Bitcoin has become a big storage bag for American super-issued currency

Bitcoin is a product of a specific historical period of our time, and it is also a product of the over-issue of the U.S. dollar. It must be an electronic currency kidnapped with the U.S. dollar. This is also the fundamental reason why the U.S. supports Bitcoin. Some people will say that if Bitcoin and other countries If the currencies are kidnapped together, will they support it? Not necessarily. One is that their country’s currency is not over-issued so much, and the other is that it does not have such a large currency volume.

Bitcoin is a kind of storage bag after the current US dollar currency is over-issued. It stores the US dollar so that it will not explode.

In other words, the entire world currency, headed by the United States , is currently in a state of oversupply. Under such circumstances, money is worthless. The United States’ ability to gather the world’s wool with technology and military power is now declining. The hegemony of the world can only go through the path of over-issued currency. Over-issued currency can only be digested and absorbed by other countries. As the world economy is not very prosperous, in fact, other countries have limited absorption capacity. What should be done to prevent the US dollar from being worthless, so it uses various methods to absorb these US dollars.

By what, electronic money, this gadget can absorb real money infinitely, which is very beneficial to the United States.

The inventor of this bitcoin is most likely an American, even with the support of relevant US departments. So why the United States supports electronic currencies such as bitcoin is because it has the power to lead, control and supervise, so that they issue more The U.S. dollar was absorbed by the big storage bag of Bitcoin. One day when I saw that this large storage bag was useless, I said that it would be broken if it was broken. In the end, everything returned to zero. These trillions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, everyone, think about whose end it became?

Of course, at the same time it absorbed the world’s dollars, and also included those people’s money. This is too interesting. This is drumming and spreading flowers. Like a certain sales, everyone knows that this is a scam, but no one will believe that they are the last. The one who spread the flowers.

Why our country does not support Bitcoin? The reason is that this currency cannot be effectively monitored. If it is a point of purchase by ordinary people, it is understandable to be honest. What is worried about is the transfer of illegal assets by investing in Bitcoin. This part is very large, of course. There are also a lot of details, so I won’t go into details because it involves the reasons behind why the assets are transferred.

Some people say that digital currency cannot artificially manipulate the value of bitcoin through the mass production of bitcoin. This is possible, but it takes minutes to make you disappear.

So the country is absolutely wise in this respect. Someone asked me to invest in Bitcoin back then. If I invest 1 million in that year, it is estimated that it will be hundreds of millions now. But I don’t regret it or regret it. As time goes by, I will see more and more clearly. The essence of this matter.

We are not saying that we must oppose what the United States supports, but through the United States’ attitude towards the world and its actions over the years, American elites will never agree to anything that is detrimental to the United States. From this point of view, resist the bit. There is no problem with currency.

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