Bit.Country Secures $4 Million Seed Round

The Bit.Country team has raised $4 million in its first round of funding and is backed by 60 outstanding Metaverse faith-based organizations.

Bit.Country Secures  Million Seed Round

While we have benefited from the high speed of information exchange since the Internet entered our lives, the blockchain network has also provided us with a high speed value stream. We now envision that the Metaverse will bring to the civilized world: a highway of imagination and happiness.

Today, we are excited to announce the dawn of a new era for the Metaverse, with the Bit.Country team securing $4 million in its first round of funding and backed by 60 outstanding Metaverse faith-based organizations.

// Bit.Country Investors & Partners//

Bit.Country Investors & Partners

As a strong social network influencer, Walsh Wealth Ventures, which has attracted 200 million followers on social media platforms with its strong KOL network, co-led this round of investment in Bit.

Animoca Brands, a global leader in blockchain gaming, also joined the co-lead round and brings a wealth of knowledge and connections to the Metaverse game. As the owner of one of the many popular games on the blockchain, we also look forward to working with Animoca Brands in this space together in the future.

Hypersphere Ventures, a top foundation in the Polkadot ecosystem and crypto-ecological fund, and Digital Financial Group (DFG), a crypto-digital asset and blockchain technology investor, are co-leaders from the Polkadot community, bringing us a clear picture of the future on the chain and the composition of the chain on Polkadot/Kusama.

As visionaries and trendsetters, Anti Fund (which has 20 million subscribers on YouTube), founded by Geoffrey Woo and Jake Paul, and DRF.EE (Digital Renaissance), the EE (China’s first crypto art collector) are among the strong supporters of this round of investment.

As a crypto and digital financing platform in Silicon Valley, the Republic team has expressed strong confidence in our work. Both its investment arm Republic Labs and digital real estate NFT fund Republic Realm joined the round, giving us access to the most elite community from crypto retail investment to digital real estate development.

In addition to the co-leading investors in this round described above, we are honored to have the following outstanding friends, investors and partners.

Shima Capital, crypto fund Genblock Capital, global blockchain incubator Longhash, CMS, cryptocurrency trading service provider Altonomy, Takedown Capital LD Capital, cryptocurrency investment firm SevenX Ventures, Kernel Ventures, GFS Group, Polka Warriors, Moonwhale Ventures Fund Management, Moonrock Capital, a blockchain advisory and investment firm, Paka Capital, a Paka eco-tech fund, and NGC Ventures, a blockchain venture capital firm. NGC Ventures.

Bit.Country Secures  Million Seed Round

Vendetta Capital Fund Management, the investment arm of cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Remarxs, Polkaworld, NxtBlock, Sky Vision Partners, Supernode SSSNode, Coinblox Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Mr Block, venture capital firms YBB, BlokeGlobe, Lotus Capital Capital, 18Ventures, MGNR, and Ratio Ventures, among others Metaverse.

// About Bit.Country

Country allows everyone to launch their own Metaverse with a token economy and non-functional currency, and brings community interaction to a new dimension of web 3.0.

Your little metaverse (Bit.Country) will have a local community token, backed by our token $NUUM minting, local marketplaces and local DAOs that govern the community and make decisions about issues like asset supply.

We are also transitioning social activity to a 3D virtual world while allowing access to traditional online social timelines with text and multimedia.

// Our Mission //

While our team is excited about web 3.0 development, our mission is to create a network that makes an impact on the real world. We want to provide opportunities for ordinary people to generate value in this paradigm shift.

Our vision and dream will come true when the masses are able to earn income by contributing their small dollar worlds (Bit.Country) and when the owners of the small dollar worlds (Bit.Country) are able to generate greater impact through the expansion of the network so that value can be distributed to their followers.

// Our Origins //

In early 2018, our co-founder and CEO Ray Lu, while attending the Mid-America Blockchain Conference in San Francisco, has painted a digital world of the future for virtual assets and virtual life.

Making the virtual world meaningful and real through a decentralized, high-speed value network is the powerful connection between the Metaverse and reality. Since then, Ray has purchased the domain name, and has begun to chart a new adventure.

Bit.Country Secures  Million Seed Round

Start your little meta-world with them

Since then, his team members Justin, Shannon and Daniel have been validating this concept with their mentorship culture.

In late 2018, his former colleague and friend, Ruitao, CEO and co-founder from Acala Network, shared the Substrate/Polkadot technology with the Bit.Country team.

This new technology excited the Bit.Country team, as they found it to be the only framework on the market that could deliver on Bit.Country’s ultimate vision, while being environmentally sustainable.

“In the current market environment, we could have raised the investment eight months earlier, but we chose to build milestones first and create a culture of long-term thinking. This is not only for the community, but more importantly for ourselves, the members who co-founded the team.

Our seed round valuation is a testament to our long-term thinking, so we are aiming for a strategic valuation that gives our users a room to grow.”

— Ray Lu

Founder Ray Lu is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded three successful multi-million dollar startups in the technology and real estate sectors, and whose group currently has $50 million in assets under management.

“Now, I am committed to building a Metaverse future in the next 10 years. It’s a great feeling to be able to bring web 3.0 to ordinary people like us.

— Ray Lu

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