Bitcoin came out of three consecutive positive, up to $35,300, refreshing this week’s new high, this week’s bottoming out market continues in the middle

Bitcoin out of three consecutive positive, up to $ 35300, refreshing this week’s new high, this week’s bottoming out market continues, but because it has been three consecutive trading days closed up, currently only in the rebound phase, so the overall momentum is limited, does not have the ability to continue to attack, so you want the market to have a sustained rebound, backpedal and then move up will be more ideal rhythm, steady upward is a better choice, if too rapid rebound, on the one hand, easy to appear profit taking, the second is easy to steal short, so the price is expected to further pull up today is limited space, the main shock, will take the first depression after the upward trend.

Bitcoin came out of three consecutive positive, up to ,300, refreshing this week's new high, this week's bottoming out market continues in the middle

Thursday Biden announced that the White House and bipartisan senators reached an infrastructure agreement. The media said the program plans to spend a total of $1.2 trillion over eight years, with a combined $579 billion in new projects in roads, electric utilities and broadband in the agreement. Biden’s big infrastructure plan took an important step toward congressional approval, and U.S. stocks welcomed the upside, led by the financial and energy sectors, as small-cap value stocks and popular mid-cap stocks continued to lead the broader market.


Short-term rebound market is still on the way, has now begun to reverse the late June down market, pay attention to the market after the price can continue to rebound, short-term pressure in the vicinity of $ 35,100, if you can break through the cited pressure, the next rebound target will be $ 57,000, the main concern in the short term can not stand stable under $ 35,100, back pedal strength will not affect the current rebound momentum, in the absence of impact, the follow-up has the opportunity to continue to move up.

4-hour chart, MACD is still in the long phase, the volume did not appear significantly reduced, temporarily or long-led, now waiting for further volume signal after breaking the pressure, the current support level below in the vicinity of $ 32850. Pressure level: 35100, support level: 32850.


The current rebound strength is weaker compared to bitcoin, failed to stand above $2000, so temporarily should not chase up, mainly waiting for back to do more and break the barrier to follow the double combination. Pressure level: 2200, support level: 1800.


Yesterday again rebounded to $ 18.50 near the pressure back down, need to break through this pressure to further rebound, otherwise, short-term continue to go shock market. Pressure level: 19.00, support level: 16.60.


Temporarily break through the $300 mark, but pay attention to whether the price can stabilize above, if it keeps running above the mark today, it is expected to rally further to around $330. Pressure level: 320, support level: 280.


At present, mainly follow the mainstream coins, the overall rebound is not strong, so it is not advisable to blindly chase up, patiently waiting for the opportunity to step back to do more. Pressure level: 140, support level: 100.


At present, the overall trend is weak. Before returning to the top of $20, don’t expect too much from the price performance, and will continue to go bottoming out in the short term. Pressure level: 17.00, support level: 14.00.

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