardware is territory, content is culture, and cryptocurrency is the key to opening a new world.

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