Bitcoin ethereum market range oscillation short or will break the deadlock

Bitcoin short trend is strong and the market is now starting to shake and scorch.

Bitcoin ethereum market range oscillation short or will break the deadlock

BTC market analysis.

Daily chart view, K-line trend four consecutive negative, short trend is strong, yesterday did not break below the support, the current market began to shake anxious. Hourly chart to see the big cake yesterday after rising to 45781 a line. By the pressure above 45800 pressure back down, in the night time strong back, fell below the support of the middle rail, down again but still did not fall below 42100, by the support below the market began to carry out a small rebound, but the rebound is not strong. Technical indicators Bollinger band channel is open mouth downward state, K line is also in the oscillating downward trend, MACD fast and slow lines formed a dead fork downward, green energy column continues to oscillate, KDJ three line bonding operation, the market trend is weak, comprehensive view, the day operation is recommended high short is dominant.

Operation recommendations.

43800~44200 batch short single into the field, the target look 43000~42500~42000, stop loss 44700

ETH market analysis.

The ETH market analysis: The Ether has been on the road in the late morning, the current high point came to 3464, from the four-hour view, the coin price confirmed the pressure is effective after a rapid retreat, KDJ upward inflection hair dispersion, MACD gradually discharge, RSI three line bonding run, and then from an hour to see the Bollinger band opening parallel expansion, MACD gradually shrinkage run, RSI three line upward inflection hair dispersion, comprehensive Zhuge suggested the morning to rebound to do short mainly.

Operation suggestions.

3425 near the entry short single, stop gain 3300, stop loss 3500.

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